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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Splintered Archipelago (October 4, 2018)

    by , 10-05-2018 at 08:19 AM (484 Views)
    Dream One

    I was on a large ship in the ocean. In the distance, coming ever closer, I could see many islands. The majority of these islands were raised hundreds of feet above sea level. They had steep rocky cliffs. They were tropical islands and very full of greenery. It's never stated by anyone in the dream, but I believe this is a region of Ethos known as the Splintered Archipelago. I have never been here before. The ship starts to pass through among the islands. Someone of higher rank mentions to me that I have over 1000 more days of servitude left. It's not necessarily slavery, but it seems I am bound by a contract to serve an organization. Based on some conversations about guilds aboard the ship, I believe that I may be in service to an explorer's guild. There may even be members of other sorts of guilds aboard the ship.

    The dream skips and I am now in the ship's interior. I am in a large room with a single table. I am standing next to many other people in a circle surrounding the table. Only two people are sitting at the table across from each other. This meeting appears to be political or business in nature. One of these men was the leader of an empire. They were discussing the expansion of his empire into the archipelago. The man on the left removed a folder of secret documents from his bag and slid it across the table. A deal had just been made. I remember getting a strong feeling of mistrust in this moment. I believe the man passing over the documents is trying to deceive the other man. "He's lying." I whispered. They continued discussing their plans and I wake up.

    Dream Two

    I am on a ship again but this time it is an air ship flying high above the archipelago. I am at the bottom of the ship standing by an open hatch that reveals the world below. A man next to me is giving me orders. He points to a large island below and it becomes highlighted in my own vision. He tells me that I must go down there and explore the area. He wants me to chart the area and bring back any artifacts or items worthy of research. He says that good work will help take days off my time of servitude. I jump off the ship and start diving down to the islands. I see more detail as I get closer. I see that there are some villages, ancient ruins, and old forts on the islands. There are also many boats in the water. I remembered that I had seen the archipelago in a previous dream. I become lucid as I continue to fall and examine the islands. It's not a high degree of lucidity and I still carry out my original objective. I move towards the area that was highlighted in my vision. It appears to be an ancient tower.

    The dream skips and I am now in a cove. The water is shallow and it is full of crates and debris from a wreckage. I start to break open crates in the shallow water to see what I find. I only remember finding rope, small tools, and some coins. There was a very large crate in the water. It was twice my size. I couldn't find a way to open it, so I tried to break it open by hitting it with a board. The crate quivered when I hit it. It was as if it was made of jello. It also growled at me after I hit it. I sensed now that it wasn't a crate but something alive. I even thought that it might have been a mimic.
    I woke up before I could find out.

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