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    ODs Dreams Worth Sharing

    by , 01-12-2012 at 06:23 AM (546 Views)
    I wrote this down on my dream journal, and I even wrote about it just now in the describe your dreams in one sentence thread, and it's still rocking my world. I haven't shared a dream in detail since I was unbanned, but this one is running over and over in my head and I don't know what will happen to my IRL DJ in a few years but this thread will remain IMMORTAL.

    So I successfully WILDed and started off in a city sort of like the matrix but without Morpheus there to tell me nothing was real. But everyone had blank faces, just walking along, almost in slow motion. And I felt apart from the crowd, like I didn't fit in. And there was someone else who didn't fit in. Now that I think about it, I always felt him staring at me, but it was only when I felt that eerie stare that I saw him. Just standing, while people brushed passed him. He was initially dressed in a very pale green, almost gray. His clothing changed once we got into it and eventually he ended up looking like Buu from DBZ then later he looked like Knives from Trigun.

    So anyway, my first thought was to punch him in the face. This is strange as usually my first thought when lucid is to start humping whatever's next to me. I tried to punch him but he grabbed my fist and threw me to the ground so hard I cracked the pavement. Then he took off flying. I pursued him, trying to grab his ankle but he was gone. Next thing I know he comes up behind me (now looking like Buu) and grabs MY ankle, again throwing me to the ground. As I'm falling, I look up at him. He said something to me, I don't remember exactly what but it was some smug, emotionless phrase like something you'd hear from Sephiroth. Like the meaning he was conveying was "Is this all you got" but he was saying something cryptic about clocks or something. I have no clue.

    Anyways, I tried to aim my finger at him and shoot his head off. I even tried to focus on his head exploding rather than just me shooting at his head. In return, I got blasted by a massive pink energy ball and smashed into the earth. I got up, and he was still standing there (now looking like Knives) and building were falling all around us. Weird, creepy cathedral music started playing and I told him something like "I can absorb everything you throw at me and turn it back on you" and I started hurling ki blasts at him, like transparent balls. Something happened in the chaos and we ended up fighting with our hands, just trying to grab at each other. I kept pulling at his hair and trying to knee him in the stomach but he was completely untouchable. Next thing I know he's standing apart from me again and something very strange happened, sort of like in Trigun when Legato made Vash blow a hole through the fifth moon. He made my arm act all on its own and form a huge spirit bomb in my hand. I told him I wouldn't let him use me like this and turned the blast at him, trying to shoot him. Only now, for some reason, we were in the air again and he was dodging me, I couldn't target him. Eventually he tossed a spirit bomb my way and I shot one back at him. The blasts hit each other and sent a huge energy blast into the earth, causing a massive crater. At this point things disintegrated and I woke up.

    I will defeat him.

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