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    10/15 - 10/16

    by , 10-26-2014 at 10:19 PM (280 Views)
    1. I was with some other people, going to a doctor appointment of some kind. Depression. Discussions with family, friends, relatives Something involving a boat - Ris's parents' boat? His mom was there later on in the dream. Was trapped in a strange almost alternate dream type world with some other people, told we wouldn't be able to get out for a full 40 days. Doing tasks and exploring things. Had something to do with the appointment and thinking of depression. After 30 days I saw a glimpse of reality again and talked to my aunt and uncle and cousins, shocked that I had been missing for a month. Awkward. Got pulled back into the other world and remember something about Julie (Ris's mom) being with me by the water and their boat was there and we were waving at people on another boat going by.

    2. Was in a Mexican restaurant, maybe some sort of group meeting or a high/grade school reunion? Saw some people from school (Morgan for example - looking contemptuously at me when i passed by with menus) with a specific group of people, had trouble finding seats at the table for everyone so I and maybe someone else sat on barstools next to the table. I ordered my usual (bean and cheese burrito no sauce, with beans and rice on the side), and ate the complimentary chips. Had to leave for some reason and kept coming back, another person apparently left as well (different reason - a plane?) and we came back to find everyone else gone. My burrito was still there, the waiters said something, the other lady said a phone call or plane and something about sleeping in the restaurant. I used a computer to look something up, was on a site about a tutorial on something by a Christian, two names, I submitted my opinion on the poll. Guy on the computer next to me. Showed me a video of people performing CPR on a young boy, who did revive. Leaned over to show me something on my computer. Conversation.

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