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    Epic Fantasy World

    by , 05-31-2013 at 12:43 AM (842 Views)
    This is a multiple dream entry. I felt lazy and irritated today because my dad was being really noisy and kept waking me up and making it impossible for me to recall my dreams. I kept just trying to go back to sleep before being woken up again.

    But I retained a few of the key aspects of what turned into a very, very trippy story. At first I thought it was a Song of Ice and Fire style world but in reality the only similarity was the impending arrival of ice zombies and the need for the continent to unite or die. I find myself exploring multiple perspectives (each dream I'd follow a different group of characters) as this world teetered upon the possibility of tearing itself apart.

    There was also a prophet or God that gave visions at various areas. It was sort of like an MMO where people would receive collective visions if they were at the right place at the right time. More on that later, I realize I'm jumping ahead of myself. After suffering a huge loss and a great divide, the King of the King's Landing version of this fantasy worl had heavy forces threatening him from the south and little chance of holding out much longer. There were these guys, the Telfins or something (can't remember, but it started with a T) who were lead by this fat, grotesque green guy with a strange triple bladed sickle looking thing (like a pitchfork turned on its side). Any classic fantasy would have labeled this guy an obvious villain, but he received some type of message (from a castrato) and felt driven to rekindle and ancient alliance between him and my family. So they marched to join them. Meanwhile I was deep in the south with a group of people fighting guerilla warfare to aid the innocent folks living in an area plagued by dark forces. But we decided to high-tail it toward the Telfin kingdom to join up with my Dad the King (I think he was my dad, or something) so we could form a united front. We road undead horses, craziest steeds I'd ever been on, they were basically unstoppable but were really old undead horses held together by wood and nails. On the way there we though we were being threatened by some goblin threat but noticed there were actually a bunch of people fighting each other. We arrived at a safer haven and realized it was more like constant riots were breaking out between humans and animals/forest creatures. There was an announcement that the prophet would speak soon (who was also a member of my family, though he was locked up for heresy he could continue to channel his prophecies around the world) and the riots ceased so he could speak. However, he ended up spiting humans for oppressing the forest creatures and they lashed out and started killing humans who took the fuck off in the same direction we were heading. So we followed them but as we were leaving my bunny rabbit jumped out and met up with some talking bunny rabbits who were confused as to why my former pet couldn't speak.

    There's a lot of strange details. The prophet ended up escaping jail, there was also some weird details regarding ice zombies, but like I said I didn't write any of this down.
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    1. Schmaven's Avatar
      Do you remember if you were experiencing the multiple perspectives simultaneously, or alternately?