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    10/20 - 10/21

    by , 10-26-2014 at 11:43 PM (357 Views)
    Can't remember the beginning, but there were bats in our house - swarms of them flying around in every room. Some of them ended up dying for some reason and our cats started playing with/grabbing/hunting them. We didn't like that so we tried to stop them from doing so, and my mom worked on cleaning up the dead bats/parts. I mentioned locking the cats up or outside. Went into the kitchen to get something to eat and saw one of my siblings (sister, and brother wasn't home?) being threatened/kidnapped and they wanted to take me too. Threatened my parents and I with a weapon then took my sister/brother outside. They were gone for awhile, and I wanted to try and make an escape while he was still gone, before he came back, but my parents didn't seem interested in doing so. I tried to convince them before he came back, and it seemed like they were thinking about it, but it was too late and he came back before I could convince them to make a run for it with me. He made me look for something while he went to get something else, at which point I also tried to convince my parents to make an escape attempt, but he again came back before I got them to move. After we were all forced out of the house and moved somewhere else, two of us were forced to dig holes in the ground while he watched. A random person/neighbor stopped by to ask what we were doing, and we tried to send some meaningful warning glances at her, but she didn't understand our message. She said something about a guy being reported on TV for something, but didn't make a connection. When she saw that the holes we were being forced to dig were in the shape of people (kind of like snow angels) she got scared and understood, and tried to help us escape by throwing shovels of dirt at him/n his eyes, and we fought as well. The guy overpowered us though, and captured the other lady as well, and we were all taken back to the others. At some point later, we were on what must have been a ship/aircraft of some kind, and two of us were sent somewhere in another contraption to investigate/find something. We were met by a strange woman and brought to a weird place, a haven of some kind. She explained that there had been an experiment of some kind on war vets, including on a veteran and his black lab. Both the man and his dog were heroes of some sort. She showed us a circle made of many different segments, and one segment was gray instead of glowing a greenish blue. She explained that the place was a safe haven for the war vets/heroes, but that the man of whom she had spoken, with his black lab, had gone missing, and they needed to be found. We then realized that there had been a black lab on the aircraft we were being held on. The scene switched back to that aircraft, which was flying, and someone was playing scales on a clarinet, which annoyed another people. One lady who had also been captured had been secretly coming up with a contraption that would enable her to fly away to safety (similar in nature to the one Hiccup designed in How To Train Your Dragon 2 *awesome movie by the way*), and when the bad guy looked like he was almost asleep, she curled up, adjusted, then sprang out of the aircraft, and it woke the bad guy up, and he got angry. The woman we were talking to asked us to help her, and to be very careful. The contraption we got there on was called back to the main aircraft, with us on it. After we got back, we paid more attention to the little details, trying to figure out a means of escape, and just exactly what was going on that we had been dragged into. The end of the dream was kind of fuzzy and confusing, but no resolution had been made by the time I woke up.

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