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    Short Lucid Dream, Failed DEILD Attempt (February 28, 2012)

    by , 03-06-2012 at 10:52 PM (569 Views)

    Short Lucid Dream

    I was driving a car through the mountains of West Virginia. There's not really much to say about the drive other than the scenery was beautiful. I became lucid during the drive when I noticed that I was sitting on the right side of the car. The driver's seat is supposed to be on the left. As I was thinking about all the things I could do now that I was lucid, I drove by a massive car wreck. There were over 20 cars blocking the road on the left. I decided to get out of the car so I could check it out. For some reason I felt like an alien was responsible for it, and I wanted to have an encounter with the alien. Right when I started walking towards the cars, my vision started blurring. I realized that I had forgotten to stabilize and panicked. I tried rubbing my hands together, hitting the ground, and even licking the road. It slowed down the wake up process, but it wasn't going to improve anything. I then decided to just lay back and hope for a DEILD attempt.

    Failed DEILD Attempt

    When I woke up, I only moved around a little bit before remembering to DEILD. I layed still and went into a sleep paralysis. I could feel my body locking up and hear a loud static sound. My vision then looked fuzzy as if the tv was on the wrong channel. I then started to wonder what would happen if I tried using Daydream Awareness during this. I started daydreaming about my room for some reason. It soon felt like I was being sucked into the picture of my daydream.

    Eventually the feeling of my body being squeezed to death was a little much for me. I decided to cancel the attempt and break out of it. I had apparently made it into a dream, but I never realized it. I didn't think I was dreaming because I had broken out of sleep paralysis and everything looked so real. As I'm thinking about my failed attempt and what went wrong, a man runs into my room with my cat. He threw that cat onto my feet and the cat started biting and clawing my foot. I started flailing around and tried to kick him off. The last thing I remember of this dream is throwing him off my foot and into a wall.


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