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    Arg a dreamers block :/ lol

    by , 09-24-2010 at 12:31 PM (599 Views)
    I think my lack of dreams is coming from new sheets. I recently got a set of satin sheets as a gift to the wife. they are amazing, neither of us ever need to fight over the comforter, or the sheets, and they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft. I think that maybe because i'm not used to the silk pillow, or the fact i have enough blanket to stay warm that i'm having trouble focusing...

    Anyway 3 fragments. the first two were meh. I know the second was a work related dream, and i realized i was dreaming, and then promptly woke myself up. >.<

    the third dream was a bit longer but i only remember bits of it.
    The wife and i were in a house, apparently it was OUR house but it had more than one room *.* it was amazing! i had a bedroom separate from my living room. A friend from work was there, and her Ex. They stayed over and we ate popcorn. It was like a damn high school girls sleep over. FA, but i don't remember what happened Then the next Day we had too move. I was so happy you have no idea. we started packing and then the wife and my work friend left. The movers came, and i tried to text them but my phone broke and only showed the garble of text you get when you don't have a language installed on to your computer and you try to visit a web side in that language. I began to panic, and one of the movers, and to pulls me towards the bed. I looked at my phone, and read the garbled text again. I realized i was dreaming.

    I woke myself up cause i heard the kitten. Alarm clock failed this morning.

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    1. Serenity's Avatar
      "I'm too comfortable to recall!!"

      Hehe, I know what it's like We have these 600 thread count sheets that feel incredible... and some mornings, it's not fun getting out of bed
    2. OtisMcRainbow's Avatar
      lol. I'm going to try the focus thing i did a couple nights ago that led to my lucid so i can practice DC again.. I'd love to be able to do more than just piddle around in a maze.