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    1. Data Retrieval (October 6, 2018)

      by , 10-07-2018 at 01:22 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      Dream One

      This dream seems to take place in a futuristic sci-fi setting. I am also a woman in this dream.

      I am in some kind of space ship or drop ship. The crew is equipping me with a high tech body suit/armor and weapons. I look over the suit and ask how it works. I only remember one of the men saying, "No buttons. All biometrics." The man then puts a high tech space helmet over my head and it locks itself to the rest of my suit. The helmet display turns on and briefly displays numbers and diagrams that I don't understand. A man signals and says that preparations are complete. A wall next to me opens downward into a ramp and reveals the outside world. "We'll bring you above the forest for an easy entrance," said another man.

      The ship quickly moves across the sky and comes downward until it abruptly stops just above a forest. It hovers there for a moment and a man pushes me forward. I stumble forward and awkwardly jump/fall out of the ship. The arms and legs of my suit glow red and tighten as I brace myself for impact with the ground. There is a small clearing in the forest that my display points out to me. I hit the dirt on all fours. It only hurt slightly.

      I got onto my feet and tried to orient myself. I wanted to know where I had to go. My attention immediately shifted to something moving on a nearby cliff. It is humanoid in shape and all black like a shadow. The shadow moves quickly across the cliff and then fires a green plasma bolt at me. The bolt misses and hits the ground next to me. I start to run away but the shadow jumps across the trees and then onto me.

      I don't recall the full encounter. We fight physically and exchange blows briefly. I pull a pistol from the hip and hit the shadow in the chest with a purple plasma bolt. The creature is knocked back and falls to the ground. It no longer moves, but it continues to breathe. I notice the armor it is wearing is similar to mine. I step closer to it and it looks at me and growls. I decide to run away again before it can get back up.

      "What the hell was that?" I ask myself. A voice then comes through the radio in my helmet. He says, "That shadow was stalking you. Can't believe it found you so fast." I do not recall the full conversation. I keep running and he tells me to move towards the city.

      The dream skips and I am now in a city. It looks like a war had taken place here. There's rubble everywhere and many buildings are damaged, on fire, or even fully destroyed. There are many barricades in the streets and destroyed vehicles. There are no humans in sight; only aliens with weapons on patrol.

      These aliens don't look like the shadow stalker. They are not wearing a full suit of armor, just basic stuff. They are generally humanoid and have reddish-orange skin tone. They are tall with longish limbs and neck. Spherical heads that are not smooth but full of ridges and bumps. They have what looks like tentacle hair and more than 2 eyes. Not the whole picture but can't think of any better ways to describe them.

      I am hiding in a bush and want to get into a 10 story building across the street. I start sneaking across the street and use the barriers for cover. My suit partially blends in with the environment as I move. I get into the building through a side entrance in an alley. There are some aliens nearby and I hide inside a chest until they move on.

      I go up the stairs to what I think is the 4th floor. It looks like it used to be an office building before it was trashed and destroyed. My visor highlights an objective on the other side of the building. I run towards it through some collapsed walls and over holes in the floor. It appears to be an executive room with a large white trapezoid desk in the center. On the left side of the room there is another collapsed wall that opens the room to the alley. Across the alley is another building with a collapsed wall. There are two aliens armed with rifles there.

      The aliens weren't looking in my direction or paying attention. I sneak over behind the desk and see a computer system under it. I turn on the computer and its displays onto my helmet's visor. I hack into a server and start downloading the data. "I'm in and retrieving the data now," I whisper into the radio. I then start to wonder to myself why I have a woman's voice.
      I realize it is because I am dreaming.

      Being lucid, I start to think I about leaving and doing something else. I don't want to sit around a wait for a download. My helmet then alerts me of a fast moving target nearby. I see the shadow stalker from before running up the street and it comes into the alley. "How the hell did he find me again?" I say out loud. I take a marksman rife off my back and look down the sights. The shadow starts climbing the other building and I take shots at it. This marksman rifle fires small and precise orange plasma bolts. I miss a couple shots but manage to land one his shoulder. He jumps from the other building towards mine and I slow down time. He is still in the air and he is firing at me with a pistol. I shoot him in the chest and dodge his plasma bolts. Time goes back to normal and he falls to the floor in front of me.

      The other aliens now have their attention set on me. They shoot at me and I take cover behind the desk. It is surprisingly sturdy and protects me from their bolts. I pop out of cover and shoot both aliens in the head. The stalker then gets up and pulls the rifle out of my hands. I wrestle with it and knock it out with a super charged punch. Bolts then come at me from the area I initially entered the floor from. I see a swarm of aliens moving across the office floor. I pick up an assault rifle the stalker had strapped to his back and spray at them. I kill a couple but the rest take cover and fire back. I duck down behind a small wall and filing cabinet.

      I continue the firefight as several more aliens arrive. The helmet display tells me how much ammo I have left. The assault rifle runs out of ammo and I am forced to switch to my two pistols. Sparks are flying all around me and holes are being put in what walls remain. Even the desk was getting torn up. The alien reinforcements continue to arrive and they move up towards my position. I am running very low on ammunition. "I can't stay here anymore! I need to leave!" I start shouting. In this moment my helmet tells me that the download is complete. I dive behind the desk and pull a floppy disk out of the computer.

      "I got the disk!" I say into the radio. The man over the radio responds back, "Your position is overrun! Move to the next building and get out!"

      I slow down time again and jump over the desk. I empty one of my pistol clips into the aliens moving towards the room. I then turn and run towards the collapsed wall. I use my second pistol to shoot at a couple aliens in the other building as I jump across the gap. Time returns to normal as I land into the next building. I finish off these two aliens and run towards the stairwell. I go down the stairs and end up in what looks like a storage room. There are more stairs beyond this room that seem to lead down into a sewer or tunnel network.

      There is another alien on guard in this room. It reminds me of the shadow stalker but it is not fully suited, just lightly armored. I stay behind a wall and kick it to make some noise. The alien moves to investigate the noise. As it comes around the corner, I pull out a combat knife and charge at the guard. I grab hold of his shoulder and thrust the knife into his neck. This doesn't kill him but causes him to only make low gurgling noises. He grabs me and sinks his claws into my armor. He pulls me close and attempts to bite me with razor sharp teeth. We struggle for a moment and fall to the floor. I manage to pull the knife from his throat and stab him in the chest. This kills him and I take the knife and run into the sewer.

      The dream skips and I am climbing out of the sewer in another part of the city. I see a fight taking place in a shop nearby. I run to it and see a man and a woman kill a few aliens. The fight is over by the time I get into the shop. The man and woman are friendly and they help me restock on ammo. They also hand me a new gun that looks like a taser, but I never get a chance to use it. I ask them for help getting out of the city and they come with me. We make our way down the street and the shadow stalker appears on an overpass above us. We get ready to fight, but the dream ends here.
    2. Splintered Archipelago (October 4, 2018)

      by , 10-05-2018 at 08:19 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      Dream One

      I was on a large ship in the ocean. In the distance, coming ever closer, I could see many islands. The majority of these islands were raised hundreds of feet above sea level. They had steep rocky cliffs. They were tropical islands and very full of greenery. It's never stated by anyone in the dream, but I believe this is a region of Ethos known as the Splintered Archipelago. I have never been here before. The ship starts to pass through among the islands. Someone of higher rank mentions to me that I have over 1000 more days of servitude left. It's not necessarily slavery, but it seems I am bound by a contract to serve an organization. Based on some conversations about guilds aboard the ship, I believe that I may be in service to an explorer's guild. There may even be members of other sorts of guilds aboard the ship.

      The dream skips and I am now in the ship's interior. I am in a large room with a single table. I am standing next to many other people in a circle surrounding the table. Only two people are sitting at the table across from each other. This meeting appears to be political or business in nature. One of these men was the leader of an empire. They were discussing the expansion of his empire into the archipelago. The man on the left removed a folder of secret documents from his bag and slid it across the table. A deal had just been made. I remember getting a strong feeling of mistrust in this moment. I believe the man passing over the documents is trying to deceive the other man. "He's lying." I whispered. They continued discussing their plans and I wake up.

      Dream Two

      I am on a ship again but this time it is an air ship flying high above the archipelago. I am at the bottom of the ship standing by an open hatch that reveals the world below. A man next to me is giving me orders. He points to a large island below and it becomes highlighted in my own vision. He tells me that I must go down there and explore the area. He wants me to chart the area and bring back any artifacts or items worthy of research. He says that good work will help take days off my time of servitude. I jump off the ship and start diving down to the islands. I see more detail as I get closer. I see that there are some villages, ancient ruins, and old forts on the islands. There are also many boats in the water. I remembered that I had seen the archipelago in a previous dream. I become lucid as I continue to fall and examine the islands. It's not a high degree of lucidity and I still carry out my original objective. I move towards the area that was highlighted in my vision. It appears to be an ancient tower.

      The dream skips and I am now in a cove. The water is shallow and it is full of crates and debris from a wreckage. I start to break open crates in the shallow water to see what I find. I only remember finding rope, small tools, and some coins. There was a very large crate in the water. It was twice my size. I couldn't find a way to open it, so I tried to break it open by hitting it with a board. The crate quivered when I hit it. It was as if it was made of jello. It also growled at me after I hit it. I sensed now that it wasn't a crate but something alive. I even thought that it might have been a mimic.
      I woke up before I could find out.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. The Desert Camp

      by , 07-15-2013 at 05:01 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      The Desert Camp

      Lucidis, Chris, and Claire had recently crossed the border into Efile and set out to walk in one direction, which was south. I don't think they really knew where they were going. The map from "The Heart Stone" had no details relating to roads, cities, or geography. I wonder if it's a part of the world that people from outside Efile know little about.

