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    OMG I did it!!! I got a True lucid!

    by , 09-22-2010 at 12:59 PM (597 Views)
    I had 4 dreams last night, but only one of them really matters! My first dream of the night, and my first true lucid! I believe it was a WILD as i was trying something i read on the forums a couple days ago. The thread suggested to speak lyrics in your head to keep your mind awake and focused. I wasn't exactly using lyrics, I was more or less reciting a book i read lately but it worked all the same.

    Everything was black at first, and i was still speaking in my head the lines from the book. I then looked around, and there was flooring, tile floors. I stopped reciting, I knew I was dreaming because when I started reciting I was face down in my pillows. I looked around, and The there were walls. I smiled, and the dream began to destabilize. I didn't have time to do anything before i was jerked from my body. I was pulled upward. I saw everything from above. My dream was a maze. I managed to make it back to my dream body, and with some effort i began to walk. I wanted to try something. I put my hands up, parallel to the ground, and held my palm flat up towards the wall. I wanted it to move, and it took a shit ton of effort at first but the wall pushed open like a door, and locked back into place against the wall behind it. I remember doing this until i got bored. I rememper trying to do other thigns but everything else failed, so i relaxed.

    I let myself slip in to 3 other dreams. I became lucid again in the 4th dream, but i wasn't doing much. Only walking around and looking at what my mind had created, and chasing some foxy ladies. D: even my dream girl know that my wife would kick some ass if I even tired to flirt. NOT FAIR! lol

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    1. Serenity's Avatar
      Hmm!! Really good idea I've heard a variation on this of thinking of the song, in general, but the lyrics makes you think more. Plus, it's a lot more interesting than counting