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    1. A couple of non-lucid dreams

      by , 12-04-2011 at 10:06 PM
      The first normal dream was with me participating in a running contest around a track, and it was pretty fun. I took first place.

      In the second dream, me and my uncle were in a car, I was driving. We were on a road trip to Britain. It was a really cool dream, so many sights to see. Once we reached Britain I had to switch my car to the wrong side of the road, silly English laws. Soon after we ended up going to Iceland, and there we saw a sign "8km to Indonesia" so we went there. We passed great mountains and huge waterfalls.
      In Indonesia, I saw a bar. We both went inside and I ordered a shot of whiskey and the "bar's special tart" which was a small pastry filled with whipped cream and berries. It cost 50.
      The bar's owner left and ran to a nearby hill, where he met up with some guerrillas who outfitted two cars with miniguns and rocket launchers. They came back together and told us that we were hostages.
      The bar was at the edge of a lake. Two helicopters came flying towards us on the lake, they wanted to save us from the Indonesian guerrillas. The bartender said "Minigun #1, aim and fire!" One of the miniguns turned and started blasting the helicopters, I saw the co-pilot take a hit and die, and the helicopters also fired at the guerrillas. Both helicopters ended up crashing in the lake and one of the minigun jeeps was destroyed.
      Then one of the guerrillas shouted, "Is that a P-51?" I looked at the sky and there was a P-51 fighting with a jet aircraft, it was really vivid too like the rest of the dream. They did loops and turns and scissors and barrel rolls trying to shoot eachother down, eventually the jet fighter (looked like a P-38 with jets instead of propellors) managed to shoot the P-51 as it stalled.
      And I woke up.
    2. Evil bomber. A plot dream.

      by , 10-24-2011 at 02:00 AM
      I was eating at a restaurant. Suddenly some guy comes on stage and tells everyone that he has hidden tiny bombs inside the shrimp we're eating, and has a detonator in his hand. He tells us how the bombs will melt our stomachs and turn our fingertips black before we die.
      So anyways, after he's boasted for a while, I somehow manage to escape, and get sent to planet Grundwald for training to become a galactic cop to defeat this evil bomb guy. But the training proves to be too tough; it required us to swim a pool back and forth for an entire month without breaks. I then get put into a special division, where they train us lighter.
      After the training is over, they pull out a shrinking beam and shrink us into 2-3cm height. We sneak into the evil guy's lair, and find out that he isn't just some evil guy, he's a demon from hell who can only be beaten by reading a magical scroll that we just happened to have in our pockets.
      I start reading the scroll aloud, he tries to stop me but my buddy galactic cops are keeping him at bay. The scroll text was like if Lord of the Rings met the Bible met Lovecraft. I finally finish reading the scroll and a beam of light from the heavens hits the bomber's face, and transforms him into a small floating harmless seahorse. And we cheer, and then I woke up.
      Tags: bomber, demon, evil, space
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. One of my plot-dreams.

      by , 10-24-2011 at 01:58 AM
      I somehow travelled back in time into the early 1800s and couldn't get back. I became immortal. I travelled on the world's first train, time skipped, helped people get away from a volcanic eruption that I knew would come because time travel in the late 1800s, time skipped into WW2 where I worked as an allied spy and infiltrated some high security base and killed the commander + his guards, time skipped into the 1950s near the same volcano to save people from yet another eruption, where I met a religious cult who had my face on a painting because they somehow knew I was immortal and then they made me do a speech in front of them, after that I flew around in an old plane, time skipped finally into the present day, I was in a bus. Came back home like usual after living for 200 years to continue my present life.


      I found another me in my house! A copy. I then realized, I hadn't just gone back in time, the time travel had thrown me into a parallel universe with another me living in it! I realized how screwed up the situation was, and then I woke up.
    4. One of my best lucids

      by , 10-24-2011 at 01:56 AM
      First of all it started as a normal dream.