      They were traveling through a hot sandy desert. They wore white hooded cloaks to protect them from the heat of the sun. Chris was also carrying a large backpack which likely contained traveling and survival gear. Traveling through the desert wasn't too difficult for them, though it certainly wasn't a walk in the park. It felt kind of like traveling through the desert in Journey (an indie video game).

      They didn't talk much and early part journey was pretty uneventful aside from sliding down large sand dunes. Lucidis and Chris found that to be fun. After traveling for a fair amount of time, Claire spotted something from the top of a large sand dune. She activated the visor of her stasis armor and used the binoculars function to get a better look at it. Claire then told Lucidis and Chris that there was a camp and river a few miles to the west.

      Initially Chris wanted them to keep traveling in the same direction to avoid getting lost and to get through the desert quickly. After talking it over, it was then decided that going to camp and following the river would be safer. They began to walk west towards the camp and dream time skipped here.

      It was now what I think was morning of the next day. Lucidis, Chris, and Claire had apparently stayed the night in that camp. The camp appeared to be the remains of an old abandoned military camp. It was mostly in ruins, but some of the structures were still in tact.

      Claire had asked for Chris and Lucidis meet her at a location a short distance south of the camp in the morning. Chris and Lucidis traveled there and what they found was a rather large obstacle/training course. It had what looked to be about a hundred stone platforms elevated above quicksand. The platforms were spaced apart with various obstacles such as rope swings, monkey bars, and balance beams between them.

      Claire told Lucidis and Chris to remove their cloaks and to start training. Naturally, Lucidis though training in the middle of a hot desert was ridiculous and protested. Claire told him it that it would help condition their bodies to the desert environment. She also threatened to shoot Lucidis, so he started training on the obstacle course.

      After training for some time, Lucidis made it to the far end of the obstacle course and stopped to take a breath. He looked out towards the river and followed the river with his eyes. He looked towards the southwest and saw what appeared to be silvery-blue towers shining far off in the distance. It looked like it was a city to him.

      Lucidis called to Chris who was navigating an obstacle a few platforms away. Lucidis pointed in the direction of the city and asked Chris if he could see it too or if it was just a mirage. Chris confirmed that it was real by saying that he could see it too. They worked their way back to Claire and told her about the city. They planned to journey to the city after that, but I think it was around this point that the dream ended.

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    4. The Heart Stone

      by , 07-14-2013 at 05:54 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Because I tend to dream from the perspective of other dream characters fairly frequently now, I feel like it would be easier to understand my dreams if they were written in some sort of first person third person mix.

      The Heart Stone

      This dream was from about 3 days ago, so I don't remember much of it anymore. I feel like it's important to the story though. Lucidis, Chris, and Claire were walking along a stone bridge above the sea. The bridge connected the mainland and a small island not too far off. On the small island was a stone tower. The tower was a sort of college where various things were studied and researched.

      Lucidis was holding and looking at a strange stone as they walked. It was blood red and you could see into it a little. It looked like there was something at the core of the stone, but it was unclear. Lucidis had apparently come acquired this stone on a previous adventure, but I can't seem to recall that moment. Lucidis felt like the stone had some importance to it. Chris had suggested taking it to a geologist so that the stone could be identified.

      Lucidis, Chris, and Claire crossed the bridge and entered the tower through an open doorway. They went down a set of stairs into a room below the tower. This was where the geologists did their research. There was only one man there who seemed to be the professor. He was sitting at his desk reading charts and graphs. He didn't notice them walk in until Lucidis placed the red stone in front of him.

      Lucidis asked the professor to identify the stone and asked what he should do with the stone. The geologist studied the stone for a moment with a lense. If I remember correctly, he said that it was a heart stone. He then said that it should be taken to Efile. Lucidis had never heard of Efile before, so he asked the professor what Efile was. He layed a map of the world across the desk and simply pointed at a part of the map. Unfortunately the map was somewhat blurry and distorted, but a white country labeled Efile could be found in the south east corner of the continent.

      There may have been other things that happened, but I think I woke up after looking at the map.

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    5. The Great Sphinx (February 17, 2013)

      by , 02-18-2013 at 12:23 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      The Great Sphinx

      The first half of this dream is fragmented and lacks clarity. My dream recall hasn't been as great as it should be lately. I was wandering around a forest, far away from civilization. It was around autumn and the trees were different colors of red, orange, and yellow. I remember that almost everything I saw was very beautiful. That irritates me a bit because I can't remember it clearly. The beauty of the world around me is what made me lucid.

      At some point I came to a ravine with a river flowing at the bottom. Nearby was some kind of log cabin built near the edge of the ravine. I don't really remember the details except that it was pretty big and fancy for a log cabin. I walked inside and looked around a bit. There were several people living there. They were apparently a group of survivors from a recent apocalyptic event. They seemed to be pretty well set up considering how most post-apocalypse camps look like.

      I think I talked with them for a short time, but I don't remember much. I think they said I was a part of their group. It wasn't long before I was bored with them and wanted to go exploring again. I left the cabin and walked to the ravine. There was a wooden suspension bridge nearby that I could use to get across the ravine. When I walked onto the bridge it rocked back and forth a bit. So then I started shifting my weight to the left and right to make the bridge sway as I walked across it. It's more fun that way.

      On the other side of the bridge was a prairie. Far off in the distance I could see a man wandering through the tall grass. I ran over to him to see if there was anything interesting about him. When I approached him, he pointed a shotgun at me and said, "Stay back or I'll shoot." I told him that I was friendly and didn't want to cause any trouble. He lowered his gun and said, "Do you have any food on you? I haven't eaten in days and I'm starving." "Sorry, I don't have any food on me, but I do know a group of people who do," I said.

      I guided the man back to to the log cabin where there should be food. After we crossed the bridge, we were stopped by a man who appeared to be the leader of the group. He pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the man I was helping. "Who is this?" the leader asked aggressively. "A man who's starving and needs some food," I said calmly. "We don't have enough food for another person!" He yelled. "Calm down, and lower the gun. If you need to get rid of someone, get rid of me. I'm the one who brought him here," I said.

      Apparently we were thinking of different things when I said "get rid of me." He immediately pointed the gun at me and shot me in the right side of my chest. My chest was in pain and fell to the ground on my back. At least it wasn't my heart that was shot, but I think a lung may have been damaged. I was bleeding profusely from my chest and I was coughing blood. The man that I was trying to help crouched down to me and started putting pressure on the wound. He was trying to save me, but I don't think it would have done much good.

      My vision was starting grow darker. I looked around at everything around me and concentrated on my vision to keep it from going dark. As I was looking around, I noticed that I was wearing River's necklace for some reason. I remembered that her necklace could be used to teleport to a place you're thinking of. I held onto the necklace and started thinking about the desert. At this point the leader of the group stuck his gun to my head and decided that he would finish me off. Before he could fire, there was a flash of light and I had teleported.

      When the light faded away, I was staring up at a bright clear blue sky and lying in the sand. I noticed that it was much hotter here. My vision started to get darker again. I assumed it was because of my wound. I placed both of my hands on the right side of my chest where I was bleeding the most. I concentrated my magic there to heal the wound. As I did this, my vision slowly started coming back. After about a minute, I was fully healed and my vision was fine for the most part.

      I got back onto my feet and looked around. I saw a few pyramids very far off in the distance, but they didn't interest me. "Why did I teleport to the desert? There's nothing to do here," I said to myself. I then turned around and noticed that the Great Sphinx was behind me. At that moment I remembered the final task of the year. "Fix the nose, bring it to life, and ride it to the top of the pyramid," I said to help myself remember.

      I stood in front of the Sphinx and decided to use earth bending to fix the nose. I'm pretty sure the Sphinx is made of earth. I turned, stomped on the ground, and made a downward diagonal motion with my fist. As I did that, stone extended out of the Sphinx's face in the shape of a nose. It looked pretty nice.

      Next, I had to find a way to bring the Sphinx to life. The first thing that came to mind was the book of 500 spells I had. I summoned the book and began skimming through the pages. I stopped when I saw a spell named "Anima". Among hundreds of other spells, this one stood out to me. I think anima is Latin for life or soul, so it made sense to use this spell. I held my hand out towards the Great Sphinx and concentrated on it. I then shouted, "Anima!" and it started to glow a bit. After a few seconds, the Sphinx became alive and started to move. The ground shook as the Great Sphinx stood onto its feet and stretched its body.

      "Wow, that was impressive," I said. All that was left was to ride the Sphinx. I grew wings, flew up to the Sphinx, and landed on its back. "Go Sphinx! Ride to the Great Pyramid!" I yelled. The Sphinx then started running at an incredibly fast speed. I started to fall backwards, but I used my earth magic to root my feet to the Sphinx. Seconds later, we were at the pyramids and the Sphinx began running up the largest one. I then leaned forward and rooted my hands to the Sphinx to get a better grip. When we reached the top, the Sphinx made a pose and roared loudly. I guess it thought it was the king of the pyramid or something.

      After posing, the Sphinx stopped moving. I detached myself from its back and climbed up to its face. I stood on its nose and waved my hand in front of its eyes and received no reaction. "The Anima spell must have worn off," I said. I decided to cast the spell on the on the Sphinx again to see what would happen. After shouting "Anima!" the Sphinx glowed again. Its eyes blinked and it looked at me with angry eyes. It apparently didn't like me standing on its nose. It shook its head back and forth and I fell off. I landed about half way down the pyramid and started tumbling down. I think I rolled past my sister on the way down. Kind of makes sense for her to be there since she likes ancient Egyptian stuff.

