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    1. Nothing

      by , 02-16-2011 at 03:27 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      I know i had a dream last night, but as soon as I opened my eyes i forgot. Maybe it was that when i first woke up I was startled to find my wife's face right against my face. I spooked almost immediately after opening my eyes.

      I can somewhat recall a medieval, or dark stone setting again, but that's it...
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    2. Short Recalls

      by , 02-16-2011 at 03:23 AM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      3 Nights ago:
      I was in my old bedroom, at my parents house, with my wife. I was trying to get "Jiggy-with-it" when i was attacked by hundreds of baby mice. I tried to pull them off but they just kept coming i ran out into the hall trying to scream but they surged into my mouth. I could still breath, and i realized I was dream. I woke up, and sat up in bed.

      2 nights ago:
      There was something before this part but i cant recall it any more. I just remember there was something before I was enslaved, but it's fuzzy. All i can recall is that there was a group of us "slaves" being marched though a cold canyon passage. I broke from the chains and ran. I was wearing an old medieval style two part tunic/dress with bare feet. I managed to make it out of the canyon before one of our horse back captors realized i was gone. As soon as i left the canyon there was snow everywhere but it was not cold. I could hear the horse behind me, and i ran for a pond in the distance. It was no use. As the horseback man surpassed me he slid from his horse to knock me down. I fell into the snow, but immediately got back up, and tried to get away. He would not touch my flesh, or rather could not. I got the feeling that if my skin were to be bruised he would be punished harshly. It dawned on me that I was not going to be sold as a slave who did house work. I was reclaimed by my captors. I remember fuzzy, and then a dark room with a male. There was candles velvet, and silk after that, but i couldn't seem to focus on the dream. I woke.

      Last night:
      i cannot recall. All i remember is that it was similar to the above, but none of the people were the same, and there was no interest in my body. There was the need to walk down hallways though..
    3. Just some Side notes

      by , 10-07-2010 at 12:43 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      over the course of my mini vacation i had several very long, very vivid dreams. They were all along the same plot line too. Post-apocalyptic military, eternal winter, and dreaming within a dream. they were all very strange.

      To be honest i didn't want to wake up this morning knowing i was back "home" The dream i had was boring in comparison to those i had while above the Mason Dixen.....My Yankee blood is calling me back to the union! D: lol

      noticing a few new dream signs: Snow, Decrepit buildings, Soldiers/Military.
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    4. Too Stressed/Fever Dreams

      by , 09-26-2010 at 08:42 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Last night was horrid. Next weekend I will be going on vacation, and there is still a ton to be done before I leave town for Five days, and so I was stressed before going to bed.

      Over the course of the night I remember 3 dreams, but they don't string together, and they were all followed by my waking up in a sweaty mess. Everyone at work is getting sick again, and I was feeling horridly ill by bed time. I'm guessing I was running a temp last night trying to combat the virus, and it cause the blotchy dreams.

      Fingers crossed all will work out this week.
      dream fragment , side notes
    5. Arg a dreamers block :/ lol

      by , 09-24-2010 at 12:31 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      I think my lack of dreams is coming from new sheets. I recently got a set of satin sheets as a gift to the wife. they are amazing, neither of us ever need to fight over the comforter, or the sheets, and they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft. I think that maybe because i'm not used to the silk pillow, or the fact i have enough blanket to stay warm that i'm having trouble focusing...

      Anyway 3 fragments. the first two were meh. I know the second was a work related dream, and i realized i was dreaming, and then promptly woke myself up. >.<

      the third dream was a bit longer but i only remember bits of it.
      The wife and i were in a house, apparently it was OUR house but it had more than one room *.* it was amazing! i had a bedroom separate from my living room. A friend from work was there, and her Ex. They stayed over and we ate popcorn. It was like a damn high school girls sleep over. FA, but i don't remember what happened Then the next Day we had too move. I was so happy you have no idea. we started packing and then the wife and my work friend left. The movers came, and i tried to text them but my phone broke and only showed the garble of text you get when you don't have a language installed on to your computer and you try to visit a web side in that language. I began to panic, and one of the movers, and to pulls me towards the bed. I looked at my phone, and read the garbled text again. I realized i was dreaming.

