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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Missing Baby (March 1, 2012)

    by , 03-10-2012 at 04:10 AM (532 Views)

    Missing Baby

    The dream started off with me in a room that was sort of like a tunnel. There were a bunch of pipes lining the walls here. I had a wrench and I was looking for a broken pipe that someone had asked me to fix. At the end of the room I found a pipe shooting out a lot of steam. I took my wrench and hit the pipe about 20 times to fix it. I then took notice to the tunnel exit to my right. It was just a big hole in the wall that led to the Loudonville public pool. There were a lot of people there, but they seemed oddly busy. It looked like they were searching for something.

    I was about to go help them find whatever they were looking for, but another pipe broke next to me. It shot a bunch of steam at me as I hit it repeatedly with my wrench. After I fixed that one, 2 more broke and I had to fix them. I kept watching and listening to the people at the pool as I fixed the pipes. I noticed that they were starting to become more panicked and worried. I also heard a woman yell something about a baby several times. I pieced it all together and assumed that someone's baby had gone missing. I decided that a missing baby was more important than stupid steam pipes that keep breaking all the time. I walked over to the pool towards a woman that seemed to be giving directions.

    "Hey, is something wrong?" I asked her.
    "Yes, a woman's baby has gone missing. We have no idea where he is. He could be in the pool, the playground, the building..." She said.
    "Okay, is there anyway I can help?" I asked.
    "You can go search in the pool with that boy over there." She said pointing to a younger kid.

    I jumped into the pool and swam over to him. He looked like he was around 10 years old.

    "Hi, my name's Jonathan. I was told to help you search for the baby." I said.
    "Hi, I'm Colton. I haven't found any signs of him yet." He said.

    He dived back under the water to search some more. I decided to do same and look for the baby underwater. We examined the entire pool area, but we found no signs of the baby. I then saw that the water in the pool also flowed into a nearby building. Sort of like one of those tunnel of love rides. I called Colton over and we both swam into the tunnel. It was a little dark in there so we had to feel around a little in our search. As I searched, I started to wonder what the point of searching for the baby underwater would be. I called Colton back to the surface to talk to him.

    "Why are we looking for a baby underwater? If he was under the water he would be dead." I said.
    "That's a good point if he was alive, but what if he is dead?" Colton asked.
    "I don't know, but dead or alive, it seems strange that a baby could get so far away on its own."
    "A little strange I guess."
    "Is the baby simply missing or was it kidnapped? Is there a ransom?" I thought out loud.
    "Maybe." He said after thinking it through.
    "If so, then he would be alive and hidden somewhere with the kidnappers."
    "How is that supposed to make things easier?"
    "We now have a better idea of where to look. Let's go look on the surface for a a secret doors, tunnels, or caves."

    We both climbed out of the river onto the concrete flooring in the tunnel. I searched the left side of the tunnel and Colton searched the right. We were searching the walls and floor for something odd that could give us a clue. I got distracted from my search when I saw a girl up ahead searching the tunnel. I think it was Molly again.

    "Hey, what are you doing in here?" I asked.
    "I think the baby might be around here somewhere." She said.
    "Let's work together. I think it might have been kidnapped."

    I walked up ahead of them and continued to search. I saw a light coming from the left side of the tunnel, which told me there was a room there. I walked to the light and found a well furnished living room.
    For some reason I gained a low level of lucidity here. I was about to leave the room, but then I thought this room was way too odd to pass by. I looked at the left corner in the far end of the room. I slowly walked towards it because it didn't seem right. When I got close I realized that there was a staircase to a basement hidden behind the left wall. It was an optical illusion that made the left and front walls appear connected from a distance.

    I slowly walked down the stairs with my heart beating faster. At the bottom, I put my back against a wall next to a hallway. I closed my eyes and focused on my hearing to try pick up any noises from around the corner. I heard the sound of a baby crying from the hallway. I then heard a woman from the hallway say, "Shh... Quiet..." Now knowing that there really were kidnappers actually shocked me a little. I used my energy sense to try to get a better view. I could see a woman holding a baby in her arms and a muscular man standing behind them. The baby looked just like the ones from the "Uncontrollable Fury" and "Possessed" dreams. I estimated their location to be about 3 or 4 rooms down the hall on the right side.