      I woke up before I even got to the bottom of the pyramid. I can only land on my head so many times before waking up.
      lucid , task of the year
    6. Gorilla's Curse (February 16, 2013)

      by , 02-17-2013 at 03:32 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Gorilla's Curse

      Most of my dreams last night were vivid, but unfortunately this one wasn't. There weren't a lot of details and I hardly remember anything. Me, Chris, and Lucia were sitting in a New York City park. They were trying to help me with the New York task of the year. They were reading a book that I found in a dream about a month ago. The book was said to contain over 500 spells I think.

      Chris and Lucia were fighting over the book and arguing about which spell to use. "We should use the gorilla's curse spell," Chris said. "Curses aren't good things! It could be permanent!" Lucia yelled. "Personally I think we should make a potion," I said. "Why?" Chris asked. "Well maybe it will only last a few minutes if it's a potion," I said. Doesn't sound logical now, but it somehow made sense at the time.

      I pulled a small vile of water out of my pocket. Chris then read something out of the spell book, but I'm not sure what he said. He cast the gorilla's curse on the water and it turned yellow. I then drank the potion. It tasted like lemon juice. After a few seconds, I instantly transformed into a giant gorilla in a puff of white smoke. I'm going to make a random guess that I was about 100 feet tall.

      I looked down and saw Chris and Lucia between my feet. I picked them up and dropped them on my right shoulder. "Now go climb to the top of the Empire State Building!" Lucia said. I walked through the city and made my way towards the tallest building. I was pretty much tip-toeing through the city, trying to avoid stepping on people and buildings. I'm pretty sure I didn't hurt anyone, but I stilled damaged a lot of cars and small buildings.

      When I came to the Empire State Building, I jumped onto it and used my gorilla skills to climb to the top. When I reached the top, there was a helicopter there. Inside the helicopter was Rick with an assault rifle. He pointed it at my face and started shooting at me. Luckily shooting a giant gorilla in the face will only cause minor bleeding, but it still hurts to be shot. I tried to yell at Rick to stop shooting at me, but a roar came out instead. Apparently my roar was powerful enough to blow the helicopter away into another building. The good news is Rick jumped out of the helicopter in time and grew wings to fly away. The bad news is he still wanted to get rid of the giant gorilla and called for back up.

      It wasn't long before military jets started flying by and shooting at me. Again, I will point out, it hurts to be shot. I managed knock down a couple jets before they fired missiles at me. The explosions from the missiles caused Chris to fall off of my shoulder. I tried to reach out to grab him, but I wasn't fast enough and missed. Lucia jumped off of my shoulder and dived towards the ground. She grabbed onto Chris and grew dragon wings. She then flew somewhere safe with him.

      While I was distracted by that, another barrage of missiles came flying at me. They knocked me off of the Empire State Building and I fell to the ground. I hit the ground pretty hard. My vision was blurry and I looked at my hand. I was in human form again. I'm not sure if I went back to normal before or after hitting the ground. I woke up shortly after I hit the ground.
      lucid , task of the year
    7. South Pole to North Pole (February 15, 2013)

      by , 02-16-2013 at 08:31 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      South Pole to North Pole

      I was on a ship heading to Antarctica. There was a lot of ice in the water, but our ship was capable of breaking it apart. We were only about a minute away from the mainland. It was summer and the sun was shining. I don't always notice the temperature in my dreams, but it was pretty damn cold. Luckily I like cold temperatures.

      The ship docked at a harbor that had been built on the beach. There were a few other boats at the harbor and many penguins. The penguins were working at the harbor doing things like loading and unloading cargo. It became obvious to me that the harbor was built and operated by penguins.

      The only human I saw was a woman on the beach. See was wearing a bikini and appeared to be sunbathing. I had to reality check at this because sunbathing in a bikini at subzero temperatures is pretty ridiculous.
      The reality check was successful and I became lucid. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the person might have been River. She tends to do weird stupid things like that.

      I decided to go explore the area and talk to some penguins. I jumped off the ship and landed on the docks. I was going to talk to the penguins in the harbor, but they looked pretty busy. So I left the harbor and went deeper inland. For the most part, everything was just snow, ice, and an occasional rock. Not too far away was a glacier that no doubt had something interesting at the top.

      I walked over to the glacier and inspected it. I felt the need to inspect a giant wall of ice for some reason. What I learned after inspecting it was that it was nothing but solid ice. "I bet I can use my claws to climb to the top of this," I said to myself. I transformed my hands and feet into those of a dragon. Being the idiot that I am, I chose to grow claws and climb the wall rather than growing wings and flying to the top. Well I guess it was more fun to climb it than it was to simply fly to the top.

      I pierced the ice with my claws and started climbing. It was fun, but there actually isn't a lot to say about it. After a few minutes I reached the edge and pulled myself to the top. At the top of the glacier I found a penguin base and a giant drill surrounded by several penguin soldiers. The drill was turned on and making a lot of noise. There was a penguin inside the drill who called out to me and said, "Greetings Dragonborn!" I recognized the voice and knew it was Sgt. Byrd.

      I walked up to the drill and yelled to him, "What the hell are you guys doing?" "We're about to dig our way into the north pole and establish a base in enemy territory!" he shouted. It was at this point that I remembered digging from the south pole to the north pole was a task of the year. "The north pole is enemy territory?" I asked. "Yes, it's the homeland of the polar bears," He said. Apparently penguins and polar bears don't get along. Or maybe these penguins are just delusional. Either way I decided to ask if I could help because I wanted to complete the task of the year. "Need any help?" I asked. "Yes, I'll dig and you can push," He said.

      I fully transformed into a dragon and powered up. Byrd started drilling through the ice and I hovered above the drill and began pushing it. Pushing the drill actually made a significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of the digging. I used my fire magic to heat the drill up so that it could melt the ice as it dug. We got through the ice pretty quickly and started digging through dirt. I then started to focus my earth magic in front of the drill to soften and push away the dirt and rocks.

      It wasn't long before we reached magma or some sort of hot liquid. I assumed that this was the outer core. "We have a bit of a problem!" Sgt. Byrd shouted to me. Apparently he didn't think he plan through enough and forgot that it gets pretty hot near the center of the Earth. The ship was starting to overheat, so I brought out my fury energy and created an energy shield around me and the ship. The shield would protect us from the magma and the heat. We moved pretty fast through this layer considering we didn't actually have to dig through anything.

      Things got a bit weird at the end of the outer core. The inner core was creating some sort of energy shield like mine that was keeping the hot liquid outer core at a distance. We were able to pass through this shield however, which was probably because of the energy from my shield. When we went through the energy shield, we fell a fair distance and landed on the inner core. I looked at it and it was made out of crystal. "It'll be impossible to drill through that!" Byrd said. "Wow, the Earth's core is made out of crystal!" I said.

      I noticed that the crystal glowed wherever I touched. I then remembered that usually happens when I come into contact with crystals. Dragonborns apparently have some weird magical connection to them. At that moment I realized that even though the drill can't dig through, I might be able to. "Follow me," I said. I put both of my hands on the crystal and started pushing forward. As I pushed forward, the crystal in front of me disappeared and I was able to create a tunnel. We made it through the inner core pretty quickly with the crystal disappearing on touch. It was pretty cool, but I wish I would have realized we could have walked around the inner core.

      When we got to the other side of the inner core, it was much like before, except gravity was working against us. The ship was built with a flight mode, so I didn't have to lift the ship, but I still had to push. Digging through the rest of the Earth was much like before, except we went through the layers backwards and flying up. I created a shield around us to protect us from the outer core, used earth magic to get through the dirt and rocks, and used fire magic to melt the ice of the north pole.

      When we reached the top, I felt pretty exhausted. I did a lot of work. I lied on the snowy ground and rested a bit. I looked around and I didn't see any polar bears. We appeared to be in Santa's village. "Looks like you'll have to build your base somewhere else," I told Sgt. Byrd. "This isn't a problem," Byrd said, "we'll just build our base a few miles out from here." I got up and said, "I'll help you set up your base if you want." "Soldier, enemy at 6 o'clock!" He shouted while pointing his flipper in my direction. "Wait, what?" I said while turning around.

      As I turned around, one of Santa's elves hit me in the face with a giant candy cane. I fell back onto the ground and he started beating me with the candy cane. Once Sgt. Byrd got out of the drill, the elf turned around and started running. I'm guessing the reason he ran away was because Sgt. Byrd had a rocket launcher. I saw a rocket fly over top of me and hit the elf. Luckily the explosion didn't kill him, but it knocked him out. It was pretty cartoony.

      I'm guessing the reason an elf attacked me is because me and Santa don't get along very well. More elves soon came and Sgt. Byrd started fighting with them. For some reason I was starting to pass out. I think it was due to the dream becoming unstable. When I passed out, I woke up.
      lucid , task of the year
    8. Vandalizing the Great Wall of China; Penguin Alliance (February 13, 2013)

      by , 02-14-2013 at 01:01 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Vandalizing the Great Wall of China

      My vision was blurry and the dream was pretty unstable. I could tell that I was in a mountainous area and that there was a large structure nearby. I could hardly see anything though. I did notice that there was a stone brick lying on the ground in front of me. For some reason I had the urge to attempt to lift it up with telekinesis. The stone started to wobble a bit and when I raised my hand, the brick floated up into the air.I became lucid around this point because I realized that telekinesis would only be possible if I was dreaming. It was also around this point that the dream became more vivid and stable.

