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    Lucid #80: Back to the Past

    by , 09-30-2012 at 05:18 AM (742 Views)
    We were walking up a road with a small circular park in the middle, that thing where the cars could revolve around. I thought it seemed familiar, but something was off. Then I realized everything looked old, and the people were wearing traditional clothes. I realized it was a dream and went lucid. It must have been in the 1900's, because there weren't any buildings -- just wooden houses and kalesas. However, instead of changing the dream scene or using powers or anything, I decided to just...explore. It didn't even cross my mind. At that moment, I just thought that it wasn't everyday that I got to dream of my country's past. If I manipulated the dream, who knows when I get that chance again?

    So for the rest of the dream, which probably lasted about 10 minutes, I just walked around and watched the dream characters. Some men were farming in the distance, with some carabaos. Some women were out in their porches, weaving blankets with a huge wooden tool. Some kids were running around.

    Spoiler for kalesa:

    Spoiler for carabao:

    Spoiler for weaving thing:

    Spoiler for traditional clothes:

    Some of them even saw me, took off their straw hats, and bowed courteously. I bowed back.

    I woke up a few minutes after that. But that was such a beautiful experience. I travelled back in time and got to explore! I doubt any of my friends have done that. Suckers.

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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Wow, Philippines at the beginning of the 20th century! I love this historical stuff. Sounds like such a beautiful experience.

      Congratulations on a really nice LD!
    2. Chimpertainment's Avatar
      amazing paigey, im glad you got to experience that :)
    3. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Me too, I've been looking forward to something like going back in time for a while now. Hopefully I can go all Victorian era next time Thanks guys.
    4. Batch's Avatar
      Which is a great reminder that knowing you are dreaming is a wonderful thing, and I'd almost always like to know it ... but sometimes it can still be greatly rewarding to just go with the flow.
      paigeyemps likes this.
    5. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Oh very much! The surprises that your mind can come up with are very rewarding indeed