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    B*tchfight with Samara from The Ring (Lucid #89 and 90)

    by , 10-21-2012 at 01:55 PM (1240 Views)
    Lucid Non-lucid Awake

    We are going somewhere. I suspect we are going on vacation because I am carrying a big and heavy bag. I am also wearing a shirt that has a beach drawing on it. I reach the front door and start wearing my black school shoes. Wait... School shoes? Why would I be wearing school shoes to a family vacation? I go lucid. Yes! It's a dream! Finally, a lucid! I start to get giddy and excited. The dream starts becoming blurry, and starts to go black. I can feel my physical body waking up, which is evident in the slight tingling sensation all over.

    I hear a pop, and I know I am awake for real. I stay still, but my legs feel so uncomfortable, so I fold my right leg like I always do. I also shift to my right a bit -- all the while visualizing the dream I just exited.

    I start getting imagery of the previous dream, right where I left off, at the front door. It gets more vivid every second, until I am just sort of...there. I look down and see my dream hands and body, and yes, I am wearing my school shoes. I remember immediately a task I am supposed to do, which was assigned by another member in a little game we made. The task is to slide down a waterfall in any way I want.

    I close my eyes (the most efficient means of changing the dream scene for me) and imagine being at a riverbank which leads to a waterfall. I open my eyes and voila! I am at the riverbank. I can hear the loud rushing of water from the river, which is connected to a waterfall somewhere to the right. The sound is quite deafening too. I remember feeling a bit uneasy at sliding down a waterfall. I am a good waterbender in the dream world, but I am still afraid of heights, somewhat.

    Man up, biotch!, I literally think to myself.

    I take off my shoes and jump in the river. Instantly, I feel myself being pulled towards the waterfall, and the current is so strong that I have second thoughts about finishing the task. I am doing this. I am doing this, I think to myself as I go over the edge. I have a rush of adrenaline as I start falling down. I feel pumped and proud of myself. I realize the waterfall was very high up, and the base was so far down that the trees near it look like tiny specks. My head starts hurting from the water above me which is hitting it. The waterbender in me probably took over, because I suddenly start twirling around, creating a small whirlpool as I am cascading down the waterfall. It feels amazing.

    I reach the bottom, and splash into a large pool of water, dissipating the little whirlpool I built. As I float to the surface, I look back at the huge waterfall. Suddenly, a girl with long hair covering her face floats up in front of me. I am a bit shocked. I know her as Samara from the movie The Ring. Oddly though, I don't feel any fear at all -- more of annoyance because she is invading my awesome dream. In a split second, she reaches out and grabs my hair, and tries to drown me. I go down a few inches into the water, but I know it's a dream, so I breathe easily. While I am underwater, I push my hands out and waterbend Samara far away from me. She vanishes, only to reappear once I resurface. She tries to drown me again, but I am getting furious that I reach out to her and grab a handful of her hair. I shake her head side to side and then I push her down into the water. Once she's underwater, she squirms beneath my grip, but I don't let go. This is kinda fun, actually. I start climbing on top of her with chunks of her hair still in my hands, and her underwater.

    I wake up abruptly. My mom is shaking me, telling me I have to get ready for our appointment.

    But yes, that was the most awesome b*tchfight ever.
    Spoiler for the b*tch who lost the fight (:

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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Well done, and great save with that DEILD!! You earned yourself one badass lucid dream.

      The waterfall jump alone would have made this one top-notch. I'm adding this to my big lucid goals list even as we speak. (I add like 6 of these for every 1 I accomplish, ha ha...) Oooh, I'm thinking Angel Falls in Venezuela!

      Great fight, and congratulations on the win! That girl from The Ring (Samara) scares the hell out of me. Even though I'm happy for you, now I'm dealing with some feelings of inferiority after getting my butt kicked by a little kid a couple of lucids ago.
      paigeyemps likes this.
    2. SpaceCowboyDave's Avatar
      I think I would be scared lucid or not if that bitch started attacking me.
      paigeyemps likes this.
    3. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Haha thanks Canis!

      And LMFAO Dave.
    4. Kaenthem's Avatar
      epic dream, congratulations paigey (I might have just found my new lucid dreaming goal )
      paigeyemps likes this.
    5. Batch's Avatar
      Very nice one! I enjoyed you going lucid, and the waterfall. And may I just say, one frightening chick in that posted picture!
      paigeyemps likes this.