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    Failed Wind Altar Attempt (February 13, 2012)

    by , 02-14-2012 at 07:19 AM (675 Views)

    Failed Wind Altar Attempt

    I made it a goal to learn the element of wind before going to bed. I used my daydream technique and daydreamed about learning it. In my daydream I teleported with Chris and Claire to the wind altar, so that I could gain its power. Then I started daydreaming about riding a rollercoaster...

    This lucid dream was sort of fragmented and I forgot the first half of it. I was sitting inside the seat of a rollercoaster waiting for it to take off. Chris and Claire were also there standing next to the tracks.

    "Was it really necessary to build all of this?" Chris said looking at the rollercoaster.
    "Yuppers!" I said excited.
    "Get in. It's time to test it." Claire said.

    The memory is fuzzy, but I do sort of remember me, Chris, and Claire summoning a bunch of different parts of the rollercoaster. Claire pressed a red button on the wall and they both got in the rollercoaster with me. The metal bar came down and I held on tight. It then shot us out of the station at 100mph up a steep climb. After a few seconds the tracks suddenly ended and we were flying high up into the air. We were aiming for a floating platform high in the sky. It would bounce us into the clouds if we landed on it. As we flew towards the target I realized we were too far to the right. We shot down past it and completely missed it.

    "Oh crap, we missed it." I said.
    "'Oh crap', we're about to die." Claire said giving me a dirty look.
    "Strange. I really thought we would have hit it." Chris said oblivious.

    As we fell towards the ground, I stood up and grew dragon wings. I then grabbed Chris and Claire and flew up before the train hit the ground. The train exploded when it hit the ground and nearly burned my ass off. I then started flying around the rollercoaster and tried to figure out why it failed. It wasn't long before I realized Chris built it like 10 feet to the right. Chris then started squriming around as I was flying.

    "Ahh! Down! Down! I want down!" He yelled.
    "Please put us down..." Claire said calmly.

    I sort of forgot I was still holding them. I flew back down and set them on the ground. I think I actually saw Chris hug and kiss the ground. I started thinking about how long it took to build that rollercoaster. The fact that it was built 10 feet to the right made me feel like I wasted my lucid dream.

    "Doesn't look like there's enough time to build another rollercoaster." I said in disappointment.
    "Yeah, you completely wasted this dream." Claire said to insult me.

    Thinking about how much time I had left must have woken me up. I really don't feel like this was a wasted lucid dream though. I at least got to launch myself into the sky from a rollercoaster.

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