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    10/14 - 10/15

    by , 10-26-2014 at 10:08 PM (266 Views)
    1. Dreamed about lucid dreaming methods/techniques. Had a fight with my sister in the living room, she tried to unplug my charging phone/laptop and use the charger herself, started saying ugly things to me. Johnson and Breckenridge twins (twins of families we know) were over. Breckenridges in Holly's room and Johnsons in Charlie's. (Holly and Charlie are my siblings) Holly feeding them breakfast, and at some other point giving one of the Breckenridge twins a baked/mashed potato. Went to check if they were gone or still there - gone. These are fragments - remembered more fully/more plot but fell asleep before writing anything down.

    2. Could be chained to/continuation or morph of dream 1, unsure. Vaguely familiar of/similar to the plot of my next NaNo (random side note- NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month where you write a novel in a month in November, awesome stuff. 100k word 400 page novels, but the NaNo goal is 50k words. end random side note) novel, but also quite different. Was with someone (my dad? someone else?) either looking for something or investigating. I was being framed for something? The middle is vague/foggy, it changed into something else, different but similar, saw Amanda and later on Kara (people from grade school), there was some evil person trying to control us. I fell backward in my chair that I was tied to, needed help getting back up. Was scared and depressed. At one point she asked what our favorite Christian/worship songs were, and someone started with You Lift Me Up.

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