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    Volcano Escape (February 6, 2012)

    by , 02-06-2012 at 07:31 PM (592 Views)

    Volcano Escape

    I can't remember ever having a lucid dream inside a volcano before, so I made it a goal. I daydreamed about being deep inside a volcano with the ruins of an ancient civilization.

    This dream started with me standing inside a volcano. It had the remains of an ancient civilization similar to my daydream. I think I became lucid just because of that. I was standing on some stone platforms resting on top of the magma. Suddenly the volcano started shaking violently and the magma started to rise. I quickly ran to the stone stair case on the volcano walls. As I climbed the stairs a huge stone column fell in front of me and blocked my path. I grew dragon wings and sort of used the to double jump to the top of the column. I climbed over the column and leaped back onto the stairs. I was running a lot faster this time because the magma was starting to catch up to me.

    I looked towards the top of the volcano to see how much farther I had to go. I noticed that the stairs didn't actually lead to the top of the volcano, but to a locked gate. I knew I would need to find a key to open it. I came across a hovel that was built into the side of the volcano as I climbed. I had a feeling the key would be in there. I quicky scanned the few rooms, but didn't find anything. The magma then started to slowly flow into the hovel and I ran upstairs onto the roof. I saw the light reflect off of a small metal object on one side of the roof. I noticed it was the key, so I picked it up and started running along the stairs again. As I got close to the top there was another violent earthquake. I lost my balance, tripped, and accidentally dropped the key off the stairs. The key fell and landed on top of a large boulder sticking out of the magma.

    "Seriously? I have to go down there?"

    I jumped and dived down to the boulder and made a soft landing. I picked up the key before realizing that the magma was just inches away from me now. I looked around for something to jump on or grab, but I was too far away. Suddenly I had a nutty idea. I focussed ice magic in my feet and jump onto the magma with one foot. A small patch of ice was created below my foot. The ice quickly melted before I did another ice jump. With this new technique I slowly hopped towards another hovel.

    With each step I yelled, "Ouch, hot!" Ow! Hot! Hot! Hot!"

    When I got to the hovel, it was still about 10 feet above me. There were a bunch of vines growing around it though, so I was able to climb up one hanging below it. I climbed to the top of the hovel and started running up the stairs again. When I reached the gate, the key magically unlocked the gate on its own. I ran through the gate and locked it behind me. The gate had some sort of shield on it that prevented the magma from flowing in. I decided to walk down the tunnel I was in to see where it would lead.

    The tunnel led to an opening on the side of the mountain. There were a bunch of beautiful trees, flowers, and butterflies flying around here. It felt like paradise until I saw a shadow man. I gave him an angry look that apparently horrified him. I ran away and jumped off the cliff just to get away from me. With that problem solved I sat under a tree and enjoyed the view. That's the last thing I remember before waking up.


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