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    Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal

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    1. Card - Figurine List

      by , 02-26-2011 at 02:08 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Unknown - Card
      Unknown - Card
      Unknown - Card
      Unknown - Card
      Orange Longhair Gobline w/Horns - Card, Figurine
      Blue thing - Figurine
      Goblin King (Jareth?) - Figurine

      To accompany the following dreams:

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    2. I made it lucid again finally!!!

      by , 02-26-2011 at 01:48 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Ok so I've been busy and haven't recorded a lot of my dreams but they weren't that important. i have a few wedding dreams but that's it until last night!

      I was on a football team, and we were winning a big title "The Cup" I think it may have been a high school team, but i was pretending to be a dude.No one knew i was a girl till after I won "the cup" I went home i was at my parents house. i walked into my bed room, but it wasn't the same. "I'm dreaming i thought" but everything got super fuzzy, i was about to bring myself into focus when my DC dad walked in and said "Go back to bed." I lost full lucidity, but hey i was glad to at least be semi lucid. I couldn't control movements but i could speak. My body began to rummage for something. It was something i HAD to find. then i found part of i : 5 cards from what i knew to be a huge deck of about 60 or so.

      the cards were decorated in an old style texture, much like a stone-brick wall. like a labyrinth wall. My first thought went to 2 things. The first instant lucid i ever had (link: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/otis...ue-lucid-7520/ ) and my favorite book/movie combo The Labyrinth. The card was kind of like a Japanese card game style. There was a picture with a gold borer around it beneath the picture was a small bullet set telling you about who or what was in the picture with it's name at the top. I only remember 1 of the first cards, it was an orange shaggy haired goblin with horns (the hair was much like the style of Ludo from the movie but like bright orange like a chestnut horse).

      I had to find these. I HAD TO FIND THE REST! I took hold of my baby, and went to the dresser next to the one I was looking in. I found a few figurines one of them i remember was blue-ish, an orange one that matched the card I found. I smiled. (i felt the corners of my mouth gather so it must have been a very big grin) I opened another drawer, and the only think there was a blond figuring dressed in a black cloak. I was so ecstatic i almost lost the dream. I found the goblin king!, but the figurines are useless without the cards. You have to have both for them to work. I put them with the cards, and i heard a clatter in the kitchen. So knowing the layout of my house i left my brothers room, walked down the hall, through the family room, into the dining room, and through to the kitchen. There in the sink were the orange, shaggy-haired goblins, with horns. (you need both the card and the figurine for it to work) I watched them for a minute not sure if they were cleaning or breaking things... i still don't know what they were doing. I left out the door to the garage thinking "I need to find these cards!" FUCK YOU SUBCONSCIOUS! i ended up in a greeting card store. ARG!!! i looked around for a while, and then realized it must be past my alarm, and woke myself up. (ohh yeah i missed my alarm by 1hr 15min oops)

      OMG I'm soooo happy!! but i still feel like i have to find the cards. So i'll make myself a list of what I do and do not have that way i can look again when i get lucid again.

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    3. Bad Service

      by , 02-18-2011 at 01:32 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      i had a dream that i remember having many time when i was younger.

      Me and two others walk into a restaurant. we get a table and order, but we don't eat. We get up and begin burning leaves with a black hobo. The hobo gets arrested, and we turn on all the faucets on the beer counter. Booze floods the place and the waitress gets pissed.

      (i'm not sure if this was semi-lucid or not but this part never happened but i remember being so angry)
      I change bodies. Now i'm someone else, and the group i had been with gets away. I follow the waitress into the dining area, and there is a kid with a hamster being a brat. So i hold up spoons that had holes melted in them (they burned my hands, or at least they felt warm to the touch) I tell him he could have ended up like the spoons, and asked him if that's what he wanted. He said no. So i cursed at him.

      Alarm woke me up.

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    4. weddings

      by , 02-17-2011 at 01:58 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Had a dream i was going to a wedding for a girl i knew beck in High school. I hated her. the dream was very ramshackle, and the wedding took place in a museum auditorium. There also this mexican who kept trying to take my damn money, and a man obsessed with looking at narwhals. My mother was there blaming me for all the noise, and when i walked out of the building there was reporters everywhere.

      glad i finally woke up
    5. Nothing

      by , 02-16-2011 at 03:27 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      I know i had a dream last night, but as soon as I opened my eyes i forgot. Maybe it was that when i first woke up I was startled to find my wife's face right against my face. I spooked almost immediately after opening my eyes.

      I can somewhat recall a medieval, or dark stone setting again, but that's it...
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    6. Short Recalls

      by , 02-16-2011 at 03:23 AM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      3 Nights ago:
      I was in my old bedroom, at my parents house, with my wife. I was trying to get "Jiggy-with-it" when i was attacked by hundreds of baby mice. I tried to pull them off but they just kept coming i ran out into the hall trying to scream but they surged into my mouth. I could still breath, and i realized I was dream. I woke up, and sat up in bed.

