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    Chronicles of Ethos

    2 Lucid Fragments, Draflam Bugs (February 26, 2012)

    by , 03-06-2012 at 10:48 PM (578 Views)

    Lucid Fragment

    Just a short dream of me sitting at my desk, writing a long dream journal entry. It was the one about me fighting all of those Draflams.Something just didn't feel right about everything and I became lucid. I got mad that I had been wasting my time writing a dream journal entry that would just disappear. I think I woke myself up because I wanted to get the real thing written.

    Lucid Fragment

    It was in the middle of the night and I was in a car with my sister driving. For some reason we were driving around a graveyard. I saw my cat just napping in the middle of the path up ahead. I told my sister to slow down and stop so she wouldn't hit him. For some reason she got an evil look on her face and sped up. I became lucid here because being inside a speeding vehicle is one of my dream signs. I leaned over her and tried to reach the brakes. I couldn't reach them because she kept pushing me back. Then at the last second I grabbed the steering wheel and turned left. We crashed hard into a tree, but we were alright. The last thing I can remember is walking out of the cemetery with my cat and sister.

    Draflam Bugs

    I don't remember much of this dream. I was standing outside a Mansion's gates with an Aranian spy. It was our job to sneak into the mansion find information on something. I can't remember what exactly we were supposed to look for. We teleported into the mansion by reading a picture from some spell book. I became lucid after this because I realized teleporting isn't a normal thing. The spell brought us to a hallway in the mansion. It reminded me of Resident Evil. I could see several men in red robes walking around in the main hall. Luckily the Draflams were too busy and didn't notice us. The spy led me towards a blue door. The door led into some sort of basement or dungeon. We both felt like the information we needed would be down there.

    We slowly descended the stairs into the darkness together. When it became too dark for us to see, I ignited a ball of fire in my left hand to light up the room. When the room was lit, I could see that we were in a large cave and that we were not alone. There were about 20 of these giant yellow furry cockroach things crawling along the cave walls. These things were about as big as me and didn't look too happy. As they lept towards us, I pulled out my sword and the Aranian spy pulled out two daggers. I killed a few of them by fire and sword. I didn't get to see the spy fight, but he did killed a few too. They started to retreat after we had only killed a few of them. This left me confused for a moment.

    Soon, an even bigger yellow furry cockroach thing crashed through the cave wall. It roared and grabbed the spy with its fangs. It then threw him into a large rock. The monster turned and looked at me. It tried stomping on me with its leg, but I rolled out of the way. I soon started running back towards the exit and it chased me. As I ran up the long flight of stairs, the monster struggled to climb up them. It was too big to climb them, and the stairs would just break and fall apart if it stepped on them. The monster then tried smashing into the cave walls. It was trying to make the top of the cave collapes on me. I managed to open the door and get out of the cave before it collapsed though.

    I snuck to a bedroom across the hall to avoid being spotted by an aproaching Draflam. The guard opened the blue door and saw that there were a bunch of rocks behind it. All he did was close it and act like it was normal. The last thing I remember is using the teleport spell again to transport me outside the gates.


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