      I woke myself up cause i heard the kitten. Alarm clock failed this morning.
    6. OMG I did it!!! I got a True lucid!

      by , 09-22-2010 at 12:59 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      I had 4 dreams last night, but only one of them really matters! My first dream of the night, and my first true lucid! I believe it was a WILD as i was trying something i read on the forums a couple days ago. The thread suggested to speak lyrics in your head to keep your mind awake and focused. I wasn't exactly using lyrics, I was more or less reciting a book i read lately but it worked all the same.

      Everything was black at first, and i was still speaking in my head the lines from the book. I then looked around, and there was flooring, tile floors. I stopped reciting, I knew I was dreaming because when I started reciting I was face down in my pillows. I looked around, and The there were walls. I smiled, and the dream began to destabilize. I didn't have time to do anything before i was jerked from my body. I was pulled upward. I saw everything from above. My dream was a maze. I managed to make it back to my dream body, and with some effort i began to walk. I wanted to try something. I put my hands up, parallel to the ground, and held my palm flat up towards the wall. I wanted it to move, and it took a shit ton of effort at first but the wall pushed open like a door, and locked back into place against the wall behind it. I remember doing this until i got bored. I rememper trying to do other thigns but everything else failed, so i relaxed.

      I let myself slip in to 3 other dreams. I became lucid again in the 4th dream, but i wasn't doing much. Only walking around and looking at what my mind had created, and chasing some foxy ladies. D: even my dream girl know that my wife would kick some ass if I even tired to flirt. NOT FAIR! lol
    7. Wasting away in Margaritaville

      by , 09-20-2010 at 12:42 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Two dreams about my job last night. Both of them were actually AT my job too. These dreams were a rarity, wherein they were normal. :O The only thing that set them of was in dream number two as i was dealing with a very nasty customer, 'Margaritaville' started playing on the speaker system. I instantly knew i was dreaming, but all i did was relax, and i lost everything. Arg i hate my job.. I've never had dreams where my brain actually used the layout of that unholy departments store. I guess i need to boost my RC's, and cross my finger they work next time...Assuming this wasn't a fluke lol.

      Wasting away again in Margaritaville,
      Searching for my lost shaker of salt,
      Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
      But I know it's nobody's fault.
    8. DILD Class 1 & Fragments

      by , 09-19-2010 at 06:44 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Not a lot to report as far as dreams last night. mostly just some fragments. One i can remember very clearly though and it was a FA:

      I woke up and sat up in bed. i noticed the candle on the table was still lit, and walked over to blow it out. but the lid on the jar was sealed. i turned around to tell my wife, when i realized that a candle can't stay lit in a jar with the lid on.

      I don't remember anything after that.

      DILD Class HW:

      <@puffin> 1) pick three of the above reality checks and explain the pros and cons of each.

      Nose Plug: While very simple, and easy to remember sometimes it dose not work. Several people have stating passing a nose plug RC in a dream.

      Location RC: This could work splendidly if you dream about the location you visit on a daily basis, but this would not work for me. My dreams take place in places resembling those from my past like my parents house, or my home town. I have not seen either in about 2 years so remembering to RC when seeing them would be nearly impossible since i never see them...

      Reading RD: I'm sure trying to read a webdings book would be key number 1 that you were dreaming, however if you are so into your dream that you can understand the gibberish this RC would pass. This would also fail to work if there was nothing to read at your current location.

      <@puffin> 2) why is it better to question reality everywhere, and not just when something specific happens?

      Because you could be dreaming about something from real life, or having a FA. I once had a dream i was out shopping in my home town. I didn't even think to question reality because it was something I was used to. In order to really become aware you're dreaming you need to question everything even if the same thing happens at the same time every day like the mail man delivering mail..
    9. JILD Day 3 - FA Fail

      by , 09-14-2010 at 02:54 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Quote Originally Posted by Waking Journal:
      Today was pretty great. Work was fun, and i even got out early. Sims 3 is working again, and i can finally build me some awesome houses! Today was pretty great.
      I know I had 3 dreams last night. I can't remember them now though. I know Two were about my place of work. the first I can't recall but I remember having a dream before my first work related dream. Anyway a summary of the night and my FA Fail.

