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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Escape Boat, Escape Train, Escape Plane (January 27, 2012)

    by , 01-28-2012 at 04:02 AM (717 Views)

    Escape Boat

    Before this dream started, I was testing day dream awareness. I was day dreaming about odd things because my mind wasn't fully awake. I day dreamed that I was swimming in the ocea after a cruise ship. Just to make a key point, I was climbed onto the ship by a really long ladder. Now onto the dream.

    I was sneaking around a facility (of what kind I do not know) with the elf. I was wearing a backpack that must have been full of a lot of stuff because it was heavy. I was also carrying a couple bottles of Gatorade and some granola bars in my left arm. It seemed that we were looking for supplies and anything useful. She opened a chest in the corner of the room and started digging through a bunch of junk. I think she even tossed out a rubber chicken as she was digging. Inside the chest she found a large old book, a compas, a couple sacks of something, a can of gasoline, and a familiar looking blue crystal. She put the book, compas, and crystal in her satchel bag. She tied a string around the gas can and put it around her other shoulder. She carried the sacks of what I think was fruit in her left arm.

    "I think we have enough supplies now." She said.
    "Agreed. How do we get out of here again." I said looking around confused.
    "That ladder over there." She said pointing behind me.

    She walked past me and started climbing the ladder. I followed right behind her, but she somehow got to the top in like 10 seconds. It took me a while to climb the ladder because of how heavy my backpack was.
    About half way up the ladder I suddenly became lucid because climbing the ladder seemed familiar to me. It may just be coincidence, but I think my day dream might have been successfully helped me become lucid in a way.

    "Guess who's lucid!" I shouted happily as I neared the top.
    "That's nice. Just hurry up." She said as she grabbed my hand.
    "Grouch..." I said as I climbed to the top.

    We started walking through a dimly lit metal hall that felt kind of sci-fi. I started to get a weird feeling as I followed her. It felt like something was about to happen and I think she felt it too.

    She stopped and said, "Be careful, I think there's a trap ahead."
    "Doubt it." I said trying to be positive.

    She slowly started walking forward. Then out of know where I heard a streaking sound and saw blood splatter from her stomach. She fell to the ground and lied there motionless.

    "Holy crap!" I said as I ran over to her.
    I lifted her head and asked her, "Are you okay? Can you move?"

    She could only moan in pain. I looked down and saw a huge gash in her stomach. 100 thoughts went through my mind at once for what I could do to save her. Then the thought of simply healing her wound came to mind.

    "Okay, don't worry, I think I can heal you." I said to her.
    I held out my hands and spoke to myself, "Just focus the magic in my hands..."
    "I'm ready!" I shouted once my hands started to glow white.

    I then placed my hands over her wound and released the energy into her body. She glowed brightly for a moment. I shielded my eyes and when I looked back her wound was completely healed. She opened her eyes and slowly stood back up. She was alive now, but it looked like she barely had enough energy to stand.

    "Awesome! I can heal people now!" I congratulated myself.
    "Just hurry up." She said stumbling to through the hall.
    "What? No thank you?" I said catching up to her.

    The hall led outside. I could see that it was the middle of the night and there was an ocean outside. At the end of the hall was a ladder that went down 10 feet. The elf started climbing down the ladder slowly, but I just jumped straight down. I sat there for a minute or so waiting for her to climb all the way down. We then walked over to a motor boat sitting next the docks.

    "Be very careful, or they'll spot us." She whispered.
    "I know, I know." I said.
    "Take the supplies and put them on the boat while I fill it with gas." She told me.

    She grabbed a bunch of bags that were sitting next to the boat and handed them to me. She then tossed the two sacks of fruit and her satchel on top of that. I quickly lost my balance and I stumbled back. I fell onto the boat and tipped it over and all of the supplies were in the water.

    "You idiot!" She yelled at me.
    "Don't worry! I'll get the stuff back!"
    "Don't forget to bring back my bag!" She yelled as I started swimming.

    I turned the boat back rightside up so she could fill it with gas. Then I started swimming around the harbor gathering the stuff I lost and putting it back in the boat. Right when I thought I had everything I remembered her satchel. I looked around for it, but I couldn't find it. Then I thought about the possibility of it sinking. I dove underwater to look for it, but it was too dark to see. I then remembered that she stuck a blue crystal inside the bag. It seems that crystals glow when I get near them, so I thought it might glow if I put a lot of focus on it. Luckily it worked, and I saw the bag glowing bright blue between two rocks. I grabbed it and brought it back to the boat.

    By the time I got there the elf had already finished filling the boat with gas. She was sitting in the drivers seat ready to get going. I climbed into the boat and we drove away. The dream ended right about here.

    Escape Train

    Me and the elf were sitting in a very large dimly lit room with a bunch of train tracks. We were in another facility again and trying to escape again. We planned to escape by train, but we needed a train first and to change the direction of the tracks. We walked through a door with a light above it. The room we walked into had a series of ladders that we needed to climb. It was kind of like if Donkey Kong was made 3D. We climbed the first ladder onto a platform. When we climbed up to it there were a few scorpions on the ground.

