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    The Face Stealer

    by , 08-21-2012 at 03:15 PM (965 Views)
    I was walking around my neighborhood at twilight. The sky was starting to get dark, with streaks of orange here and there. For some reason, I decided to turn left down the street toward my friend's house. Suddenly, I saw a huge shadow on the ground, moving really quickly. It turned left just as I was about to. It was pitch black, and very long. Kind of like a giant snake in form. It also made this weird sound like scales being rubbed up on the ground while it moved past me. It all happened very quickly, and then it was gone. I stopped in my tracks. I knew what it was. It was the face stealer.

    I had seen it in previous dreams, and this time, it somehow triggered lucidity. As soon as I got lucid, I heard the sound of its scales moving closer, until it just stopped. In the next instant, the shadow creature was in my face. Its head was massive, I could probably put my arms around it if I tried, which I didn't. It wasn't a shadow this time though. I could barely see its body extending infinitely, with dark green and blue scales like that of a reptile. I realized it didn't look like a snake more like a dragon without legs. (okay maybe that's a snake already lol). The strangest thing was that its face seemed to change appearance very rapidly, like alternating between channels. I didn't recognize any of the faces though, but everytime it shifted, its eyes always looked straight at me.

    I had been waiting to confront this monster for quite some time now, as it has haunted me a lot in the past. Luckily, I was lucid enough to know what to do. The face stealer was a made-up version of something I saw on TV. They are different in appearance, but they had the same motive they would steal your face once you showed any emotion.

    So I stayed still and let my face go slack. It was really hard because the creature was so scary and disturbing. Finally, I thought of an idea! But too late, it must've seen the surprise on my face. I suddenly felt my face contracting slowly. It wasn't painful, but I could feel it happening. A few seconds later, it stopped. I saw my face depicted on the face stealer's head. It was smiling eerily at me, with those crazy eyes like it wants to kill me. It was so weird seeing my face like that, and so huge.

    Then I realized I couldn't talk. I tried to scream but nothing happened. I could see though. I put my hands to my face, and there wasn't anything on it. Literally. I poked the area where my eyes should've been, only smooth skin there. I apparently also didn't have a nose, though I could breathe just fine. I didn't have ears, nor a mouth. I had lost my whole face.

    In a strike of perfect luck and timing, an idea popped into my lucid mind. I thought, since this was my dream, surely I could do something! I decided to be the face stealer this time. I closed my eyes (well, not really because I didn't have them, I simply chose not to see). Then I imagined the monster's face (my face) slowly contracting while I absorbed its features. I could hear the monster grunting as this was happening, until finally I only heard silence.

    I opened my eyes, and saw that the monster didn't have my face anymore. No rapid shifting of faces either. It was just...a ginormous lump of coal with a scaly body. It wasn't moving either. I felt my face with my hands, and I could feel my mouth, nose, eyes, and ears back to normal.

    I flew away and never looked down. I went on to complete some goals I've been waiting to do, before I finally lost lucidity and woke up.

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    1. kek's Avatar
      Stealing the face of the face stealer - awesome congrats on your victory!
    2. paigeyemps's Avatar
    3. Batch's Avatar
      Oh, very cool! What a neat dream! (Oh, I know, quite possibly scary, but you took control and you won ... and it didn't even required blowing up the city!)

      I know I might sound like an idiot there, but to me, almost always, even 'scary' dreams are far more interesting to me, than scary. And that was a neat storyline!
    4. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Thanks, and I agree. I like nightmares! Well not like as in they're awesome and everyone should have them. But personally, when I have nightmares, and I'm scared in it, when I wake up I realize it was actually kind of cool. And nightmares have more unpredictable scenes for me, and I like surprises, so maybe that's it.