      Had Dream 1 and woke to go to the bathroom. Didn't log it, and went back to bed. Had Work Dream 1, and had a FA. I sat up in bed and grabbed my DJ thinking that i should write down my first two dreams so i wouldn't forget. I wrote down the basics, setting, people, time, and anything else i remember. I closed my journal tossed it back to the desk, and went back to bed. I had Work Dream #2, and then my alarm went off. I sat up, and did my morning routine before grabbing my DJ to look over my first two dreams. There was nothing on the page! My DJ was Empty from the last entry. I then remember when i woke up i forgot to RC, and I head-desked a few times. That is the most frustrating thing to happen so far. Now i have a goal to add to my LD Task list. Created my Subconscious as a DC and beat the crap out of it.. -.-
    10. JILD Test - Day 1

      by , 09-12-2010 at 12:27 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Quote Originally Posted by Waking journal entry:
      Today was less than spectacular. It started off decent enough with no work. I got the apartment vacuumed, and even managed to watch about 85% of Inception finally. I MUST FINISH THIS MOVIE!!! after the wife came home we went to Nicks to see if he could diagnose the computer, and he was having his b-party. Some gun, and cake eating ensued, but then it was down to business. Turns out my mother board/processor are fried. FML I don't have this kind of money On the way home Daniel called, Her grandpap is in the hospital again. She wanted to know if i could work on my weekend off so that she could finish moving her stuff and visit him. I caved in. I don't want to go to work. the only reason i agreed is because i have no money and absolutely have to have this computer back or i won't be able to make more. Fuck having a home business. It's to hard. I hate my full-time job. At least i got cake.
      Had 3 very vivid dreams. I remember waking up and going. "Woah for real?" I fail to remember the first two now though. When i woke in the middle of the night i should have at least jotted their subjects down. but no i just rolled over and said "bah I'll remember it." the third dream was strange.

      I was standing in an isle way of a grocery store with a cart full of food, and my cousins husband, Markus. Markus has the baby-mans, Dylan, with him, but Dylan had black hair, and the weirdest beard. I remember at one point going "Baby's don't have beards, but my subconscious have me a vary detailed reason as to why he had it, and that it would go away. I accepted this, and the dream carried on. We finally got to the check out, and i gave Dylan the ice cream he wanted "Doodz" we're brand of Ice cream i thought but i ignored it. Then every time he ate i got money. Another cousin showed up and tried to take Dylan but i wouldn't let her, and then some crazy man with claw marks shaved into his head and just plowed right through us at the check-out lane.

      Alarm clock went off. Sometimes i like my dreams better than waking up. I wish things would start looking upwards for me.

      Side notes:
      JILD Day 1- Nothing
      Dream becoming increasingly Vivid.

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    11. I got nothing

      by , 09-10-2010 at 11:58 AM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      i had the most unsatisfying sleep last night. My body hurts all over, and i feel like my head was run over by a train. The only thing i remember from a dream was a test, or a servery.. i remember yellow letters, on a black background and they were listed in a test format."A. New York, B Snow" there were several A to D questions....
      dream fragment
    12. Almost lucid....

      by , 09-09-2010 at 12:36 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      i had 2 dreams, 1 fragment, and almost went lucid...

      non-lucid dream semi-lucid

      1.My family, and I (and by family i mean My mother, brother, father, Myself, Both of my mothers sisters, Their husbands, their kids, their kids husbands/wives, their kids kids, etc etc) were in this small old town house in the middle of a forest. It was like we were on the yearly canoe trip but in a nicer house. we were all drinking and happy, even though it was raining. Then there was a lady in a pink outfit at the door. she left, and followed her out , and stood on the porch. I tried to call her back in but she was up at her house. Her house with only two walls. I shrugged and went back in. I don't remember what happened next but i think i went lucid. I looked around, and nobody was there. I went to take a step but i was suddenly pulled backwards and every thing began to get fuzzy and black. I began to spin in a circle as fast as i could, and i stopped moving backwards. I looked around. there was a lot of black and some fuzzy stuff, and i lost it.

