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    holy crazy dream

    by , 09-17-2010 at 01:02 PM (607 Views)
    Ok I didn't have a computer this morning so I had to quick type my dream Via my Phone. I finally have it retyped in a coherent way

    I remember this dream being quite long. It was almost like a cross between the games My Horse and Me, and Resident Evil :/

    The dream starts off about mid morning. It's sunny, and the sky is cloudless. I'm riding a horse through what seems like an endless field. I decided i want to go home and there it is. a Large house. The dream skips about, and all i know is that I'm part of a very large family, and we own hundreds of acres or land. The next this i know our family in in this feud with a similar family a few miles over.I run out to check my horse for some reason, and he's coughing up this blue puss like substance. It's coming out of his nose and mouth, and I'm terrified. I begin to argue with the family about letting my go to the neighbors estate to get help for my horse. They refuse, and I go it any way. When i get to the other families house they are nice, and takes me in to help my horse. Apparently when my family finds out they get pissed, because just as i got my horse settled into the quarantine stalls these post-apocalyptic soldier come in after me. The neighbors stable somehow turns in to a 15 story ware house, and the stable hand pulls me out the window and we climb up to the next floor. After this point there was lots of running and evading the soldiers. There were also these creatures like the above ground tremor things and a veloceraptor crossed. They were a fleshy tone and very wrinkly. They would sometimes be behind the doors we chose to run through, and we'd have to change out plans.

    I woke up while being chases by some soldier AND one of the pink raptor things :/

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    1. dream2710's Avatar
      indeed a wild one!