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    1. I made it lucid again finally!!!

      by , 02-26-2011 at 01:48 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Ok so I've been busy and haven't recorded a lot of my dreams but they weren't that important. i have a few wedding dreams but that's it until last night!

      I was on a football team, and we were winning a big title "The Cup" I think it may have been a high school team, but i was pretending to be a dude.No one knew i was a girl till after I won "the cup" I went home i was at my parents house. i walked into my bed room, but it wasn't the same. "I'm dreaming i thought" but everything got super fuzzy, i was about to bring myself into focus when my DC dad walked in and said "Go back to bed." I lost full lucidity, but hey i was glad to at least be semi lucid. I couldn't control movements but i could speak. My body began to rummage for something. It was something i HAD to find. then i found part of i : 5 cards from what i knew to be a huge deck of about 60 or so.

      the cards were decorated in an old style texture, much like a stone-brick wall. like a labyrinth wall. My first thought went to 2 things. The first instant lucid i ever had (link: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/otis...ue-lucid-7520/ ) and my favorite book/movie combo The Labyrinth. The card was kind of like a Japanese card game style. There was a picture with a gold borer around it beneath the picture was a small bullet set telling you about who or what was in the picture with it's name at the top. I only remember 1 of the first cards, it was an orange shaggy haired goblin with horns (the hair was much like the style of Ludo from the movie but like bright orange like a chestnut horse).

      I had to find these. I HAD TO FIND THE REST! I took hold of my baby, and went to the dresser next to the one I was looking in. I found a few figurines one of them i remember was blue-ish, an orange one that matched the card I found. I smiled. (i felt the corners of my mouth gather so it must have been a very big grin) I opened another drawer, and the only think there was a blond figuring dressed in a black cloak. I was so ecstatic i almost lost the dream. I found the goblin king!, but the figurines are useless without the cards. You have to have both for them to work. I put them with the cards, and i heard a clatter in the kitchen. So knowing the layout of my house i left my brothers room, walked down the hall, through the family room, into the dining room, and through to the kitchen. There in the sink were the orange, shaggy-haired goblins, with horns. (you need both the card and the figurine for it to work) I watched them for a minute not sure if they were cleaning or breaking things... i still don't know what they were doing. I left out the door to the garage thinking "I need to find these cards!" FUCK YOU SUBCONSCIOUS! i ended up in a greeting card store. ARG!!! i looked around for a while, and then realized it must be past my alarm, and woke myself up. (ohh yeah i missed my alarm by 1hr 15min oops)

      OMG I'm soooo happy!! but i still feel like i have to find the cards. So i'll make myself a list of what I do and do not have that way i can look again when i get lucid again.

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    2. Short Recalls

      by , 02-16-2011 at 03:23 AM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      3 Nights ago:
      I was in my old bedroom, at my parents house, with my wife. I was trying to get "Jiggy-with-it" when i was attacked by hundreds of baby mice. I tried to pull them off but they just kept coming i ran out into the hall trying to scream but they surged into my mouth. I could still breath, and i realized I was dream. I woke up, and sat up in bed.

      2 nights ago:
      There was something before this part but i cant recall it any more. I just remember there was something before I was enslaved, but it's fuzzy. All i can recall is that there was a group of us "slaves" being marched though a cold canyon passage. I broke from the chains and ran. I was wearing an old medieval style two part tunic/dress with bare feet. I managed to make it out of the canyon before one of our horse back captors realized i was gone. As soon as i left the canyon there was snow everywhere but it was not cold. I could hear the horse behind me, and i ran for a pond in the distance. It was no use. As the horseback man surpassed me he slid from his horse to knock me down. I fell into the snow, but immediately got back up, and tried to get away. He would not touch my flesh, or rather could not. I got the feeling that if my skin were to be bruised he would be punished harshly. It dawned on me that I was not going to be sold as a slave who did house work. I was reclaimed by my captors. I remember fuzzy, and then a dark room with a male. There was candles velvet, and silk after that, but i couldn't seem to focus on the dream. I woke.

