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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Piece of Cake (April 30, 2011, Dream 1)

    by , 05-01-2011 at 05:18 AM (1020 Views)
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    Once again, my dream was very inconsistant, weird, and hard to fallow. I can't be sure of the exact order of events, so I'll just go one scene at a time and assume they're in the right order. One thing is for sure though... There was chocolate cake involved!

    Piece of Cake

    Part 1

    The dream started with be sitting on the couch with my sister in my grandpa's basement. Because it was a dream though, only about half of the stuff in there was based on the real world. My grandpa walked down the stairs and handed us each a stack of papers. He mentioned something about it being an IQ test and then he walked back upstairs. I don't remember anything that was written on the papers, but I just scribbled a couple things and felt like I had finished. I looked over at my sister to see if she finished her test. She just left it on the coffee table in front of us and watched tv. I had the strange urge to fill out her IQ test as well, so I did pretty much the same thing. I started to feel guilty because I thought it would be cheating to fill out her test.

    My grandpa came down right as I finished. He took both tests, graded them, and handed both of them to me as if he knew I did her test. "Good job. You got a 27." He said to me. I read both papers, and it said my score on my first IQ test was something like 27/9 points. The second was 27/44. I still felt guilt for some reason and everyone knew what I did. Despite this, a slice of chocolate cake appeared on the coffee table out of nowhere. I looked at it and knew it was an award for getting an IQ of 27/?? I was going to eat it, but I paused for a few seconds, thinking about the bad thing I did. After 5 seconds of thought, I took a bite out of the cake anyways. I didn't get to pay much attention to how it tasted though.

    As I took a bite out of it, the wall to the left slid open. The cake was somehow a trigger to open a secret passage way. Rather than questioning why, I felt like it had to be explored. "Hey Miki! Look at the secret door!" This managed to get her attention, but she only glanced at it for a few seconds before returning to the tv. I walked into the hidden room. Contrary to the modern style of the house, this room was ancient and made out of stone bricks. The most unusual thing about the room though, was the underwater tunnel in the middle of the floor. I decided to dive into the water and find the other side of the tunnel. As I dove in though, everything quickly faded to black...

    Part 2

    The next thing I remember is sitting in the bedroom of my old home. It was also in a basement. My sister was also there and I was mad at her about something. She walked into my room and I gave her a dirty look. She threw a letter at me and said, "You got a letter from your school." I remember DV being printed on the back of the letter. I opened it and a magic voice started to play. "Congratulations! You won! Please enjoy your reward!"

    I put the letter down and looked over at the floor like this . Once again there was a slice of chocolate cake in front of me. I think I did some other stuff in my room, but I can't remember very well. I do remember taking bite out of the cake again though. After I ate the cake, everything started to fade to black again...

    Part 3

    This time, I was standing in video game section of Walmart. My sister was still there and I was also with my aunt. I picked up one of the games to look at the back. It was some Mickey Mouse adventure game. "Oh that's kinda cool." I said as I looked at it. Mickey was in some wizard outfit. I was going to buy the game, but then I noticed Mickey was holding a plate of chocolate cake... I put the game back and started to walk away. My aunt asked, "You're not going to buy anything?" I just responded with, "Nah, I'll save my money for something else."

    Once again the dream faded, but this time I was awake. I wanted to write about it in my dream journal. Was too tired though, so I didn't care that much about it and went back to sleep.

    My Thoughts on this Dream

    Ok new rule: No more cake before bed. I think this was one of the weirdest dreams I've had that was based off of reality. I also feel like drawing maps of my dreams now...

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