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    Harry Pottered

    by , 03-05-2014 at 10:52 PM (456 Views)
    In a small town, ghosts are awakening and they've kidnapped Lily. Us, Ron Weasley, myself and company, march toward their creepified den to put an end to it all. We were partially acting, partially serious, and I put on my best English accent which Ron referred to as terrible.

    Upon our march to the den, we are stopped by a fella in a van who offers to sell us some kidnapped animals. I don't know how, exactly, we knew they were kidnapped but I used my wand to grow a tail on him and send him on his way then decided to take care of the issue of animals in the van. They tried to slam the door and get away but I lodged my hand in, demanding to learn where they got the animals from so I could return them. Though I could heal myself, I didn't want to them slamming my fingers off so I paralyzed the door. Eventually they said "Blues Street" and I relinquished, and then they took off and I complained about the cops around and none of them assisting with an obvious crime.

    We kept our march to the ghostly den and reached a group of toilets. No one else had any trouble using them but I couldn't figure out how they worked. Then I saw "Creeley," some little kidnapped first year returning to the den with supplies. I called out to him and he panicked. He got through the portal faster than I could follow, but I knew the plot of the story was my character followed the blackmailed Creeley because everyone else was walking into a trap. Unfortunately, I just missed the opportunity. Then I noticed another one, some Tonks-esque lady floating while pissing (in a urinal, at that) and I followed her grabbing onto her hair. Everything went dark, when I came to children were being forced to throw spears at each other, being trained into some malicious army.

    And it all started because I wanted to smoke pot.

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