      Last night:
      i cannot recall. All i remember is that it was similar to the above, but none of the people were the same, and there was no interest in my body. There was the need to walk down hallways though..
    3. crazy inlaws

      by , 02-08-2011 at 01:56 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      note to self: do not let crazy life hamper my progress. i'm tired of having to start over. dream from a few months ago that was semi lucid. i was at work and it started to tstorm. i remember being cal at firt but the parking lot was floding a litle. i had to move my car. i ran out side and lightning struck near me. i imediatly relised i was dreaming but i was stil so terrified i couldnt pull myself out of it. i made it to my car moved it up to the door of my work and ran back inside. i woke up. subconcious 1 : me 1. so out of 2 nightmares about storms or tornados i've gone lucid during 1 and lost it in 1. i wil win this fight
    4. One super long dream

      by , 09-28-2010 at 12:03 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Interrupted by several FAs, and real awakenings I had one really long awesome dream. I'm not going to type the entire thing out, but the gist of it was: I was a mermaid. i went lucid a couple time becuase i was breathing under water, and at out point santa clause was harassing me, but i let myself slip back into the dream because it was just to fun.
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    5. I turned my nightmare into a sexy dream... fsk yes!

      by , 09-25-2010 at 12:16 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      last night i had 3 dreams i can remember. tough two only really stand out

      I'm standing in a room with various cast members from 'All my children', 'general hospital', and 'The young and restless'. (my co-workers now officially have me hooked)We all began packing our bags because we had to get ready for a plot twist, and apparently this plot twist involved us saving my brother from what was left of the cast members. once bags were packed Jason and Sonny loaded all the bag on to a plane, and we all boarded. Apparently sonny is Pilot. We did some funky 'stunts' in a 747, and then went hyper speed.

      I woke up for a moment grumbled a bit, and went back to bed this time remembering to focus.

      I was in my parents living room. and it was nice outside. I walked over to the bay window in the living room, and watched some rain clouds roll in. Then i saw it. A tornado. I began to panic. I ran to the basement, and i was just about to open the door to the safety room when I looked outside. There were people! (my parents basement has one side that faces the front yard because of the way it was build on a hill. This open side is mostly windows and french double doors.) Behind the people, a water spout was frantically running in circles inside the pond but never leaving.I questioned myself, and walked over to one of the doors pulling it open. The people rushed in, but there was no wind outside."I'm dreaming" I yelled, and a black priest walked over to me. He asked me if I needed to pray, and I told him "no". I felt myself loosing the dream, so I rubbed my palms together. It came so naturally I hardly had to think about it. It was almost like I'd been doing this forever. I looked back up at the priest, and told him "I'm not going to pray you pig, but if you turn in to a Sexy Sister and come to my room I maybe able to accommodate you." Hey it was worth a try. I went up stairs, turned around through the foyer, and headed down the hall to my room. I opened the door. The walls were still pink, the floor still soft carpet, and my bed was still by the door (when i left my parents 2 years ago i remolded. I turned my room in to a pirate ship. It had wood floors, old yellow parchment textured walls, and my bed was in the corner opposite the door.) I flopped down on my bed, and The priest came up, closed my door, and straddled me. (best dream control lesson EVER!) He pulled off his shirt, and I lifted my hands up I tried to get rid of some of his "extra weight" since he was not the thinnest man, but that failed so I gave him some nice round tits. It was amazing. I gave a man BEAUTIFUL breasts. S-he looked at the door "Someone it coming" S-he got off me, and hid in my closet (which now had the doors I'd removed). I rubbed my hands together just in case, and my boss Amy opened the door. She said something i didn't understand, and left. I looked at the clock, the time was now "7:gg:gg" I though Holy Fuck sweet! so I pulled out my cell phone out, and it was "8:8g:gg" I laughed, looked way and looked back, and it was "7:34:gg" This was to cool. I tossed my phone to the side, remembering the She-male I'd left in the closet. As soon as I stood I began to loose things, so I spun in one circle as I walked to the closet, and my ream stabilized. I opened the closet, and S-he smiled, and pushed me back to the bed. S-he got back on my hips, and i relaxed...

      bad move because i woke up... D: I've never done a Lady boy before...(or rather as it seemed "had a lady boy do me") i hate myself for relaxing! BUT IT WAS SO FSKING SWEET!!!

