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    Escape from the Privileged Life to get to a Hockey Game

    by , 05-09-2011 at 02:49 PM (370 Views)
    My rich friend and I are shopping in some rich European type store. I tell her I've had enough, I'm tired, and we go to leave. We try to get out of the store by way of this strange exit at the plaza. We must go through the fur coat section, which disturbs me, but I say nothing. We find a ladder we have to climb to get out. As we climb we joke about escape from the privileged life, and she jokes that we are somewhere between many portions of fillet mignon beef. I laugh at this random and obscure idea. She tells me that she realizes now that she was tired of this rich life.

    We climb all the way to the top, then slide down some crazy water slide like things that have no water. I get distracted by a girl who keeps going up and down the slides, complaining about her wardrobe malfunctions. My friend is also getting too distracted by the girl. I look at my watch and I'm horrified to realize that it's 19:25, and I was supposed to be on a train to Toronto at 19:24. I was supposed to meet up with my family at the hockey game (strange, as I absolutely HATE hockey) there. I start swearing and having a meltdown.

    Me and my friend run full out to the Haubtbahnhof. It's a mess of criss crossing tracks in a very unGerman looking chaotic mess. There are very complex and difficult to understand train numbers which make me feel panic that I won't be able to find the right train. Somehow we find out that I have to wait for the number 10, then transfer to the number 7. We're walking on a glass platform that has a film of water running over top of it, giving the illusion of walking on water. I can see the shadows of fish below me. I take out a small rusk cake and crumble it up to feed the fishes, whispering a spell as I sprinkle it into the water.
    Some onlooking French men are curious asking me what I am doing, what is that dust I am sprinkling.

    The train arrives now and it looks as though it's passed through a rainstorm. I get the feeling there was a hail storm somewhere. I squeeze into the first very cramped car of the train. It's very dark and close in there. A disabled man in an automated wheel chair departs the train. I manage to find 2 free seats but my friend is sitting a couple of rows ahead, speaking Japanese to some stranger. I didn't realize she was coming with me.

    I notice that the train is called "Noodles" rather than whatever it is supposed to be called. I ask the driver and he says we have to get out at the terminus station called Noodles and walk down the train tracks in the underground tunnel to get to the next stop. It's been like this all day, he tells me, perhaps there is construction.

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