      2 nights ago:
      There was something before this part but i cant recall it any more. I just remember there was something before I was enslaved, but it's fuzzy. All i can recall is that there was a group of us "slaves" being marched though a cold canyon passage. I broke from the chains and ran. I was wearing an old medieval style two part tunic/dress with bare feet. I managed to make it out of the canyon before one of our horse back captors realized i was gone. As soon as i left the canyon there was snow everywhere but it was not cold. I could hear the horse behind me, and i ran for a pond in the distance. It was no use. As the horseback man surpassed me he slid from his horse to knock me down. I fell into the snow, but immediately got back up, and tried to get away. He would not touch my flesh, or rather could not. I got the feeling that if my skin were to be bruised he would be punished harshly. It dawned on me that I was not going to be sold as a slave who did house work. I was reclaimed by my captors. I remember fuzzy, and then a dark room with a male. There was candles velvet, and silk after that, but i couldn't seem to focus on the dream. I woke.

      Last night:
      i cannot recall. All i remember is that it was similar to the above, but none of the people were the same, and there was no interest in my body. There was the need to walk down hallways though..
    7. crazy inlaws

      by , 02-08-2011 at 01:56 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      note to self: do not let crazy life hamper my progress. i'm tired of having to start over. dream from a few months ago that was semi lucid. i was at work and it started to tstorm. i remember being cal at firt but the parking lot was floding a litle. i had to move my car. i ran out side and lightning struck near me. i imediatly relised i was dreaming but i was stil so terrified i couldnt pull myself out of it. i made it to my car moved it up to the door of my work and ran back inside. i woke up. subconcious 1 : me 1. so out of 2 nightmares about storms or tornados i've gone lucid during 1 and lost it in 1. i wil win this fight
    8. comming back

      by , 02-08-2011 at 01:47 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      yesterdays dream was about sex old style video games like final fantasy and chocobo racing. Todays dream was about aliens world dominationg alians that my brother and i accidentaly set upon the earth. The button said "1 or 54".... oops my brother hit 54 and then we founf a girl traped under a house but she fel in love with an alien. then there was a giant set of bathroom things. A tooth brush electric shaver disposable shaver toothpaste....then i woke up
    9. Loosing control, starting over.

      by , 10-14-2010 at 12:07 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      So since I've come back from my vacation everything has been a disaster. After we got the pony taken care of I started getting harassed by some ass. @[email protected] I got the police involved the other day and so far everything has stopped, but all this crazy has ruined all my dream progress. I will need to start all over again as now i'm only remembering one dream a night. If that. ;-; ARG!!!!!! I really do hope the ass call my phone again, let me tell you what! I'll show him for killing my dreams...
      side notes
    10. Just some Side notes

      by , 10-07-2010 at 12:43 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      over the course of my mini vacation i had several very long, very vivid dreams. They were all along the same plot line too. Post-apocalyptic military, eternal winter, and dreaming within a dream. they were all very strange.

      To be honest i didn't want to wake up this morning knowing i was back "home" The dream i had was boring in comparison to those i had while above the Mason Dixen.....My Yankee blood is calling me back to the union! D: lol

      noticing a few new dream signs: Snow, Decrepit buildings, Soldiers/Military.
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    11. One super long dream

      by , 09-28-2010 at 12:03 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Interrupted by several FAs, and real awakenings I had one really long awesome dream. I'm not going to type the entire thing out, but the gist of it was: I was a mermaid. i went lucid a couple time becuase i was breathing under water, and at out point santa clause was harassing me, but i let myself slip back into the dream because it was just to fun.
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. more fever dreams

      by , 09-27-2010 at 01:14 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      had two that i remember. One didnt last long. It was boring. The second i was traveling around the backroads where i live now. I got lost and came up on a dildo factory. Walked inside and it was a decrepit house. Dream turns into a mystery solving scenario. I begin rumaging through the stuff to find out more on the family. Their las name was "budapest". And their youngest daughter we was about 20-30 now is who i had to find. the rest of the family died. i woke up and its still dark and rainy. Been raining for 24 hours. <3 best weather. Lets all just sleep all day and call off work. Will edit later for grammar and spelling and see if i cant get more recall.
    13. Too Stressed/Fever Dreams

      by , 09-26-2010 at 08:42 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Last night was horrid. Next weekend I will be going on vacation, and there is still a ton to be done before I leave town for Five days, and so I was stressed before going to bed.

      Over the course of the night I remember 3 dreams, but they don't string together, and they were all followed by my waking up in a sweaty mess. Everyone at work is getting sick again, and I was feeling horridly ill by bed time. I'm guessing I was running a temp last night trying to combat the virus, and it cause the blotchy dreams.