      However I know Today is going to be a great day. I turned a nightmare into an almost sexy dream.... hells to the yeah!

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    6. OMG I did it!!! I got a True lucid!

      by , 09-22-2010 at 12:59 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      I had 4 dreams last night, but only one of them really matters! My first dream of the night, and my first true lucid! I believe it was a WILD as i was trying something i read on the forums a couple days ago. The thread suggested to speak lyrics in your head to keep your mind awake and focused. I wasn't exactly using lyrics, I was more or less reciting a book i read lately but it worked all the same.

      Everything was black at first, and i was still speaking in my head the lines from the book. I then looked around, and there was flooring, tile floors. I stopped reciting, I knew I was dreaming because when I started reciting I was face down in my pillows. I looked around, and The there were walls. I smiled, and the dream began to destabilize. I didn't have time to do anything before i was jerked from my body. I was pulled upward. I saw everything from above. My dream was a maze. I managed to make it back to my dream body, and with some effort i began to walk. I wanted to try something. I put my hands up, parallel to the ground, and held my palm flat up towards the wall. I wanted it to move, and it took a shit ton of effort at first but the wall pushed open like a door, and locked back into place against the wall behind it. I remember doing this until i got bored. I rememper trying to do other thigns but everything else failed, so i relaxed.

      I let myself slip in to 3 other dreams. I became lucid again in the 4th dream, but i wasn't doing much. Only walking around and looking at what my mind had created, and chasing some foxy ladies. D: even my dream girl know that my wife would kick some ass if I even tired to flirt. NOT FAIR! lol
    7. Wasting away in Margaritaville

      by , 09-20-2010 at 12:42 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Two dreams about my job last night. Both of them were actually AT my job too. These dreams were a rarity, wherein they were normal. :O The only thing that set them of was in dream number two as i was dealing with a very nasty customer, 'Margaritaville' started playing on the speaker system. I instantly knew i was dreaming, but all i did was relax, and i lost everything. Arg i hate my job.. I've never had dreams where my brain actually used the layout of that unholy departments store. I guess i need to boost my RC's, and cross my finger they work next time...Assuming this wasn't a fluke lol.

      Wasting away again in Margaritaville,
      Searching for my lost shaker of salt,
      Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
      But I know it's nobody's fault.
    8. holy crazy dream

      by , 09-17-2010 at 01:02 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Ok I didn't have a computer this morning so I had to quick type my dream Via my Phone. I finally have it retyped in a coherent way

      I remember this dream being quite long. It was almost like a cross between the games My Horse and Me, and Resident Evil :/

      The dream starts off about mid morning. It's sunny, and the sky is cloudless. I'm riding a horse through what seems like an endless field. I decided i want to go home and there it is. a Large house. The dream skips about, and all i know is that I'm part of a very large family, and we own hundreds of acres or land. The next this i know our family in in this feud with a similar family a few miles over.I run out to check my horse for some reason, and he's coughing up this blue puss like substance. It's coming out of his nose and mouth, and I'm terrified. I begin to argue with the family about letting my go to the neighbors estate to get help for my horse. They refuse, and I go it any way. When i get to the other families house they are nice, and takes me in to help my horse. Apparently when my family finds out they get pissed, because just as i got my horse settled into the quarantine stalls these post-apocalyptic soldier come in after me. The neighbors stable somehow turns in to a 15 story ware house, and the stable hand pulls me out the window and we climb up to the next floor. After this point there was lots of running and evading the soldiers. There were also these creatures like the above ground tremor things and a veloceraptor crossed. They were a fleshy tone and very wrinkly. They would sometimes be behind the doors we chose to run through, and we'd have to change out plans.

