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    by , 01-15-2012 at 09:20 PM (571 Views)
    I wish I could think more clearly in the morning these days but my deaf dad always has to have the TV blaring and even now I'm having trouble recollecting the dream. I spent all morning just recycling through it, trying to write down anything I could. I guess it is what it is.

    I have to work back wards from here in hopes I'll recall more

    The last thing that happened was I took a shower. Danny DeVito was there, along with a couple other people. It was strange. I was at my house, intending to take a shower but when I got into the bathroom it turned out to be a factory and DeVito was showing me to the work showers but I only had a limited time before I needed to work. So I turned the shower on but didn't use any soap, although I intended to. Instead they gave me a mic and I started singing. When time was up, I needed to go to work but the workplace was all just a bunch of sprinklers, too. Like the bathroom/factory was still just a big shower.

    Before this, the events leading up to the shower were rather interesting. I met a girl. We got along well, I liked her, she was cool. But then I met her boyfriend and he was a total shitbag. They ended up moving into my house, without rent. It was a big house and I wasn't paying for it either so I didn't mind. Somehow it still felt like my domain, and it seemed like they were just visiting at first but they made one room completely their's. They had a lot of kitties and puppies that I played with. There was a prophecy, too. This is what gave me the idea we were in a zombie infested territory. It was like I was reading comments on a show, spoilers I hadn't seen yet. Something about how since two characters both lost their partners, the commentators were predicting they would end up together. This prophecy was earlier on in the dream but it hit me, this girl was the girl they were talking about who boyfriend gets eaten by zombies. I realized it was okay she had a boyfriend, she'd lose him anyway. I really liked they way I was connecting to this girl. Earlier in the dream, they were going skating and she invited me along and I wore my heelies. After that, there was some comment about her complexion and how her foundation made it seem so clean and I liked touching her face. She said I wasn't so bad myself, but I wanted to her to apply some foundation to my face. She did, and I tried to push for blush and eyeshadow but she refused. Instead she started applying soap to my shoulders. As though she were trying to clean me with my clothes on. Her mother came by and I decided to shower before her dad got here.

    So when I was singing in the shower under the direction of DeVito, I was conscious of her listening to me. And I realized I sang better when I could let go and just sing.

    I believe my dream was about accepting what is, not letting it get me down or interfere with making connections with people. Because I knew her boyfriend would be imminently killed by zombies, I had no barrier between myself and her. I let us get close. I felt like we were meant to be, just not yet. Her family was talking about me being bisexual and judging me and stuff because I had painted nails and wanted her to apply make-up to my face, but I could tell she didn't feel that way. I could tell she was willing to accept me for who I am. Trying to clean me with my clothes on represents trying to heal me but me keeping my guard up. Singing in a shower/factory represents trying to combine something therapeutic with work by pursuing my singing as a career.

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