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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Smashing Desks, Club Ambush (January 17, 2012)

    by , 01-19-2012 at 07:12 AM (771 Views)

    Smashing Desks

    The dream started out with me, Chris, and other DCs I don't care about sitting in a class room. The teacher was teaching something, but I really did not care about it. The bell soon rang and everyone but me and Chris left. We then walked over to a couple sledge hammers leaning against the wall.

    "Ready to get smashing?" Chris asked.
    "What if we get caught?" I asked him.
    "Well I don't go to this school, but you need a disguise." He said thinking.

    "I bet if I morph into a dragon he will never know!" I said right after I became lucid.
    "Alright then let's do it.!" He said excited.

    I stepped back prepared myself for a morph. I did a backflip and transformed into a white dragon half way through. We both picked up the hammers and started destroying desks and stuff. It was loads of fun and I was laughing the whole time. Then the teacher came through the door. The three of us stopped and stared at each other.

    "What are you two doing?" He asked calmly.
    "Run." Chris said quietly.
    "Holy crap run!" I yelled.

    We both ran through the door on the right. As we ran down the hall I started looking for a place we could hide.

    "Hide there!" I said pointing to the men's restroom on the left.

    I ran up to the door first and tried to open it, but it was locked.

    "It's locked!" I said.
    "Just use the woman's restroom." Chris said pointing to the right.

    So we both ran into the woman's restroom and hid in one of the stalls.

    "Be quiet. I can heard him coming." I told Chris.

    We heard the door slam open and Chris soon covered his mouth. I heard the footsteps aproach the first stall. He paused for about 5 seconds before opening it. Then he moved on to the second and paused again before opening. We were a few stalls away so we had time to think of a plan. I motioned Chris to the floor with me. Unfortunately Chris was a little too panicked and confused to understand my plan. I grabbed Chris's leg with my tail and started crawling. I timed my movement with his pauses so we could sneak out.

    Once we finally got out the door we started running down a different hall and made a few turns. Then we ran into a room that looked like a hotel lobby. I stopped in the middle of the room and Chris ran off down another hall to the left.

    "See you later!" He shouted back to me.

    I walked up to a lady behind a desk.

    "Your room is up the stairs to the right." She told me.
    "Thanks!" I said and started running again.

    I ran over to a staircase in the left corner of the room. I then heard what sounde like the teacher's voice and ran up the stairs really fast. I ran into my room and locked the door. For the most part it looked like my real life room. I looked for a place to hide. To the left I noticed an extension to my room. I walked into a closet like area and found a door in there. I opened the door and behind it was another door.

    "What the hell?." I said.

    I then opened the second door and behind it was another door.

    "Are you serious? Another door?" I said annoyed with my dream.

    I opened the third door and it actually led somewhere. It looked like a dark and creepy basement with its own touch of evil. Just looking at it seemed to generate fear itself. It reminded me of a place from an old nightmare. I closed the door and decided not to go in there because I didn't feel like it was worth the trouble.

    I started panicking again when I realized I was out of hiding places. The door handle started jiggling and I decided I need to transform back to human. I stood in place and focused on becoming my old human self. When the transformation was over I looked at myself in third person. I had clothes on and human arms and legs. I still had a dragon face, hands, feet, and a tail though.

    "That's not right..." I said looking at my mixed form.

    Despite the lock the door opened up and the man came in. I then ran towards the window and planned to make a jump for it. I crashed through the window, but the man grabbed me back the back of my shirt and pulled me in. I then prepared for my punishment.

    "Hey! That was pretty good joke you pulled on me earlier!" He said laughing.

    I woke up after that.

    Club Ambush

    Everything from what I can remember in this dream was lucid. It was night and I was walking down a city street. I had made plans with a few DCs to meet at club. It had something to do with ambushing an enemy that was using the club as a base. I was carrying a yellow bag full of equipment that they said would be necessary and a couple dice. I walked over to a lavender building that only stood out because of a short man in black guarding it. I had to find a way to sneak the bag past him so I could get the equipment in.

    I walked up to him and held out the pair of dice. The dice were supposed to act as a sort of permission slip to grant access to the club. I dropped the dice on the ground to distract him and tossed the bag over his head as he bent over to pick up the dice. Luckily he didn't notice and let me in. I grabbed the bag and walked into an area that looked like a restaurant. There were three DCs sitting at a table looking at me. One was Chris, the second was the elf, and the third was my "contact". So I walked over to the table and sat down between the contact and the elf.

    They told me that there was going to be an ambush. I think they said something about an enemy ambush planned at the same time of our ambush. To pass the time we played a game with a stack of gold coins. I took a small stack and counted them.

    "1, 2, 5, 7..."
    "I think that's 4." The elf said.
    "1, 4, 3, 2... Okay I can't count when I'm dreaming." I said dissapointed.

    So we started playing the game which involved flicking one gold coin into the other. I soon started thinking about the ambush again.

    "Guys, I'm not sure if I can use my elements when I'm in my human form." I said.
    "Why not?" Chris asked.
    "You better use your elements!" The elf said threatening me.

    So then I decided to keep my mouth shut. I thought about morphing into a dragon at that moment. I decided not to though because it would blow our cover. As I was thinking about it I saw two men with guns drop down from the cieling on the other side of the room. The ambush had begun and my three allies got up from the table. The elf took out one of the guys with some sort of shadow spell. Apparently we weren't expecting them to have guns so we had to make a run for it. Chris took the lead and guided us towards the door to a storage room that also had a backdoor. By this point a few more enemies had arrived and were shooting at us.

    Chris was trying to open the backdoor, but it was locked. A man then came towards the storage room with an smg aimed at us. I quickly ran past my friends and let out a huge burst of earth energy as the man fired at us. I was able to use this energy to provide a shield as Chris worked to open the door.

    "Yeah! I knew you could do it!" The elf said congratulating me.

    It wasn't very easy keeping the shield up as bullets pounded into it though. Chris finally opened the door and the three of them ran outside. I released my shield when the man stopped to reload. I ran to the backdoor and followed my team. Rather than a city, the door led deep into a forest near a river. The man chased after me and fire a quick short burst. A bullet then went into my left leg and I fell on the ground. The elf then turned around and used some sort of explosive spell on the man. Chris helped me back on my feet and we started running again. My leg was seriously hurting by this point though and I was limping. We ran a short distance along the river before coming to a bridge that crossed the river. The ran down under the bridge and tried my best to follow. I stumbled and fell down the river bank. I was lying at the water's edge in too much pain to move and my vision blurring. I could see a couple men aproaching and they started firing in my direction. Chris soon rushed in and dragged me under the bridge. I could then see the elf casting lightning bolts at the soldiers to provide protection. This was the last thing I saw before I passed out.

    When I woke up there was an very strong pain in my left leg. It wasn't like where my leg falls asleep and there is dull pain all over. In one point of my leg it felt like I was being stabbed. It hurt so bad I almost wanted to scream. Luckily it went away after about 5 minutes.


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