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    Dinner Out

    by , 02-15-2012 at 12:26 AM (554 Views)
    Last thing I remember was eating with her at a restaurant. Or at least ordering food. She wanted to pay me back for something earlier, so we went across the street to a store and she entered 20 dollars into one of those candy machines where you stick a quarter in and a handful of candy comes out. Only a handful of quarters came out and I had swallow them all. Not just quarters actually, but dimes, nickels and pennies. (Now I know why I woke up in a puddle of drool). We got help counting them, stacking little bits of plastic on top each other. When we were done, she began to guide me up the hill to my car. There was also an 8th of weed involved she helped me get but when I talked about smoking it she said she had work tomorrow. Something like that, I'm not remembering that part exactly right. It was more like... her excuse to stop us from hanging out more intimately in a setting where we would have sex. For some reason, I knew she had a boyfriend, but she wanted to be with me, perhaps angry because it was the day after Valentines Day and he fucked up.

    Anyway. My car wasn't at the top of a hill. We ended up walking and talking, just hanging out. We were on some scaffolding, not even. It was like a plastic layer of something we were walking on, and she started talking about some movie, talking about the stars in it. No, I brought up the stars, her point was about the shots taken of the city in that movie, and as she spoke of it, we looked through the gaps in whatever planks of red stuff we were standing on at the city below. She said everything looked so alive, and yet so tiny. Something broke, we had to climb up the planks to reach the sturdier foundation above. I remember what we were holding onto was connected by two steel hooks and wires, and I was trying to pull myself up in a way that wouldn't bend the wires. As I got up, I saw a girl with a red nametag and knew it meant she was part of some tour group I was familiar with. I asked her if she spoke english, she shook her head. I then asked if she played lacrosse, which I guess was an inside joke of mine. When I climbed up, I noticed it was daytime.

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