      Everything went black, and dream #2 started.

      2. started out like a video loading on my cell phone, and two big red curtain pulled back, like a Broadway performance. I was in a barn loft with an ugly green skinned witch. she shrieked, and hid in the corner. I tried to pull the curtains back but they were tangles, and even though they moved, they wouldn't close. So i turned around and looked out the lofts window. I told her she need to leave.....
      cats began to fight...woke up, passed Reality check....

      3.i was riding a horse; a bay mare, probably in her late teens early 20's. I never said it's name but it felt familiar, so i believe it was my first horse Pepsi even though i never really looked at her or got off of her. I was plodding along in my parents front yard (their front yard is behind the house, and the back yard faced the road.) I moved up to the driveway, and came to a stop in the center of the circle turn around. It was night time, and there were a lot of starts. it was so comfortable, until some lady came walking up. She grabbed Pepsi's head, shoved a lamp shade over her ear, and handed my a large doughnut box. Pepsi freaked. She jumped higher than the house, and kept jumping. she went to the left, then forward again taking bounds as long as an acre or so. (it's hard to calculate a different length because i couldn't see the ground, until we landed, and i know the exact acreage at my parents :/ ) She was about to jump out into the street, but even though thee were no cars I pulled back, and she jumped towards the pond. I lost the doughnuts, and one of my arms went flailing into the air. I tried to grab something, but my arm caught a HUGE spider web which lit up like electrical lines when it snapped. Pepsi took one more big jump, and landed in her pasture, hen stopped. The next thing i know I'm walking up to the garage, going "wow that jelly filled was delicious!"
      i lost the dream after that...

      i cant believe i remembered all that @[email protected]

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    13. Fragments...

      by , 09-08-2010 at 12:52 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      I had two dreams last night, but i only remember bits and pieces.

      1. I was on the floor of my younger brothers room. John Deer Green walls, cream carpet. His computer desk and bed were behind me, and his room was laid out the same way it was before i moved out. I sat up, and was able to look out his window, and noticed his room was very high up. My parents house was only ground, and i thought this was odd.
      I woke up because of cats.
      When i went back to sleep i was on the floor of my brother room again, I sat up once more, and this time there was a man on the ground, he looked rather small from this distance. The man threw something, and a voice behind my yelled "Cover!" I ducked, and an apple came through the window, began blinking violently, and then exploded. Then an orange came through the window, and did the same thing. I was trying to avoid them by rolling around on the ground, and one landed on me. I grabbed it, started to panic, but thought wait Fruit do not explode."
      I woke up, and there was some traffic outside the house.
      I was back on my brothers floor, there were strange toys everywhere and I sat up. The voice from earlier was behind me again so i turned around, and there was a man sitting at the foot of my brothers bed. He held this massive multiple CD case, and shook his head. "You'll never sell this for 800 dollars." he said. I became confused "What are you talking about?" i asked. He turned he case around to show me one of the dvd's missing out of the case. "You're missing the Zeddacus Zerrander collection." I remember tilding my head to the side and saying. "But i don't own any Legend of the seeker dvds"
      The dream was done again, and i rolled over to look at my wife before closing my eyes.
      Once again i was on the floor of my little brothers room. this time it was a Renaissance era battle field in a 14x12 bed room. Talk about crowded! I remember getting up to defend myself when i was run over but a balista from behind. I began cursing loudly, and thinking. "Who the fuck runs someone over with a Balista?!?!" The battle stops, and i find myself sitting at the edge of my brothers bed. There is a lady and a man in the bed, getting ready to sleep. The man in the bed says he's sorry for running me over but he was trying to get somewhere. I ignore him, and look at the floor. there is another man in a sleeping bag there. He starts talk, but i can't hear him. I don't remember if I jumped next, or fell, but i landed in the mans sleeping bag. I could barley move, so the man left, and let me fall asleep.

      2.The second dream also took place at my parents house, outside in the yard i think. I don't remember much else but but I know after a bit i began to wonder why i was there. I don't remember anything else after i began to question.

      i begin to think when i was waking up, they were fake. I forgot my reality checks :/