    "Ahh! Scorpions!" I screamed.
    "What do we do?" She asked me.
    "Kick them! Kick them!" I said as I stomped on one and kicked it.

    Once the scorpions were dead we climbed up the second ladder.
    As I climbed the second ladder I became lucid in the same way I did in the last dream.

    "Ladders? Again? What the hell?" I thought out loud.
    "Deal with it." The elf told me.

    We climbed to the second platform and kicked a few more scorpions before climbing to the third. On the third platform there was another door with a light above it. I tried to open it, but it was locked. I was about to think of a way to pick the lock before the elf charged into it. I think it was a bit much to have to break it open, but it worked. We walked into a well lit control room. There were too large windows on each side looked over too different train stations.

    "Go get the train while I guard the door." She said.
    "Okay, but what levers do I pull and what buttons do I press?" I asked her.
    "I don't know. Just pull all of the levers." She said kicking a scorpion.

    I walked over to the left window that overlooked our train station. There seemed to be something in the way that was blurring the glass. I pressed a red button to the right of it and the blurry glass slid out of the way. I still could barely see anything though because of how dark it was in there. So I pressed another button to the right of the window and the lights in the station turned on.

    "Hey! They told me lights don't work in dreams!" I said.
    "Hurry up. You're wasting time." She ordered me.

    I saw a rope hanging above me and I pulled down on it. A train then appeared on one of the tracks in the station. I then saw about 10 red levers below the window. I flipped them all down and as I did that the tracks started to straighten themselves out.

    "I did it!" I shouted in excitement.
    "Good. Now let's get out of here."
    "Wait. There's something wrong." I said starting to get a horrid feeling.
    "What did you do this time?" She asked me.
    "It feels like there's something down there..." I said trying to find it through the windows.
    "Just go already." She ordered me.

    We ran past the scorpions and jumped straight down the ground floor. When we walked out the door into the station we were both shocked by what we saw. There was some sort of monster in the station. It was 7 feet tall, had purple flesh, and a sword like claw on each hand. He took a couple of steps towards us and licked the blood off his blade. We took a couple steps back in terror of what we were seeing.

    "Look out!" She yelled as he lunged towards us.

    He tried to swipe us both with his two blades, but we both rolled out of the way. Although I really really really didn't want to fight this thing, I morphed into a black dragon.

    "Get to the train!" I told her as I lunged at the monster.

    I gripped with my back claws and started shredding it with my front claws and teeth. The elf then tried running past the monster towards the train. The monster quickly knocked me off of him and turned towards the elf as she ran by. He motioned to take a swipe at her and I slowed down time. I quickly ran between them and attempted to block the attack with arm. The good news was he wasn't able to slice off her head. The bad news is cut my arm really bad and it hurt. I fell to the floor as the elf stood at the back of the train. As the monster was about to take a final stab at me the elf fired a lightning bolt at it. I got up and ran towards the train as fast as I could while the monster chased after me. Once I got inside she pressed a button that closed a strong metalic door. The last thing I remember before waking up was the monster banging on the door, but failing to break it down.

    Escape Plane

    I can't remember the whole dream. I was on a plane trying to escape again from I don't know what. The seats were oddly arranged like a movie theater and there were a lot of fancy people on board. Then I saw two men and a woman from the back row run towards the cockpit. It looked pretty suspicious to me, so I followed them. When I ran in, the two men had their guns pointed at the pilots. I became lucid at this moment. The woman noticed me and pointed her gun at me.

    "What are you guys doing?" I asked.
    "What does it look like? We're hijacking this plane!" She told me.
    "Why?" I asked.
    "Because we're terrorists! That's what we do!" She said.

    I was about to ask her another question, but she was getting a bit annoyed with me and shot me in the head.
    The next thing I know, I'm sitting back in same seat I was before. The only difference now was that I seemed to be the only passenger.

    "Woah, weird lucid day dream." I thought to myself.
    "Waaaiiit a minute...
    I wasn't day dreaming! That was a real dream! And this is still a dream!" I yelled out loud.

    I then got curious about where everyone was and walked into the cockpit. The terrorists were there again and the two men in the group were trying to fly the plane.

    "Hello again." The woman said to me.
    "Where are the pilots...?" I asked loking around.
    "Over there." She said pointing her gun at two dead bodies in the corner.
    "Oh jeez..." I said looking at the bodies.

    I walked over to the two men flying the plane. They were doing a pretty crappy job. The radar showed that we were approaching the landing zone.

    "There's no way you can land this thing without crashing it." I told them.
    "Just wait and see!" She said.
    "We're starting to descend." One of the men said.

    I walked back into the passenger area and sat down. I tried thinking of a way for me to survive this situation. The only reasonable thing I could come up with was jump out. I saw the emergency exit door and opened it. I waited until we were very close to the ground before I jumped out. I did a roll when I hit the ground in an attempt to lessen the damage on me. Hitting a road at over 100mph is still gonna hurt though and I flew all over the place like a ragdoll. When I finally came to a stop I was on my back. I looked over to see the plane crash into another plane on the ground and explode.

    "Holy crap! This freaking hurts!" I yelled before I woke up.


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