      I tossed the brick around with telekinesis and played with it for a bit. When I got bored with that, I looked at the structure next to me. It was the Great Wall of China. As I looked at it, I remembered the China task of the year. I remembered that I was supposed to vandalize the wall. I began charging a ball of earth energy between my two hands. As I was building up energy, I sensed someone coming up to me from behind. I turned around to see who it was. It was Lola.

      Lola is apparently the captain of the police force in the Dragonborn City. That made me worry that my vandalism might not go so well. "What are you doing," she asked. "Nothing," I said. "It doesn't look like nothing," she said looking at my ball of earth energy. "Well what does it look like?" I asked. "It looks like you're about to blast a hole through the Great Wall of China," she said.

      I finally charged enough energy and I decided that it would be better to ignore her and complete the task of the year. I turned around and threw the ball of earth magic at the wall. It caused a large portion of the wall to shatter apart and turn to dust, leaving a wide gap in the wall. "Why did you do that?!" she yelled. "Oops, my hand slipped," I said. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't arrest you," she said. "Well I was going to fix it," I said. "Maybe I should just call the local authorities and let them take care of it," she said to herself. At that moment I remembered that I was also supposed to fight authorities with Kung Fu, so it would actually be a good thing if she called them. "That's a great idea Lola!" I said.

      She shook her head at me and pulled out her cell phone. As she was calling the local authorities, I started to use my earth magic to attempt to repair the wall. It wasn't perfect, but I think I did a pretty good job. By the time I was finished, 3 soldiers with spears had arrived on top of the wall. I grew dragon wings and flew up to the top of the wall. "Hello there," I said to the soldiers. They didn't seem very friendly however.

      One of the soldiers thrust their spear at me. I ducked out of the way and knocked the soldier to the ground with a leg sweep. Another one attacked me with a spear, but I blocked it with my arm. I then kicked him the side and tossed him off the wall. When the last soldier charged at me, I broke his spear in half with my arm and then punched him a few times. After that, they were all knocked out. "That was easy," I said.

      Lola flew to the top of the wall and landed in front of me. I knew she was going to arrest me and I didn't want to fight her. I already completed my goal, so I finally decided to cooperate with her. I raised my hands in the air to show that I surrendered. "Turn around and put your hands behind your back," she said. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs and put them around my wrists. "Your punishment will be to walk all the way around the wall," she said. "Wait, I'm not going to jail?" I asked. "No, I think this punishment is more fitting," she said. I looked in the distance and tried to estimate how long of a walk it would be. I came to the conclusion that it would be exhausting to walk that far. "Can I choose prison instead?" I asked. "No, start walking," she said.

      So I started walking along the Great Wall of China. I spent most of my time viewing the scenery. As I walked, the dream started to destabilize, and I woke up after about 5 minutes or so of walking. I call it a good thing.

      Penguin Alliance

      I was lucid right from the beginning of this dream. I was in Australia walking down the street of some neighborhood with my daughter Lucia. I was apparently there to meet up with a group of penguins. I was going to make an alliance between penguins and Dragonborns. Lucia was with me because she thought Australia would be fun.

      "Why do you want to make an alliance with penguins?" she asked. "Experience has taught me that it's better to make friends with a penguin and not enemies. They can also be very dependable," I said. I have no idea what experience I was talking about, but I'll take my word for it. Maybe I was thinking about the Penguins of Madagascar or Sgt. Byrd from Spyro.

      We walked up to a house that I somehow recognized as the penguin's base. I walked onto the porch and knocked on the door. I heard a male voice from the other side say, "Who is it?" I stated my full name and said why I was there. "Okay, you're safe. Come on in," he said. I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. "The door won't open," I said. "Oh I forgot, that door is broken. You'll have to use the penguin entrance," he said. I looked down and next to the regular door was a small door built for penguins.

      I opened the tiny door and crawled through the hole into the house. Lucia then tried to crawl through, but she got stuck. I grabbed both of her hands and pulled her in. Once we were inside, we were greeted by a penguin who actually did seem a lot like Sgt. Byrd. "Welcome to our base," he said saluting us. When Lucia saw the penguin, she immediately picked it up and hugged it tight. "It's so cute!" she shouted. "Unhand me soldier!" He yelled. "She's not a soldier, she's my daughter," I said laughing. "I don't care what she is, I want to be put down!" he said. So Lucia put him back on the ground.

      Sgt. Byrd showed us around the base. On the outside it looked like an ordinary house. On the inside however, it was like a military or spy base for penguins. "Wow, penguins are pretty cool," Lucia said. Byrd then led us to room where penguins were monitoring their spy cameras. One screen that stood out to me, was a camera monitoring a great white shark. "We'll gladly agree to your alliance," Sgt. Byrd said, "but only if you help us out with a small problem." "What do you need?" I asked. "A great white shark has gone mad and is constantly terrorizing the Great Barrier Reef. It's throwing the ecosystem far off balance. We need you to get rid of it using any means necessary," He said. "Sure, no problem. I've fought with sharks before," I said.

      Me and Lucia crawled back out the penguin door and walked outside. "The first thing we need to do is get to the beach," I said. We got into a car that I had apparently left on the side of the street. I stepped on the gas and started driving in the direction that I thought the beach was. We were driving down a hill with a stop sign at the bottom, so I stepped on the brakes. The brakes weren't working however and I tell that we were going to crash. I held onto Lucia and the car crashed into a tree. Luckily we weren't going too fast and neither of us got hurt.

      "I am never driving another car again. Something always goes wrong," I said. "So how are we going to get to the beach?" she asked me. We both got out of the car and the first thing that came to my mind was an ATV. I summoned an ATV in front of me and mounted it. "This is much better," I said. "How is that better?" she asked. "So far I haven't had any bad luck with these things," I said. She sat behind me and held on. I began driving in the direction of the beach again and the dream skipped ahead.

      I drove the ATV onto the beach and we got off. I looked off into the distance and saw River in the ocean riding a sea turtle. When she saw me she smiled and waved at me and I waved back. Nothing she does really surprises me anymore. Next thing I know, Lucia is wearing a bikini and running towards the ocean. She picked up a a sea turtle that was swimming in the water and started riding it like River. It was at this point that I remembered that one of the tasks of the year was to ride a sea turtle at the Great Barrier Reef and bite a shark. It's great when the dream finds a way to put you in a scenario that encourages it.

      I ran into the water and searched for a sea turtle. I saw a large one swimming out into the deeper waters. I swam over to it and grabbed on to it's back. "Can you take me to the great barrier Reef?" I asked the turtle, "I need to save it from a shark." The turtle made some sort of grunt sounds, which I assumed meant "yes". The turtle dove under the water and took me with it. At first I was worried about drowning, but then I remembered that I can breathe underwater.

      Before I knew it, we were at the Great Barrier Reef. I could see great walls of coral with tons of different kinds of fish swimming around them. It was like a city for fish and marine life. As we swam around the reef, I asked the turtle, "Do you know where the shark is?" The turtle then turned and started swimming in another direction. Off in the distance, I could see the great white shark swimming towards us. I got off the turtle and told it to get somewhere safe. I then transformed into a dragon, hoping that it would help me swim better.

      When the shark got closer, I remembered that the task was to bite it. I thought that was crazy at first, but considering I have dragon teeth, I figured I might be able to bite the shark just as hard as it could bite me. The shark came charging at me with it's mouth wide open. I dove out of the way and it missed me. It then circled back and charged at me again. I took a swipe at its snout with my claws and it stopped attacking me for a moment. I then charged some poison magic into my teeth and bite shark's back. After being poisoned, the shark had no fight left in it and fell to the ocean floor. I think it was safe to say that it was dead now.

      With the shark problem solved, I decided to swim back up to the surface to check on Lucia. Lucia had apparently managed to catch a sea turtle that was like twice my size. She was using the turtle to surf along the waves. I don't really enjoy things like swimming or surfing much, so I decided to swim back to the beach. The turtle that helped me out earlier came back to the surface and let me ride him back to shore.

      As we got closer to the beach, my vision started to become blurry. When I stepped onto the beach, I could tell that I was starting to lose touch with my senses and that my dream was becoming unstable. I tried to fight it, but it wasn't long before I fell to the ground and woke up.

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    9. Crystal Crossbow (February 12, 2013)

      by , 02-13-2013 at 09:05 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Crystal Crossbow

      I don't remember much of the beginning of this dream. The earliest thing I remember was sitting at a workbench in a smithy/workshop. The smithy was located within the Dragonborn city. I seem to be having more dreams there, which is a good thing. I was planning to build a crossbow out of crystal. Chris was also there to help me out.

      There was a crossbow blueprint spread out across the table. I looked at the blueprint and analyzed it, but I don't think I actually understood much of it. I started the process by placing a bucket full of crystals inside the forge. Chris shoveled some coal into the flames while I worked the bellows to pump air into the forge. As I was pumping, Rick walked into the workshop with a few guns.

      "Hey Rick, what are doing here?" I asked. "I come here every so often to repair broken weapons," he said. Rick laid an assault rifle on a workbench and began searching for tools and parts. "So what about you guys? What are you up to?" he asked. "We're smelting crystal in the forge. I'm attempting to craft a crystal crossbow," I said.

