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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Dragon Taming (January 2, 2012)

    by , 01-03-2012 at 07:18 AM (549 Views)

    More dragon stuff and I'm happy with that. Some interesting things happened in this dream that made it the best lucid I've had to date. Not all was perfect though.

    Dragon Taming

    I don't remember anything from before I became lucid (if there was anything). It was a bright day and I was in a small river valley. I water was shallow and you could see beautiful colored rocks below the water. There were small trees growing in the water along the rivers path. I was lucid and taking joy in the ability to perform nearly impossible parkour techniques.

    I was jumping from tree to tree and trying to avoid the water as much as possible. There isn't much to say about it other than there was a lot of flipping and precision jumping. The freedom felt amazing. The last few jumps were the best. I jumped from one tree to the one in front of me and I spun around to the other side of it. I then jumped over to a large rock and jumped off of that onto a very high tree. I leaped off of this tree before I realized that there's nothing to jump to. Although I fell from a great hight, I was okay because I did a roll.

    Now my goal was to get to the top of the cliff in front of me and out of the valley. I saw a crevice that I could wall jump on next to the waterfall. I ran straight towards it, but then I stopped when I saw a spiked wall to the left of it. The wall shot out and just barely missed me. I ran past the wall and into the crevice as the trap slowly reset itself. I then wall jumped all the way to the top. I even slid all the way back down right after just to do it again.

    At the top was a great mansion that the river flowed around. I entered the mansion through the back door which led to my bedroom. I opened my bedroom door and everything looked like a mansion again. It was mostly empty though as if it had just been bought. I thought my family was in there somewhere and I had to ask my mother something. I searched a few nearby rooms, but I found no one. I then returned to the main hall where I saw my aunt looking outside through the wide open doors.

    "Is mom here?" I asked her.
    "Your parents left." She said.
    "Where are they?" I asked.
    "Just head north and you'll find them." She said.
    "Okay, which way is north?" I asked while looking for a compas.
    She pointed outside and said, "That way. Just past the mountains."

    Before I went outside, I felt like exploring one more room. It was a living room that actually had furniture and stuff in it. This is when I realized I never stabilized. I started rubbing my hands together and noticed I had a glove on my right hand. It felt pretty real and the dream started to become more vivid than it already was. Suddenly I remembered hearing something about stabilizing by licking things. I licked my glove and it tasted like any other glove. I saw a glass table in front of me and then decided to try licking it. After I licked it there was a disgusting taste in my mouth. I looked at the table and saw that there was a yellow slime on it. I then spent the next 30 seconds scraping off my tounge and spitting the taste out. The dream became almost as vivid as real life, but I still wish I hadn't licked the table.

    I then went outside to start my journey. The path looked like it would require me to go a long way east to go around the mountains. There were also mountains to the east though, so I figured it wouldn't be a favorable road. I thought about flying over the mountains, but I really just don't like standard flying in dreams. I kind of got distracted from my goal here and remembered my draconic roar. I figured that since I was still knew to it, I should practice it and try to make it stronger. I did at least five roars and each one was much louder than the ones from previous dreams. It was like the Lion King with the volume at 100. Most of my roars were just aimed into the sky where they wouldn't have an effect on anything. My last roar though, I looked at a tree, took a deep breath, and made an amazing sounding roar. It also instantly blasted the tree in two, which I thought was just great.

    I then remembered that I needed to get over the mountains, and at the same time remembered that I'm Dragonborn. So I figured I could just fly a dragon. I looked towards the mountains to the east and held my hands out. "Summon dragons!" I commanded. I then saw a baby ice dragon and a baby earth dragon fly out from behind the mountains. I also saw the image of a giant (mountain size) earth dragon in the distance, but it didn't move. The two baby dragons started playing together in the air for a little bit before they finally landed in front of me. I reached out my hand and moved slowly towards the white one.

    "Hey buddy!" I said as I moved towards it. The two dragons started to back away from me.
    "Don't be scared, it's okay." I said trying to calm them. As I moved closer into their space, they started to become aggressive.
    "No, no, I'm friendly! See?" I said holding my hand out to it.
    "Oh shit!" I yelled as tried to bite me.

    The ice dragon nearly bit my arm and the two of them were starting to growl at me. If I were to make one more attempt they would tear me to shreds in seconds. I guess baby dragons are just more timid and aggressive. It's not like I could fight against them though. You don't hurt the creature you're trying to befriend. Then an idea hit me. Summon a teacher!

    For some reason I'm just no good at summoning people, but I'm really good at summoning dragons. So what if I summoned a dragon with a person riding it? I held my hand out and looked towards the mountains again. "Summon dragon tamer!" I commanded. I waited a few seconds before seeing a figure come out from behind the mountain. A fire dragon with a man on it then appeared next to me. The man was dressed in a funny outfit that reminded me a lot of the squire from many dreams ago.

    "How do I tame one of these dragons?" I asked him.
    "With a ball." He said.
    "A ball...?" I said confused.
    "You can use it to distract them long enough to get close and make friends with them." He explained to me.

    He then pulled out a yellow ball that got the green dragon's attention. He tossed it and the dragon caught it and started to happily play with it. He then moved in close to it and started petting the dragon. It worked, and he had made the dragon his pet. The dragon tamer handed me the yellow ball and told me to try. I looked towards the white dragon, but it got scared and started running down the road. Naturally, I chased after it. When the dragon realized I was chasing it, it started to fly low to the ground. Then there were fences and walls in my way, but I managed to jump and flip over them. The dragon was starting to tire as chase went on, but my dad woke me up before the end.


    If the dragons weren't so timid I think this would have been the perfect lucid dream. I feel like I did learn something from all this though. Only problem is I don't care enough at the moment to figure that out.
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