      I woke up while being chases by some soldier AND one of the pink raptor things :/

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    9. almost forgot.. faggoty figure skating :)

      by , 09-11-2010 at 12:47 PM (Ranbow Island - Otis's Dream Journal)
      Non-dream Dream semi-lucid

      ok so i almost forgot about this one, then i went. "Holy hell how COULD you forget this." I think the dream was semi-lucid, because i remember thinking "ohh wow i haven't seen them since high school, i miss them." and i also remember thinking about my actions but I didn't really didn't have total control of myself.

      I was walking down the Main road of my home town. I was just outside of then Between the cemetery, and the "Atlas Purina feed Store." when My mother and an hold High School friend Laura showed up. I remember thinking suddenly "Wow Laura! i miss you and your amusing political rantings." They told me I'd be in a figure skating competition. I WISH i could figure skate! that was one of my dreams when i was little, but I ripped the ligament in my right knee. I can even run any more, and i even have a light limp when i walk. I got a little excited since i love figure skating. We ducked into the Atlas feed store, and I took a deep breath. I remember there was no smell. The real Atlas Purina store smelled like Leather, dust, horse feed, and grass seed all mixed into one dreamy aroma. I grabbed my mp3 player out of nowhere, and put it on. I couldn't hear the music, but i know what i wanted to perform. I got dressed, in a white jump suit, with flare/bell bottom legs, and a vest. We then apparently skipped transit and showed up at the competition as if it was an Open Horse Show. Laura was just like "Oi! she's entering btw. K thanks let us know when it's our turn." I looked around, and saw some of the other girls, and the crowed. No one had a face worth remembering, but the commentator on a holographic TV screen. It was my figure skating friend from High School, Connie. I remember relaxing a bit, and looking around at the rink, but it wasn't a rink is was a damn obstetrical course. The rink was in a I shape with two rectangles attached through the center by another rectangle. there was also a couple rust run down trucks in the center that had to be jumped over. I remember thinking "this is figure skating Not Extreme Trail crossed with Cross country!" Laura told me i was next, and took a deep breath. I don't remember putting on skates, but i have them on now. The girl before me finished, and i stood in front of the rink waiting for my music, and then it started. "Jealous of my Boogie by RuPaul" I smiled to my self straightened up, and began to walk! I hit the ice just as the lyrics started, and i began thinking of my routine and as i thought it up, i performed it. Some of the more difficult things were fumbles or even misinterpreted by my body, but I was telling myself what to do. I jumped one car, dropped it like it was hot, while spinning on one leg, and bounded into the air over the second car. It was amazing! and so much fun, but a lot of my moves were on my left leg, or fumbled back i was worried about really fucking up my knee. I finished, and i got some applause as i left the rink. I then met Lynn, and her daughter Kenny. Some dressage folks from the barn i used to work for. They were very smug, and ignored me. I really didn't expect them to be nice so i don't know why i even said hello. My mother was gone, but Laura was there, and she told me I'd done a good job, and we just had to wait for scores. I got a 9.0066 and came in 3rd place! I got a horse book, and a nice big pink ribbon. Lynn and Kenny were very angry at my placing, and don't know why. They didn't even perform, but they didn't matter any way so I made them disappear. They just went poof.

      I woke up shortly after that, and I remember smiling. That dream was so fun! I didn't ever truly have control over my self, but what ever i seemed to be thinking in my head would happen to a degree. Like my Performance, and Lynn and Kenny Going 'Poof'.

      [edit] the music in my dream sounded as if my head phones were on! i could seriously hear the entire song as I performed my routine.[/edit]

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