      After about a minute, I figured the crystal was melted. I grabbed the bucket with tongs and laid some kind of crossbow shaped mold on the table. I poured the molten liquid into the mold until it was filled. There was still some liquid left in the container, so I placed it back in the forge to use later. When the liquid in the mold cooled a bit, I picked it up with the tongs. I thought about hitting it with a hammer on the anvil, but I figured that would do more harm than good. So I submerged the crossbow in a tank of water so it would completely cool and harden.

      I laid the crossbow on the table and opened a box next to it that contained crossbow parts. Most of the parts in the box were small random metal pieces that were obviously important. I had no idea how they worked or what to do with them though. I had a feeling it would take me a while to figure it out. "Chris, go ahead an use the remaining crystal to make some bolts," I said. "No problem," he said. Chris then pulled out another mold for bolts and began pouring the liquid into it.

      I started looking through the parts and figure out how each one functioned. After studying them for a while, I finally yelled, "What the hell am I supposed to do with these?!" Rick then got up and looked at my problem. "Don't worry, this is simple stuff. Let me show you where everything goes," he said. Rick apparently knew a lot about weapon mechanics and was very skilled at putting them together. Rick showed me how to attach the trigger, the bowstring, the other parts of the firing mechanism, the shoulder strap, and the reflex sight.

      "Yay," I said once we were finished. I picked it up and looked at Chris through the reflex sight. He was apparently making the final touches to the bolts at the anvil. "Hey Chris, check it out," I said. He jumped when he saw the crossbow pointed at him and said, "Don't point that thing at me!" "Sorry," I said and swung the crossbow over my shoulder. "I'm done with the crystal bolts," he said and handed me a quiver of about 20 bolts. "Thanks Chris," I said. "So what are you going to do now?" Rick said. "I think I'm going to go complete the Roman task of the year now," I said.

      I ran outside and grew dragon wings. I started flying in the direction that I assumed was towards Rome. After a few minutes of flight, the dream skipped. I think I forced the dream skip so I could get to Rome sooner. It was now night time and I landed in front of the Colosseum. Before I walked in, Krystal teleported in front of me. "What are you doing here?" She asked. "I was just about to ask you that. I'm here to fight to the death with gladiators," I told her. She stared at me for a moment before I said, "Don't worry, I'll be fine." "I'm coming with you to be sure," she said. I didn't see a point in arguing it, so we entered the Colosseum together.

      The Colosseum was a bit different from what I expected. There were thousands of fans seated around the Colosseum. There were very bright lights above to keep the area illuminated. Rather than an open arena, there were stone walls in the center that created a maze-like area to fight in. The thing that stood out to me the most though, was the jumbotron floating above the arena. "Wow, things have changed a lot in the last couple thousand years. Check out the giant TV," I said.

      A man started talking over a mic, but I can't remember what he was talking about. He was trying to get the spectators excited for the most part. When the competition began, I entered the maze through the entrance on the left and Krystal entered the one on the right. So much for staying together. I readied my crossbow and walked through the maze cautiously. Despite the lights around the Colosseum, it was fairly dark within the maze. I activated my dragon sight to help me see better.

      I wandered through the maze for a while without encountering anyone. As I came to a corner, I heard someone coming around from the other side. I stopped and tried to remain silent so that they wouldn't sense me. A wolf then came around the corner and jumped at me. I was going to shoot it, but I realized it was Krystal in wolf form and stopped. She knocked me to the ground and she was probably about to rip out my throat. She realized it was me though and got off of me.

      "Let's try not to split up again," I said getting up. I took point and we kept on moving through the maze until we reached the center. In the center was an open grassy area. There was also a pond, a tree, and a small building of some sort. Four warriors had been battling there, but two of them had been slain by the time we got there. All that was left was a man and a woman who were apparently a team like us.

      We had the element of surprise, so I aimed at the woman and fired my crossbow. She sensed the bolt coming though and blocked it with her sword. After that, I had a feeling my crossbow wouldn't be of much help, so I summoned my crystal sword. Krystal fought with the woman and I fought with the man.

      The man fought with a giant battle axe and the force like a Jedi. He liked to use those force powers to push me and throw me around a lot. After a minute into the battle, he pulled my sword away from me and then launched me through the wall of the building. As I got up, I saw him crawl through the wall with his axe. He kind of looked like he wanted to chop off my head. I quickly grabbed my crystal crossbow and pulled the string back. I loaded a bolt into the crossbow and charged it with fire energy. By the time I was ready to fire, he was only a few feet away from me and he began to swing his axe. I fired at him, and when the crystal fire bolt hit, it exploded. The explosion knocked me back across the room and destroyed the other warrior. "Holy shit, it's like firing a rocket launcher!" I said.

      I got up and walked back out of the building to help Krystal. She was still fighting with the other woman and didn't seem to be doing too well. I pulled the string back and loaded another crystal bolt. I imbued this bolt with wind energy to increase its speed, power, and accuracy. I looked through the reflex sight and aimed at the woman. I also slowed down time to improve my aim. When I fired, the bolt went straight through the woman like a bullet.

      After she was defeated, the guy with the mic said, "Now it's time for the zombie round!" Immediately after that, zombies started to gather around us. It was a bit unexpected. The dream started to destabilize as we fought the zombies. I managed to kill a good number of them with wind and fire bolts before I woke up.
      lucid , task of the year
    10. Witch's House (February 6, 2013)

      by , 02-11-2013 at 08:49 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Witch's House

      It was raining and I was being chased down the road by a dog. I saw a house nearby that felt familiar to me. I was a little far from town and I figured the house could shelter me from the rain and protect me from the dog. As I ran towards it, I thought, "What if it's locked?" Immediately after that I had what felt like a memory. I'm not sure if these were just false memories or if they were from a long forgotten dream. What I remembered was that there was a bone in the doghouse that acted as a key to the door.

      I ran to the dog house and grabbed the bone inside. It looked like the remains of a human hand. When I turned around, the dog was right in front of me. It jumped onto me and knocked me to the muddy ground. It bit my arm as I tried to protect my face. I pushed him off and ran to the porch. There were odd holes on the surface of the door. I had another memory, a vision of me putting the fingers of the hand into those holes to unlock the door. So I did exactly what I saw in the memory. I heard a click and I opened the door and went inside. I slammed the door shut and the dog ran into it. He growled and scratched at the door for a minute before running off.

      I walked into the foyer and had another memory. The memory was of me walking in and greeting a woman. She seemed strange. "Why am I having these memories?" I asked myself. "Are these memories from a dream? Is this a dream?" I did my reality check where I feel the dream and it was a success.
      I could feel that I was dreaming. I probably should have just left the house and done one of the things on my to-do list. I didn't leave though because I was curious about these weird memories.

      The house was dark, but there was still enough light for me to look around. At the end of the foyer was a door and behind it I remembered that there was a storage room. There was also a staircase in the foyer, but something told me to avoid it. To the left was a living room and to the right was a dining room. The longer I was in the house, the more uneasy I felt. Everything around me felt sinister.

      Out of nowhere I had a memory that simply told me where I was. I was in what was known as the witch's house. "Oh shit, where's the witch at?" I said quietly. I remembered that the witch was evil and she had done something horrible to me. I then heard someone opening the door behind me. I transformed my hand into a dragon hand and turned around to attack the person who walked in. I pushed her against the door and I was about to slit her throat with my claws, but I stopped. Due to the circumstances, I thought it was the witch who came in, but it was actually River, my dream guide.

      "Sorry," I said as I let go of her, "I could have sworn you were someone else." She was soaking wet and trying to dry out her hair. "But I thought you could always sense who was nearby," She said. "Normally I can," I said, "but all I can sense in this place is evil." She walked into the living room and took a rest on the couch. Nothing seemed to be bothering her. "It does feel a little weird here, but I think you're over reacting," she said. "What are you doing here anyways?" I asked her. "I came in here to get out of the rain and because I saw you walk in here." She said. I think she was stalking me again, but that was the least of my worries. I decided it would better to get us somewhere safe instead of searching for my memories. "River, get up, we're going home," I said. "But we just got here," she said, "Let's take a look around." I tried to open the door, but it was stuck and I couldn't get out. So I figured I didn't really have a choice other than to look around.

      I went into the living room and sat on the couch with River. I was hoping that I would remember something if I sat in the room. I wasn't able to come up with any memories though. "Are you okay? You're dripping with blood," she said. After she said that, I realized that my left arm had been bleeding since I was bitten by the dog. I then had a memory of me lying on the floor in the living room. I was bleeding and the witch was standing over me with a bloody dagger. She apparently needed my blood for something. This memory disturbed me.

      River started to shake me because I wasn't paying attention. "Don't worry about it, I'm fine," I said. "Let me heal it," she said. She placed her hands over my wound and she tried to use her magic to heal me. There was only a spark of light however. "Aww, my magic isn't working here," She said. "The witch must have used an enchantment or something that prevents the use of magic," I said. River then wrapped bandages around my wound and it started to feel better.

      After that, we walked back into the foyer. I was planning to search the dining room and River started to walk up the stairs. This brought back another memory. In the memory, I was being dragged up the stairs by the witch and thrown into a room. I didn't seem to have much fight left in me. The room had blood pooling on the floor and gore splattered on the walls. There was some kind of tree growing in the center. The roots and branches of the tree started moving. They were violent and began to grab me and attack me. I think the tree was carnivorous and trying to eat me.

      The roots and branches grabbed my arms, legs, and head and lifted me into the air. They started pulling and were trying to tear my body apart. I didn't have enough strength to resist it. Then without thinking, I breathed fire at the tree and it started to burn. The tree dropped me back into the pool of blood. It then began to splash itself with blood in an attempt to put out the fire. I used this time to escape, though I'm not sure how.

