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    Lucid #73: Let It Snow

    by , 09-07-2012 at 01:47 PM (1049 Views)
    Non-lucid Lucid

    I am at a friend's house and it's raining really hard. The floor starts flooding, and I am looking for something to stand on so I don't get wet, as this particular house doesn't have a second floor. Seeing all the water, I spontaneously wonder how I got there.

    I become lucid, and I do a noseplug. Sure that it is a dream, I phase through a wall, using it to teleport to another dream scene -- in this case my house. I get to the other side, and end up in my living room. I go over to the door and decide to do one of my monthly goals which is to let it snow. I open the door, and look outside. It's quite sunny and bright. I stare blankly ahead, focusing on making it snow. I imagine it raining, but with snow falling instead of raindrops. Soon enough, huge dark thunderclouds appear and it starts snowing. I notice that it's very noisy too. I hear a lot of thunder and annoying buzzing sounds. I try yelling out, "QUIET!" and surprisingly, it gets quiet instantly. It starts getting really cold too so I look down at my body and imagine changing to a more appropriate attire. My t-shirt and shorts start morphing into long sleeves, a coat, pants and mittens.

    I go outside and walk in the snow, feeling the little drops melt in my hair.

    Soon, I lose lucidity.

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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Make it snow in a dream, what a pretty idea! I should try it too, would be a nice break from all this 105+ degree weather
    2. Batch's Avatar
      Really nice ... so far I have gotten far enough in one dream to remember what my dream goal was, but before I could try and bring it to pass, the aliens were invading, so I didn't get anywhere. I'm happy you were able to fulfill one of yours!
    3. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Thanks! I read a list of my goals and memorize them every night before bed. It helps me a lot when I get lucky enough to get lucid. And good luck, I hope you get to do your goal soon! :p
    4. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      You're right, Paige, this is totally December TotM. You also got to play in the snow way more than I did. Really makes me want to do that one again!

      I'm really digging the wall phase move in order to change dream scenery. I got stuck in a concrete cube / basement many dreams back where I really could have used this.

      And hey, nice to find a dream that I can still comment on.