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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Healing Potion Quest(December 31, 2011)

    by , 01-03-2012 at 02:32 AM (520 Views)

    I felt like this dream should have been recorded, but it became fragmented after a couple days. I can't remember any of the before lucid stuff.

    Healing Potion Quest

    I was inside my grandmother's house at the front door. There was a female elf laying there, who may or may not be the same one from my last entry. She was in pain and dying after being attacked by either me or something else. I can't remember. She mentioned something about finding a healing potion.

    Healing potions are always in a vial full of a red liquid for no reason at all. So I kept that in mind as I searched the house. I started in the living room and looked among the tables and shelves. I found a scented red candle sitting on a shelf. I figured it was a potion because it was something red inside a glass and smelled interesting. I ran back to the girl with the candle and smashed it onto the ground next to her.

    "That's a candle..." She mumbled.
    "Damn it." I said, realizing how stupid it was to both pick a candle and to smash it.
    "Okay, don't move. I'll check the bedroom!" I told her.

    I ran about half way down the hallway before I heard a scream. I ran back to her and saw about three goblins with spears surrounding her. They got a few swipes in before I jumped between them and the elf. I grabbed the goblin to the right and smashed it into the middle one. Surprisingly that's all it took to kill them. The one to the left then made a jump towards me. I kicked it as hard as I could and it flew across the room and hit the wall. This one made an attempt to get back up. I finished it off with my draconic roar that blasted the goblin into the wall. I learned that my roar has a secondary effect. It released some sort of pressure wave that left the room in a mess. I was impressed by that.

    My attention quickly went back to the elf. She looked like she would only last a minute at best before bleeding out. I then got an idea to summon a potion. I told myself, "There's a potion in the fridge." I then ran into the kitchen and saw an empty vial sitting on the counter. I took it and then opened the fridge. I found a lone pitcher full of a red liquid inside. I poured it into the vial and swished it around a little. I ran back to the girl as quick as I could. Sadly I was too late though. She died just as I crouched in front of her. The dream ended after I said a few sad things.


    This is the second time someone has died when I could have easily saved them. I seriously need to unlock my healing magic.

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