      When I came out of the memory, I realized that the tree is most likely still alive and that River might open its door. I ran up the stairs to River and she opened the door I was worried about. She looked into the room and said, "I think I'm going to be sick." A bloody root then grabbed her foot right at the moment I grabbed her. She was screaming as it tried to pull her in. I was strong enough to pull River away from it and I slammed the door shut on the root. She was safe now, but I think she passed out. I carried her down into the living room and laid her on the couch.

      I figured the living room was safe enough for her to be alone, so I left to search the dining room. There wasn't really anything there worth noting except another memory it triggered. This memory was before all the violent stuff started happening. I was sitting at the table and she made me some tea. I didn't notice it at the time, but the memory showed me that she had put some sort of poison or drug in the tea. After taking a sip of the tea, I fell to the floor and nearly passed out. It explains why I didn't have much fight in me before.

      I don't think there were really anymore rooms with memories tied to them left for me to explore. I decided I would go into the kitchen to see if I could find a way out. Something didn't feel right about the kitchen though. I stepped on the tile floor and immediately jumped back as a spike came out of the tile I stepped on. A spike rises out of the floor when you step on a tile. Apparently there was something worth guarding beyond the kitchen. I figured I could avoid the spikes if I ran around and jumped a lot, so I did just that.

      There was a door on the other side of the kitchen and I assumed that the witch's secret was behind that door. I sensed that there was something dangerous about the door. I opened the door and I immediately rolled onto the counter to my right. The door was a trap that launched several rather large leeches at me, but I avoided them. I walked into the room and inside there was only a hole with a ladder to a basement or cellar. I didn't feel comfortable about wandering to far away from River or going down that hole alone.

      I went back to the living room to check on River. She was awake now and looked a bit better. "How are you feeling?" I asked her. She looked at me and got mad and said, "You left me!" "I saved you!" I said. She was about to yell something back at me, but I heard someone outside and whispered to her to be quiet. The person came onto the porch and I started thinking of places to hide. The storage room came to mind and I quickly snuck over to it with River. We hid inside the storage room just before they came into the house.

      I soon heard the voice of the witch say, "There's mud and blood on the floor. It seems we have visitors. Now where could they be hiding?" I thought River was about to panic, so I covered her mouth with my hand. The witch was inspecting the mud on the floor and muttering something about the mess we made. River was mad about me covering her mouth and she bit my hand. "Ouch, what was that for?" I asked. At that moment I thought we were pretty much caught because the witch surely would have heard that. Then River said, "I was trying to tell you that we can teleport away from here," she said. "Why did I never think of that?" I asked myself. "Hurry up and grab onto my necklace!" she said.

      I grabbed onto the necklace that River was wearing and we started to glow. The witch opened the door to the storage room, but she was too late. There was a flash of light and we were teleported to the Dragonborn city on the floating islands. We were now sitting under a tree in the park, taking a moment to relax. Things finally felt peaceful. "I can't believe we made it out of that house alive," I said. "What should we do now?" she asked. "I'm going to call the police and let them take care of the problem. I'm done with that place," I said.

      The dream then skipped ahead to me sitting in the back of a police van. Chris, Claire, and Kira were also sitting with me. A woman with pink hair was driving the van and a man with red hair was sitting in the passenger seat. I think the woman's name was Lola and the man's name was Rick. I assumed that they were Dragonborns. Behind the van were a few other police vehicles. We were heading back to the witch's house.

      "Why do I have to come? I'm sick of that house," I said. Lola said, "You're here because you know more about the witch and the house than anyone else does. We need you for this." Rick then said, "It was also your idea to raid the house, so it makes sense for you to come along." I turned towards the others and asked, "Why are you guys here then?" "We're here to assist you obviously," Claire said. "When was the last time we went on an adventure anyways?" Chris asked. "I'm pretty sure we went on one earlier this week." I said "Well one isn't enough! We should be having more adventures!" he said. "Why isn't Krystal here?" Kira asked. "I wanted her to stay home and make sure Lucia didn't try to come with us," I said.

      By the time we were done chatting, the van stopped and we were outside the house. We grabbed our weapons and exited the vehicle. We approached the house and the other police officers, who were likely also Dragonborns, followed behind us. The house appeared to be surrounding by sort of force field. The witch could be seen in the front window smiling at us. "Come out of the house with your hands up!" Rick shouted. "I don't think that's going to work," I said to him. "Well I have to say it," he said. The witch pulled out a wand and began shooting fireballs at us. We started shooting at her, but our bullets couldn't penetrate the force field. We then tried using our own elemental magic against the force field, but that was also ineffective.

      The witch threw a fireball straight at me and I rolled to the left. The fireball missed and blew up the van behind me. "This isn't working, I think we should send in the SWAT team!" I yelled. Lola yelled back at me, "We are the SWAT team!" "That's just not fair," I said. Rick was over behind the doghouse calling us. He appeared to be leading the "SWAT" team. Me, Chris, Claire, Lola, and Kira gathered behind the doghouse with Rick and waited for his instructions. "You," he said pointing at me, "break down the door. I'll cover you."

      I powered up and formed ball of elemental earth energy in my hands. I then charged towards the door and hit it with this ball of energy. As the door blasted apart, Rick breathed a large cloud of smoke over the area and the 6 of us rushed into the house. Me, Rick, and Lola activated our dragon sight ability so that we could see better through the smoke. I could see the witch's aura and a bunch of small gremlin-like creatures. The witch appeared to be gathering power for a spell, and the monsters were preparing to attack.

      Chris, Claire, and Kira remained hidden in the smoke while me, Lola, and Rick fought the gremlins. I did a partial dragon transformation so that I would have claws, horns, wings, and a tail to fight with. The gremlins were no match for us because they couldn't see us, but we could see them. All of their attacks were completely off and our attacks were perfect. After the gremlins were dealt with, the three of us attacked the witch. Rick fired his assault rifle at her and she created a magic shield around herself to block attacks. As Rick was distracting her, I came at her from above and destroyed her shield with a blast of fury energy. Lola then rushed in from behind pinned the witch down. By the time the smoke cleared, she was arrested and the battle seemed to be over.

      As Lola was handcuffing the witch, the witch seemed to have either died or fainted. Above her body appeared a sinister ethereal creature holding a scythe or sickle-like weapon. The only name that comes to mind when I think of it is reaper. We knew this reaper was going to put up a greater fight, so Rick ordered us to get into formation. I fully transformed into a dragon and Rick and Lola also performed partial transformations to grant them each claws, horns, wings, and a tail. Claire prepared bolts of lightning in her hands, Kira drew out her swords, and Chris readied his bow and arrow. Me, Rick, and Lola were in the front, Kira was in the middle, and Chris and Claire were in the back. The battle was ready to start back up again.

      We all attacked the reaper at once with different weapons and magical attacks, but everything phased through it. For some reason the reaper ignored everyone in the front and went straight to Claire. It tried to attack Claire, but Chris defended her. Kira attacked the reaper with her swords right at this moment and wounded it. We learned that it needed to become tangible when attacking, which is when it would be best to attack it. After being wounded though, the reaper fled down the hole in the room beyond the kitchen.

      Chris was wounded, so I told Rick, Lola, and Kira to chase after the reaper. I stayed behind to heal Chris and Claire stayed behind to yell at him. She was mad at him because he got hurt by trying to protect her. I looked at him closer and he had a large cut across his chest. I placed both hands over his wound healed him with my magic. I must be getting better at it because it only took me about a minute to heal him. I thought he would want to rest after that, but he actually wanted to keep going.

      The three of us went into the room on the other side of the kitchen and jumped down the hole. The hole dropped down into a large arena where the others were fighting the reaper. They were even getting some hits in. When the reaper saw us drop in, it stopped fighting and flew to the other side of the room. On the other side of the room was a pedestal with a bowl on top. The reaper began pouring blood out of a bottle into the bowl. "Hey! That's my blood!" I shouted. It was apparently the blood the witch took from me.

      The reaper lit the bowl on fire and escaped into a room beyond the arena. A great metal door then slammed shut behind it. Most likely due to the flaming blood ritual, a several dragons began rising out of the ground below us. "What did that thing just do?" Lola asked. "I think it used my blood to raise an army of undead dragons," I said. Considering that we were fighting undead dragons, the fight went pretty well.

      We killed a few of them, but they were beginning to overwhelm us. As we defended ourselves from the dragons, Chris noticed a scroll on the ledge above the door. I flew up there and grabbed the scroll. I read the scroll aloud, hoping that it would make something good happen. I can't remember what the scroll said, but the spell caused the dragons to become dead again and the door opened.

      There was then a sudden earthquake or explosion that knocked me off the ledge. Rick then said that me and him would be able to finish the rest of the mission. He told Lola to fly everyone out of there and to get some place safe. I wasn't sure how only the two of us would be able to handle the situation, but I trusted Rick's decision.

      We ran into the next room which was some kind of magma chamber. We had to fly over the magma to get to a chamber on the other side. "Judging by the structure of this place, there's likely an entire dragon burial ground in the next chamber," Rick said. "We have to stop that thing from resurrecting all of those dragons," I said. When we reached the burial ground, the reaper was only trying to resurrect one dragon. Because of us, it didn't have time to resurrect all the dragons. The particular dragon it was trying to resurrect though appeared to be a king.

      Using the same ritual as before, it brought the dragon to life. The reaper then possessed the dragon to gain full control of it. Rick fully transformed into a dragon and we prepared to fight. Rick charged towards it with flaming claws and got a few hits in, but the dragon knocked him back into the wall with its tail. The dragon then breathed fire at me. I countered it by throwing a blast of air at the flames. I summoned my crystal sword and ran through the scattered flames towards the dragon and tried to attack it. The dragon blocked my sword with its horns and knocked me back.

