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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Illumina Spell, Some Upsetting Dream (March 8, 2012)

    by , 05-06-2012 at 03:40 AM (495 Views)

    Illumina Spell

    I don't remember the first half of this dream really. Only the later half. I was walking down Main Street in Loudonville with a group of random teenagers. We were carrying sleeping bags and backpacks full of random stuff. I think we were preparing for a camping trip. We walked down to the end of Main Street and stopped at a store for camping supplies. It was dark and empty, so we assumed they were closed. We really needed stuff though.

    I became lucid at this point for no reason I can see. "Wait, guys, I think I'm dreaming." I said. They then started cheering for me and congratulated me for becoming lucid. "Yeah! Now things are going to get fun!" One of them yelled. Even though I was lucid, I was still focused on getting camping supplies. "How about we get supplies, leave money, and leave?" I asked. "It's too dark in there. We wouldn't be able to see a thing." One of them said. "Anyone here have a light spell?" I asked. "Oh! Let me try!" One said. He then made some weird motions and held out his hand, but nothing happened. "No dude, you need to say something for it to work." Another boy said. He then held out his hand and said "Lumos". It didn't work either.

    Everyone's attention shifted to me now. They seemed to think that it would be up to me figure out the spell. After hearing lumos, I thought more about Harry Potter. "Someone give me a wand." I said. "What makes you think I have one?" A boy asked. "Because dream characters have everything." I said. He groaned and pulled a wand out from his backpack. I took the wand and flicked it while saying, "Lumos". Nothing happened. I then tried charging up magic in the wand this time. When I flicked it I said "Illumina" instead for some reason. When I did that, I got a brief spark. It started to irritated me at this point and I went into fury mode for a brief moment. I focused the fury energy into my wand. I pointed it up into the air and shouted, "Illumina!" I bright purple ball of light appeared at the tip of the wand and it was a success.

    Everyone congratulated me on figuring out how to cast the spell. We then walked into the store together to get supplies. The story was pretty well lit now. I was looking inside some fridge for food to bring I think. Inside I found two tiny people dancing or something like that. The dream faded away at this point and I woke up.

    Some Upsetting Dream

    I don't remember much of this dream anymore. I was inside a car with my parents and sister on a road trip. I remember they mentioned something about going to Nevada. I remember the mood was very negative for me, but they were all pretty content. I noticed that my dogs weren't in the vehicle with us. They almost always go on our road trips. "Where are the dogs?" I asked them. "We had to leave them behind, so we killed them." My sister said. This really upset me and I got in a huge argument with them that I can't really remember.

    I remember somewhere in the argument someone said, "What are you so upset about? It's just a dream."
    I became lucid at this point, but I wasn't aware enough to think things clearly. It's also hard to think clearly when you're getting really emotional. At one point my sister finally said something that pushed me over the edge. I can't remember what she said. I went into fury mode and pretty much lost control of myself because I was so pissed. I transformed my hand into a dragon hand and put my hand in the Star Wars force choke position. A purple ring of energy then formed around her neck and I started choking her. When she passed out I regained control of myself and stopped. I decided to wake myself up from the dream because it wasn't going down a nice road.


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