      Then I took drugs in it, something like benthozyme (not sure if it even exists) that were pills that melted in your mouth. And it turned into a lucid. The "drugs" made it hilarious, first I met a golden buddha that rose out of the ground, and I asked it about the meaning of life, and then we had a deep conversation. Apparently being wide is the meaning of everything. Everything is about wideness. There is no length or height, just wideness flipped on its side. Without wideness everything would be 2D and our 3D world wouldn't exist. Wise words from the buddha . After this conversation the buddha went back into the ground, and I noticed the weather was becoming cloudy. So I swiped my hand and the clouds dispersed away, and I set the time to summer, mid-day. Nice and sunny! I then jumped around in a field of flowers, saw a Sherman tank drive past me, played some piano and saw my grandmother, then woke up.

      It was vivid as fuck. Perfectly clear and realistic and I could feel everything.
      lucid , memorable
    5. A short lucid

      by , 10-24-2011 at 01:55 AM
      It was a normal dream at first, it was winter and I was flying, then realized that flying = impossible and did a reality check -> turned lucid.

      I spent it testing and practising my level of dream control. I telepathically lifted a wooden house into the air by pointing my hand at it and then smashed it down 50 metres further and it turned into splinters. Did it while floating in the air. Multitasking!

      And then had a false awakening, forgot to do an RC and went off to tell my buddies on Steam that I had a lucid, then woke up for real.
    6. Heir of planet Bodrum's king

      by , 10-24-2011 at 01:51 AM
      I was the son of a king, living on planet Bodrum. Because the king was my father, I was appointed the squad leader of planetary defence squad #2 and made a General Major. There were two squads defending the planet overall, both with around 20 warriors. We were at war with another planet whose name I can't remember, but they used red mechs while ours were black. Yeah, there were mech battles. Our weapons were blue energy beams and hand to hand combat (fuck yeah).
      We were fighting over a mineral called Bodrium that was found on the orbit of our planet. It was important for some reason.
      Anyways. We landed on a nearby planet with the King and squad #2. We had a massive battle against the red mechs (who we called "women"), and when we left the King refused to take me onboard his transport shuttle. He told me he needed me in important affairs and if someone shot down the shuttle it'd be bad.
      Eventually me and the King were alone at a canyon-area on Bodrum. He challenged me to a training duel. He was a super skilled guy, he was kicking my ass at hand to hand mech combat, until I managed to slip a grenade in a notch in his torso. It exploded and disabled his mech. The king looked incredibly surprised. He called me to him, unable to move, and started telling me a story.
      First he asked me, in a voice which was if like he had difficulties talking,
      "Do.. you know how many children I have?"
      I say, "no"
      At this point I realize what a pimp he is, holy shit. He then continues, his voice is getting more broken by the minute.
      "Do you know how my last child fought... he attacked me for 25 minutes and then I defeated him with a single blow.. but you.. you forced me to attack for 35 minutes and I was defeated in the end.. there's a prophecy that was once told to me. "Wait for the 29th child to claim your throne". Seems it was right.. *coughes blood*"
      I realize the grenade I had set had also mortally wounded the King and he was going to die soon.
      "You're... the new... King now.."
      And then he died. Right after that, I saw several ambulances arrive, with cyborgs jumping out and asking if his heart is beating, if he is breathing, I tried to do CPR but failed.
      The dream jumps to the next day. I see my squadmates mourning over his death, everyone is. The markings on my shoulder pads have changed from two stripes to three, indicating I was the King now.
      I woke up crying.

      Along the dream, there was a side-story of me having a secret relationship with a squadmate who was a hot chick, which continued over the course of the dream, between important plot points.
      Tags: heir, king, sad
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Short dream

      by , 10-24-2011 at 01:46 AM
      Some guy was saying how he hated Germans and how Germany sucks and such. Suddenly Hitler's ghost appeared, all smoky and transparent grey like a generic ghost and started flaming him back in German that I somehow understood and it was fucking hilarious, the guy was scared. Hitler was like "thats what ya get for fucking with Germans" then Napoleon's ghost appeared and Hitler went "yo Napoleon light my cigar bitch" and then he lit his cigar and they chilled for a while and both eventually faded away

      Later, multiple sleep paralysises but did not succeed in WILD this time, it was very close though.