      "Keep it busy for me, I have a plan," Rick said. He flew back into the magma chamber to do something and I got back up to face the dragon. I began building up fury energy. It breathed another wave of fire at me and I generated a energy shield around me for protection. I charged at it and continued trying to slash at it with my sword.

      After a few minutes into the battle, there was huge explosion. Must have been Rick. Magma began flooding through the tunnels and into the room. When magma started flowing into the room, I unleashed a wave of fury energy at the dragon. The dragon was knocked back into the magma. It and the reaper were now gone. I knew that the whole place would be flooded soon, so I quickly started flying back out. I met up with Rick partway and he guided me towards the exit.

      I don't remember anything beyond this except that we all got out alive and lived happily ever after. I hardly write in my DJ anymore, but for some reason I felt like this one needed to be written.
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    11. Angel Falls TOTY (January 5, 2013)

      by , 01-05-2013 at 09:31 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Angel Falls TOTY

      I lost stability in the last dream and woke up. I used it as an opportunity to perform a DEILD. I wanted to go back into the dream I was just in because I realized the place would be very good for the Angel Falls task of the year. I rolled over and tried to think of the scene of the last dream I was in. For some reason a scene from a dream I had the night before came to mind though. When I went into the dream, I ended up in that scene instead. The scene was a house next to a river that had been wrecked by a dragon. It was a cool dream so I might write it tomorrow.

      I was in the dream, in the wrecked house, and I was lucid. I looked around and realized that this place wasn't where I wanted to be. I was tempted to stay in this scene and continue from where I left off the night before. I thought about it for a moment, but decided that I should do a task of the year. I gathered some energy in my hand and made a swiped at the space in front of me. This swipe ripped open a hole in space-time and jumped in. The portal took me to the void. While thinking of the scene from the previous dream, I opened up another portal while focusing my memory on it. I jumped through the new portal and fell into the new scene.

      I was on top of a mountain now. It was very flat and open there. I could hear the rumbling of the waterfall, so I walked towards it. I looked over the edge of the cliff and saw a rain forest below and a river running through it. Next to me was the waterfall which I assumed was Angel Falls. At the bottom of it was a large pool of water that emptied into the river.

      My task was to jump off of Angel Falls. So I simply did that. I jumped off the cliff and into the waterfall. I slid along the outside of the waterfall as I fell. I landed in the pool of water at the bottom, which was very deep. I went down pretty far below the surface. Luckily I can breathe underwater in dreams. The pool of water was surprisingly calm.

      I swam back up towards the surface as quickly as I could. As I got closer, I noticed there were a few people swimming in the water. When I came to the surface, I looked at them. I recognized one of them as River, my dream guide. River was excited to see me and impressed by my jump. I can't really remember the actual conversation though.

      On land, I saw a couple men loading some crates onto a truck. They seemed suspicious to me I guess. I used the dragon morph on my eyes to give myself dragon vision. Dragon sight gave me the ability to see auras/energies. When I looked at the crates, I noticed that there were a few shadow men stuffed inside. It seemed like they were trapped inside, which I thought was hilarious, but it was also very strange. Something just as strange in of the crates was a large bell. The reason I thought it was strange was because only magical or living things should have an aura.

      I started swimming over towards the shore so I could question those guys about it. As I was swimming over, I heard a roar and looked up at the sky. I saw a large group of dragons flying over us. It was just like the group of dragons in the dream I had the night before. A dragon then came down from over the mountain and landed on a nearby rock. I could tell it was about to breathe fire at us. I immediately grabbed River and dove under the water. The fire hit the water, but we were safe. A few seconds later the dragon just flew off and forgot about us.

      I rose back up to the surface with River and swam to the shore. The men with the crates were now gone. I chose to chase after the dragons. I called to River for her to follow me and ran into the rain forest. I just kept on running in the general direction that the dragons were flying. I wasn't running through the forest for long before the dream destabilized and I woke up.
      lucid , task of the year
    12. Basic Task ii; Advanced Task ii (January 1, 2013)

      by , 01-03-2013 at 07:33 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Basic Task ii

      I didn't sleep very well last night. It felt like I kept going in and out of a dream for over an hour. I hardly remember the dream however. One of the times I woke up though, I managed to become aware of what was happening. I took advantage of it and performed a DEILD. I soon found myself standing on the side of a street around sunset. Krystal and Lucia were there with me. The dream wasn't very clear. The scenery and details were very lacking.

      I had the task of the month and the task of the year on my mind. The only task that came to mind was the second basic task of the month. The number I was thinking of was 76. I told Krystal and Lucia, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, what is it?" Immediately after saying that, they both replied simultaneously, "76." "It's no fun when you can both read my mind." I said. They laughed and the dream faded away again.

      Advanced Task ii

      It was nearing sunset in a city that reminds me of what I think I Mayan city would be like. I was running along the main road towards a temple. I then began running up the steps. Running eventually turned to crawling and I was exhausted when I reached the top. A man was there at the top of the temple. He grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet. He appeared to be the king of this city. He was wearing a crown anyways.

      Standing on top of the temple behind the king was a large palace. On the right side of the temple I could see a group of people who were most likely the king's subordinates. On the left side of the temple I saw Chris, Claire, River, Krystal, and Lucia. The king welcomed me and guided me over to them.
      I became lucid around this point because I tend to associate the five of them with dreaming.

      I was going to go over to Chris to talk to him, but I noticed Lucia somehow got her foot stuck in a hole. I walked over to her and pulled her out. I then went back to Chris and asked him, "Where are we and what are we doing here?" "Didn't you read the invitation? It should be in your pocket." He said. "I have a million things in my pocket you know. It's easy to lose track of things." I said. I reached into my pocket and pulled out an invitation. Most of it was either gibberish or simply forgotten. Basically it said that we were invited to the temple as honored guests for a traditional festival. I looked down to the city below and the city was filled with people and decorations. They set that up pretty fast.

      Some time passed as I talked with other people about things. I think it was about some adventure I was supposed to be going on soon. Unfortunately I've forgotten most of what we talked about. I remember me and Claire were pissing each other off as usual. She tried to throw me off the temple at one point. I just transformed into a dragon and flew right back up. Later Chris handed me a box of fireworks and wanted me to launch them for the festival. He said he was supposed to take care of it, but he had something important to do with Claire. They ran off somewhere before I could even ask questions.

      I walked over to River and asked, "Where should we launch these fireworks?" "Oh, I know! We can launch them from the launch pad!" She said. "This place has a launch pad? Can you take me there?" I asked. "Yeah, it's this way." She said.

      This next part is kind of hard to describe. We walked to the side of the palace and there was some kind of ladder there. It was more like climbing the side of a cliff though and it was enclosed. For this reason I couldn't just fly up there. Or maybe I could have but was to stupid to think of it. I strapped the box of fireworks to my back. River went up first and I followed her. It was incredibly awkward and difficult climbing up. When we reached the top, we were in some sort of chamber with a helicopter pad.

      We had about 20 fireworks or so. Originally I was just going to scatter them randomly around the room, but River wanted to arrange them into the shape of a smiley face. So that's what we did. If you looked at it from above, it would look like this . "I'm guessing you want a smiley face pattern in the sky, but I don't think that's going to work." I said. "Why wouldn't it?" She asked. "Never mind, this is a dream so I may as well work." I said.

      We stood back and I prepared fire in my hands. I shot tiny balls of fire at each rocket to ignite them. I then plugged my ears and watched the show. There wasn't really anything significant for me to go on about except that one of the explosions was in fact a smiley face.

      After the fireworks show, the king told me that it was time for the hot air balloon ride. Oddly, he said it as though this was absolutely necessary. He said I could only bring two people with me. I immediately chose Krystal and Lucia. We then had to climb back up that weird ladder to the launch pad. I didn't think Lucia would be able to climb on her own, so I carried her on my back as we climbed. On the launch pad an air balloon was waiting for us. We stepped inside and someone released the rope that anchored it to the ground. The balloon immediately began to ascend into the air.

      After we were really high up above the city, I looked down at it. It turns out we were higher than I originally thought. The city was built on top of a very tall mountain. I spent a great deal of time just observing the landscape below. It was really amazing. I think Krystal and Lucia enjoyed it even more than I did. They couldn't believe how amazing and beautiful everything was. I'd like to describe the scene more, but I don't think I would be capable of that. As the ride went on, I began to lose stability and things got blurry. I woke up soon after.
      lucid , task of the month
    13. Advanced TOTM i and ii

      by , 10-23-2012 at 01:42 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      So a few days or so ago I started to create a tulpa of my dream guide, Krystal. Part of my reason for doing this was to see if she could help me with lucid dreaming even more in some way. I remember she talked a lot when I was half asleep during the night. I can't remember what she was saying, but I think they were mantras. I can't really confirm that, but it makes sense to me.

      As far as I know, this dream started off with me being lucid. It's possible stuff happened beforehand, but I don't remember. I was walking with Krystal in the middle of nowhere. Not really sure how to describe it. There was a lot of dirt and a lot of rocks. That's about it. The time was also near sunset, so the sky was pretty at least.

      As we walked we came across an area where there were many large stones. They seemed kind of organized and looked as if they used to be structures. My first impression was that we were among the ruins of some old village that had been abandoned or destroyed. As we walked among the ruins we came across what looked like an old wheat field. Oddly, there was still wheat growing. It also had a creepy scarecrow on a post in front of the wooden fence.

