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    A visit through the psychward

    by , 02-04-2012 at 12:26 AM (905 Views)
    This dream is incredibly disturbing, you have been warned.

    It had to do with my ex girlfriend going to a mental hospital. Some other guy was in love with her, claiming they were meant to be together. I told him if that were true why had he never visited her in the hospital. Eventually I decided to visit her, and was I wandered the halls toward her room, something was off. She wasn't there, but he was. Together, we decided to search for her. The mental hospital was ordered in floors from least dangerous to most dangerous, we were told she was supposedly moved to the middle floor, the only co-ed floor in the whole building. I thought it was too dangerous a place for her to be and found myself worried for her safety. No matter where we went, we couldn't find her. But we found all sorts of disgusting and disturbing exhibits of human suffering wandering around.

    It was revealed to us that the staff of the mental ward was involved in some sick shit, and a particularly strange girl (but also the least fucked up looking in the whole place) guided us to help find her. It was then that we noticed another strange twist. All the doors were portals, you see. People would enter them and disappear through them,coming out somewhere else. That's when we saw my ex girl disappear through one door. This part is hard to describe, but she re-emerged through a trashbin as though drowning in a sea of trash. She fell back below but I predicted she would come back up through another bin, and indeed she did. We grabbed hold of her and pulled her out. It was just her head, and not even the whole thing. Her tongue and jaw had been removed, her hair shaved off. There were other messy details about her but she was alive, despite just being a head with no body. Next, we had to escape.

    The staff tried to stop us. An old man with a samurai sword, one of the staff who defected to help us, stood atop an escalator keeping the orderlies at bay by butchering them all to pieces as they came up the escalator. Eventually the boss of the whole place, this fat asian with a sword and black sun glasses, came screaming through the corridor. The old man changed his stance as though ready to die fighting him off. Then someone from our group ran at the fat bastard with a chainsaw and cut him in half. With the tables turned, we demanded to know what they had done to my ex and the other people here. There was a mysterious film that we ended up forcing the staff to watch. It had strange hypnotic properties where one would see a woman that looked exactly like them, this woman would turn ugly and then all her friends would become ugly reflections of herself and haze her by calling her names. They film would end by advertising a special diet pill that would fix everything. The pill had side effects, making you go insane among other things. The staff, knowing the effects of the pill, were still completely unable to stop themselves from choking them down. We left them to their fate and escaped with the other patients.

    The last thing I remember was traveling back to visit after some time away, exciting to see my ex who was making a full recovery.
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      That was absolutely psychotic, I love it.