      Fingers crossed all will work out this week.
      dream fragment , side notes
    14. I turned my nightmare into a sexy dream... fsk yes!

      by , 09-25-2010 at 12:16 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      last night i had 3 dreams i can remember. tough two only really stand out

      I'm standing in a room with various cast members from 'All my children', 'general hospital', and 'The young and restless'. (my co-workers now officially have me hooked)We all began packing our bags because we had to get ready for a plot twist, and apparently this plot twist involved us saving my brother from what was left of the cast members. once bags were packed Jason and Sonny loaded all the bag on to a plane, and we all boarded. Apparently sonny is Pilot. We did some funky 'stunts' in a 747, and then went hyper speed.

      I woke up for a moment grumbled a bit, and went back to bed this time remembering to focus.

      I was in my parents living room. and it was nice outside. I walked over to the bay window in the living room, and watched some rain clouds roll in. Then i saw it. A tornado. I began to panic. I ran to the basement, and i was just about to open the door to the safety room when I looked outside. There were people! (my parents basement has one side that faces the front yard because of the way it was build on a hill. This open side is mostly windows and french double doors.) Behind the people, a water spout was frantically running in circles inside the pond but never leaving.I questioned myself, and walked over to one of the doors pulling it open. The people rushed in, but there was no wind outside."I'm dreaming" I yelled, and a black priest walked over to me. He asked me if I needed to pray, and I told him "no". I felt myself loosing the dream, so I rubbed my palms together. It came so naturally I hardly had to think about it. It was almost like I'd been doing this forever. I looked back up at the priest, and told him "I'm not going to pray you pig, but if you turn in to a Sexy Sister and come to my room I maybe able to accommodate you." Hey it was worth a try. I went up stairs, turned around through the foyer, and headed down the hall to my room. I opened the door. The walls were still pink, the floor still soft carpet, and my bed was still by the door (when i left my parents 2 years ago i remolded. I turned my room in to a pirate ship. It had wood floors, old yellow parchment textured walls, and my bed was in the corner opposite the door.) I flopped down on my bed, and The priest came up, closed my door, and straddled me. (best dream control lesson EVER!) He pulled off his shirt, and I lifted my hands up I tried to get rid of some of his "extra weight" since he was not the thinnest man, but that failed so I gave him some nice round tits. It was amazing. I gave a man BEAUTIFUL breasts. S-he looked at the door "Someone it coming" S-he got off me, and hid in my closet (which now had the doors I'd removed). I rubbed my hands together just in case, and my boss Amy opened the door. She said something i didn't understand, and left. I looked at the clock, the time was now "7:gg:gg" I though Holy Fuck sweet! so I pulled out my cell phone out, and it was "8:8g:gg" I laughed, looked way and looked back, and it was "7:34:gg" This was to cool. I tossed my phone to the side, remembering the She-male I'd left in the closet. As soon as I stood I began to loose things, so I spun in one circle as I walked to the closet, and my ream stabilized. I opened the closet, and S-he smiled, and pushed me back to the bed. S-he got back on my hips, and i relaxed...

      bad move because i woke up... D: I've never done a Lady boy before...(or rather as it seemed "had a lady boy do me") i hate myself for relaxing! BUT IT WAS SO FSKING SWEET!!!

      However I know Today is going to be a great day. I turned a nightmare into an almost sexy dream.... hells to the yeah!

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    15. Arg a dreamers block :/ lol

      by , 09-24-2010 at 12:31 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      I think my lack of dreams is coming from new sheets. I recently got a set of satin sheets as a gift to the wife. they are amazing, neither of us ever need to fight over the comforter, or the sheets, and they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft. I think that maybe because i'm not used to the silk pillow, or the fact i have enough blanket to stay warm that i'm having trouble focusing...

      Anyway 3 fragments. the first two were meh. I know the second was a work related dream, and i realized i was dreaming, and then promptly woke myself up. >.<

      the third dream was a bit longer but i only remember bits of it.
      The wife and i were in a house, apparently it was OUR house but it had more than one room *.* it was amazing! i had a bedroom separate from my living room. A friend from work was there, and her Ex. They stayed over and we ate popcorn. It was like a damn high school girls sleep over. FA, but i don't remember what happened Then the next Day we had too move. I was so happy you have no idea. we started packing and then the wife and my work friend left. The movers came, and i tried to text them but my phone broke and only showed the garble of text you get when you don't have a language installed on to your computer and you try to visit a web side in that language. I began to panic, and one of the movers, and to pulls me towards the bed. I looked at my phone, and read the garbled text again. I realized i was dreaming.

      I woke myself up cause i heard the kitten. Alarm clock failed this morning.
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