      Unfortunately Krystal didn't seem to talk much, and for the things she did say, I have trouble remembering. Perhaps I'm just a horrible listener. However, I do remember her saying something related to the wheat field being a massive unmarked grave. She also mention something about construction. Krystal then jumped over the wooden fence and dashed into the field. I was confused at first, but I jumped over the fence too and followed her. When I caught up to her, she was pulling a leg out of the ground. She then dragged the leg back towards the scarecrow. I found an arm sticking out of the ground next to me, so I pulled it out and dragged it back to the scarecrow.

      Krystal removed the straw from one of the scarecrow's legs and then shoved the human leg back in to replace it. When she did that, the leg somehow locked into place. I then did the same with the scarecrow's arm and the human arm I found. We then went back into the field to look for more body parts, but time must have skipped here or completely forgot it.

      Next thing I know, the scarecrow's straw has all been replaced with human body parts except for the head. Krystal transformed her hand to give herself claws. She took a swiped at the scarecrow and cut off its head. After that, Krystal went back into the field and brought back a pumpkin. She placed the pumpkin where the scarecrow's head would be and asked me to carve it for her. I didn't feel like asking questions, so I transformed my hand to give myself claws and started carving. I decided to try to make it as scary as I could for the fun of it. I gave it glaring eyes, a smile that showed many sharp teeth, and a triangle nose.

      As I was doing that, Krystal had pulled out what I would assume is a spell book. She started flipping through it and reading it as a green glow formed around the scarecrow. When she finished reading, she closed the book and the glow disappeared. She then she asked me to ignite a flame inside the pumpkin. So I pointed a finger at the pumpkin's mouth and shot a tiny fireball into it. The pumpkin's face lit up brightly and I felt compelled to just stare at it for a moment. The scarecrow's body twitched slightly, and I immediately jumped back and into a fighting stance. Right when I jumped back, the scarecrow tried to grab me, but it missed. We had apparently brought the scarecrow to life.

      The scarecrow detached itself from the pole and walked over to a tree stump. There was a hatchet that had been left wedged into it. It pulled the hatchet out and turned back towards me. For some reason I wasn't thinking too clearly and wasn't sure how to react. The scarecrow then charged towards me at a super fast speed. I finally decided that it would be a good idea to transform into a dragon. Before I had the chance to transform though, he was already right in front of me. He knocked me back across the ground and into a wall. As I got back on my feet, I was kind of dazed and I wondered why Krystal wasn't helping me at all.

      The scarecrow appeared in front of me, and before I could even react, he grabbed me with one hand and swung his hatchet with the other. The blade went into the right side of my neck and I felt a sharp pain. The pain at least wasn't as bad as you would expect it to be though. He then wriggled the hatchet back out and then started hacking away at my neck more furiously until it fell off. My head hit the ground and rolled a bit before the scarecrow stopped it. He picked up my head and then smiled. It seemed as though he desired a human head to go with his human body.

      My vision was starting to fade when I saw Krystal appear behind him in wolf form. She attacked him and I blacked out. After a moment I heard Krystal's voice telling me to use my illumina spell. It was kind of difficult since I didn't really have a point of focus or a target for it, but I eventually formed a purple light around me. Suddenly I could see again, but it was weird because it looked as if I was wearing a jack-o-lantern over my head. That was kind of close to the truth. I tried turning my head to look around, but I couldn't. Krystal angled me to be able to look up at her. It became apparent to me that I was still just a head and Krystal was carrying me.

      Krystal carried me to my body (which was oddly still standing up), and attached me to my neck. I could feel my body again and I had control. I looked around and saw the scarecrow guy lying on the ground headless. Not far from him I also found my head. After putting two and two together, I realized that I had the scarecrow's pumpkin head as my own head now. I felt kind of sick at this point and fell over. I passed out and woke up for real.

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    14. Basic TOTM i (October 1, 2012)

      by , 10-02-2012 at 01:52 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Basic TOTM i

      I was inside a gas station with a few characters from The Walking Dead. I think they were Dale, Daryl, Andrea, and Rick. The front door was boarded up and had a refrigerator blocking it. All but one of the windows were also barred up. I peeked through one of the barred windows and saw many walkers/zombies wandering the streets outside.

      The four other survivors were busy gathering supplies. They were also arguing something about needing to relocate. I then looked out the unbarred window to get a better view of the area outside. I saw my mother running through the street trying to find a place to take shelter. A zombie then grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. Without thinking, I immediately opened the window and jumped out to try to help.

      I ran towards my mother while weaving past other zombies trying to grab me. I transformed my right hand into a dragon hand and pierced my claws through the zombie's skull and into its brain. I pulled my claws out and pushed the zombie off my mother.
      I started thinking again and I became lucid when I realized what just happened. I wouldn't be able to transform my hand if I wasn't dreaming.

      My mother got back up and I guided her back towards the gas station. A zombie came at me from the left. I pulled the zombie towards ground and then stabbed it in the back of the head with my claws. My hand got stuck when I did that. I put my foot on its head and started pulling. My hand broke free and half of the zombie's head came with it. I removed the rest of the head from my claws and wiped the blood and brain stuff off on my pants. It was probably one of the most disgusting things I've experienced in a dream, but I didn't really feel like it was a good moment for vomiting.

      Another zombie was standing in front of the gas station window. I knocked it to the ground and quickly stabbed it in the head. I then told my mother to go through the window first. Several zombies were already around us and I had to kick and punch them to keep them back. When my mother got through, I quickly crawled into the window. I felt a zombie grab my leg when I was half way through. I tried to kick it away and managed to keep it from getting a bite out of me. A second zombie came by though and bit my right leg. It then ripped out a chunk of my flesh and I screamed in pain. I immediately grew a dragon tail and swiped both of their heads with my tail blade.

      My first thought was, "I'm going to turn into one of them". I looked at my arms and I saw my skin was already turning gray. I still tried to crawl through the window though, but I was stuck. I wasn't exactly in the mood to be eaten alive, so I decided it would be best to kill myself. I summoned a gun directly into my hand. I pointed it at my head and said, "Time to wake up." I then pulled the trigger, heard the gun shot, and everything went dark.

      Although it went dark and dream seemed to have ended, I wasn't awake. I could still feel that I was dreaming. "Everything ended, but I'm not awake? What do I do now?" I thought. My vision soon came back and I found myself lying in my bed. My bedroom looked a lot different though. I really felt like crap and I had a massive head ache. I placed my hand on my head and felt bandages wrapped around it. As I did this, I noticed that my arms and hands were really gray like a dead person. Apparently I somehow survived the shot to the head, someone saved me, and I hadn't completely turned into a zombie yet.

      I heard people from outside the room saying something about currently treating my wound and the infection. It seems that the disease that makes you a zombie could be cured with medicine they were giving me. I felt like I should get up and take a look around. When I got out of bed I immediately leaned against the wall. It hurt to move my right leg. I looked down and noticed that there were stitches where I was bitten. I also felt very dizzy and my headache got worse after standing up. I questioned whether the headache was from the infection or from the bullet. I slowly made my way across the room towards the door. There was a mirror on the wall next to the door and I looked into it. I was wearing a hospital gown and really did look like a dead guy. It spooked me a little.

      When I opened the door I saw one of my dream guides, the old man, sitting on a chair talking to my mother. He was apparently the one who gave me the medicine. We talked about something but I can't remember what. I noticed that the stairs were blocked off by a bunch of furniture, so we were pretty much safe on the second floor. I heard the sound of a truck driving out back. I looked over in that direction and noticed that the wall was missing. I think it collapsed.

      I walked over there and saw Chris driving a blue truck around the field like a maniac. I think he was intentionally trying to piss off the zombies. I'm not sure if it was the dream or the medicine, but I definitely wasn't in the right state of mind in this part of the dream. I looked at Chris and gave him a double thumbs up. I then looked down and saw a few zombies below trying to figure out how to climb up. One of them jumped and managed to at least grab my leg. I fell and struggled to hang on to the ledge as the zombie pulled me.

      One of them tried to bite my foot. I kicked it and yelled, "Hey! Fuck off zombies!" A couple other zombies came by and started trying to grab my feet. I then started yelling, "Ninja kick, ninja kick, ninja kick!" as I kicked them away. Chris noticed that I was having zombie problems, so he drove through the fence and over the zombies. He crashed the truck into the house and I fell into the back of the truck. He then shifted into reverse and drove back into the field. I think I woke up after this.
    15. Advanced TOTM (August ??, 2012)

      by , 08-20-2012 at 05:54 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Advanced TOTM

      It was a false awakening early in the morning. Something didn't feel right to me and I used my reality check where I try to feel the dream.It felt like I was dreaming and I became lucid. On my desk i saw an odd looking book that I do not own. It looked to me like an old fancy journal. It was then that I remembered the advanced task of the month. I assumed that the book was the journal I was supposed to write my waking life in.

      I opened it up and found a quill inside. I sat there for a moment and tried to recollect my waking memories. It was kind of difficult, but I was at least able to remember that I went shoe shopping that day. My shoes were starting to feel uncomfortable because my feet got bigger. So we went to some store that I can't remember for some sale related to taxes. I don't like shopping so I was trying to be quick. I found a pair of black tennis shoes that felt comfortable enough and chose them. That's where my memory ended.

      I picked up the quill and wrote something very similar to that in the journal. The writing part was fairly simple and I didn't have too much trouble after the memory part. I can't remember how the dream ended though.
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