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    I turned my nightmare into a sexy dream... fsk yes!

    by , 09-25-2010 at 12:16 PM (696 Views)
    last night i had 3 dreams i can remember. tough two only really stand out

    I'm standing in a room with various cast members from 'All my children', 'general hospital', and 'The young and restless'. (my co-workers now officially have me hooked)We all began packing our bags because we had to get ready for a plot twist, and apparently this plot twist involved us saving my brother from what was left of the cast members. once bags were packed Jason and Sonny loaded all the bag on to a plane, and we all boarded. Apparently sonny is Pilot. We did some funky 'stunts' in a 747, and then went hyper speed.

    I woke up for a moment grumbled a bit, and went back to bed this time remembering to focus.

    I was in my parents living room. and it was nice outside. I walked over to the bay window in the living room, and watched some rain clouds roll in. Then i saw it. A tornado. I began to panic. I ran to the basement, and i was just about to open the door to the safety room when I looked outside. There were people! (my parents basement has one side that faces the front yard because of the way it was build on a hill. This open side is mostly windows and french double doors.) Behind the people, a water spout was frantically running in circles inside the pond but never leaving.I questioned myself, and walked over to one of the doors pulling it open. The people rushed in, but there was no wind outside."I'm dreaming" I yelled, and a black priest walked over to me. He asked me if I needed to pray, and I told him "no". I felt myself loosing the dream, so I rubbed my palms together. It came so naturally I hardly had to think about it. It was almost like I'd been doing this forever. I looked back up at the priest, and told him "I'm not going to pray you pig, but if you turn in to a Sexy Sister and come to my room I maybe able to accommodate you." Hey it was worth a try. I went up stairs, turned around through the foyer, and headed down the hall to my room. I opened the door. The walls were still pink, the floor still soft carpet, and my bed was still by the door (when i left my parents 2 years ago i remolded. I turned my room in to a pirate ship. It had wood floors, old yellow parchment textured walls, and my bed was in the corner opposite the door.) I flopped down on my bed, and The priest came up, closed my door, and straddled me. (best dream control lesson EVER!) He pulled off his shirt, and I lifted my hands up I tried to get rid of some of his "extra weight" since he was not the thinnest man, but that failed so I gave him some nice round tits. It was amazing. I gave a man BEAUTIFUL breasts. S-he looked at the door "Someone it coming" S-he got off me, and hid in my closet (which now had the doors I'd removed). I rubbed my hands together just in case, and my boss Amy opened the door. She said something i didn't understand, and left. I looked at the clock, the time was now "7:gg:gg" I though Holy Fuck sweet! so I pulled out my cell phone out, and it was "8:8g:gg" I laughed, looked way and looked back, and it was "7:34:gg" This was to cool. I tossed my phone to the side, remembering the She-male I'd left in the closet. As soon as I stood I began to loose things, so I spun in one circle as I walked to the closet, and my ream stabilized. I opened the closet, and S-he smiled, and pushed me back to the bed. S-he got back on my hips, and i relaxed...

    bad move because i woke up... D: I've never done a Lady boy before...(or rather as it seemed "had a lady boy do me") i hate myself for relaxing! BUT IT WAS SO FSKING SWEET!!!

    However I know Today is going to be a great day. I turned a nightmare into an almost sexy dream.... hells to the yeah!

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    1. kim's Avatar
      Hahaha, well done ;D
    2. Serenity's Avatar
      I watch All My Children They appear in my dreams, too. Do you remember which characters showed up?

      on the lucid!!!
    3. OtisMcRainbow's Avatar
      I know Jason, and Susan were there. There was another Brunette i was associating with the show, but she didn't look like any of the current cast :/