    I walked back up the stairs quietly to go tell Colton and Molly. When I got back to the tunnel I saw Colton, Molly, and like 15 other people searching the tunnels. A few of them were even police officers.

    "Where did all of these people come from?" I asked Molly.
    "I called them over here." She said.
    "That's good. Anyways, I need to show you guys something." I said.
    "What?" Colton asked.
    "I found the baby." I said.
    "Then let's go get it!" He said excitedly.

    The three of us walked down the stairs together slowly. I put my back to the wall at the bottom again and Molly did the same. Colton though, didn't understand it all and walked into the hallway. I quickly pulled him back and Molly pushed him back against the wall.

    "Hey! What was that for?" He asked annoyed.
    "Be careful and be quiet." I whispered.
    "What was that?" The man from the other room whispered.

    I heard the man slowly walk into the hallway. I motioned Molly and Colton to run upstairs. We ran upstairs and out of the room. It felt like we just barely got away without being noticed. I saw a few police officers and figured they could be of help.

    "We found the baby." I said.
    "Really? Where is it?" One of them asked.
    "He was kidnapped and taken to a secret basement!" Molly said.
    "Ha! That's good one." Another officer said thinking it was a joke.
    "Just give me your gun and I'll get him." I said.
    "Quit wasting our time kid. We have work to do." One police officer said.

    They turned their backs to use and started talking to someone else. I decided that the three of us would have to bring the baby back ourselves. I motioned Molly and Colton to follow me back into the room. We walked down the stairs quietly together and put our backs to the wall.

    "There's a man and a woman. The woman is the one holding the baby. Get the baby away from her and run." I told Molly.
    "I'm ready." Molly said.
    "I'm ready." Colton said.
    "No, you're staying here where it's safe." I told him.
    "I'll keep watch!" He said excitedly.
    "We rush in on the count of 3. 1...2...3!"

    The two of us quickly ran into the hallway together. After hearing us, the woman stepped into the hallway with the baby and stared at us. I felt like something really bad was about to happen to Molly, so I ran in front of her. Right as I did this, the man jumped out from one of the rooms and tackled me. Molly looked as if she was about to stop runnin to help me. I didn't want her to save me though, I wanted her to save the baby.

    "Keep going!" I yelled to her.

    The man held me down against the floor and then stabbed me on the left side of my chest with a knife. He was about to pull the knife out of me and attack Molly. I held him down though and kneed him in the stomach. I could see the shadows of everyone on the wall as I held the man down. From the shadows I saw Molly kick the woman, take the baby, and run. Molly ran back towards the stairs and the woman tried chasing after her. I grabbed the woman's leg with my two feet as she ran by and tripped her. They both tried to get me to release my grip, but I refused. The man pushed the knife deeper and deeper into me. I still didn't let go of them until the moment I died.

    Normally I wake up after I die. This time my dream felt like making fun of me I guess. It was also very weird because I was still lucid. I saw an image of Molly standing on a playground with three zombies. Then a narrator started talking as I viewed this little movie.

    "After Jonathan's death, Molly inherited his favorite SMG." The narrator said.

    I then saw molly pull out an SMG from her backpack. Even though I don't have a gun like that, it was still my favorite. It looked like it was from Left 4 Dead.

    "She vowed that she would use this weapon to fight crime in his name." He said.
    "...You do know this is just a dream and I'm not really dead right?" I said in my mind.

    Molly then pointed the gun at the zombies and shot them until their arms and heads came off.

    "Perhaps one day, with her help, we will see a better world." He said.
    "I want my SMG back..." I said.
    "Remember everyone. Keep on dreaming!"
    "Okay, I'm just going to wake up now." I said irritated.

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