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    Meditation insight

    by , 03-10-2014 at 08:57 PM (447 Views)
    I went to a sangha and sat down to meditate. My Dad joined me but couldn't tolerate it very long, he quickly got up to wait in the car. After he left I continued sitting. I think there was another task where I was picking up objects and placing them, so I placed a little pink temple on a wooden chair along with a lot of other little bundles of sticks then set it on fire. Things burned easily enough, the test was if the entire temple and chair burned I knew I was ready to let go. It took a couple minutes but it did, indeed, burn. Then, after I was really starting to find some peace, my dad came back in and asked if I was ready to go yet.

    My parents aren't helpful in real life, how could they help in the dream? No wonder I've never been able to meditate while living with them.
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