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    Moar bloodbending

    by , 07-28-2012 at 10:59 AM (510 Views)
    My chem teacher was outside my house, shooting everyone with a machine gun. I got hit but didn't feel any pain. I got lucid and noseplugged. I confirmed it was a dream and decided to manifest a gun to shoot my chem teacher. But I couldn't, so I decided to bloodbend him. He went limp and lay on the ground just as I wanted him to do.

    I woke up a few minutes after that, since I had to go somewhere for a school project. But I was informed that it was moved 2 hours later, so decided to go back to sleep and make it my WBTB+MILD (which I haven't done in a few days because of my schedule.) Sure enough, my safety net didn't fail me

    I had an FA where I woke up 4 hours later than I should've. I panicked and did a noseplug like I usually do irl. I could breathe! I got lucid and stabilized. Something weird happened too. I was walking around thinking about the TOTM, but suddenly the dream just crashed D: I went into the void and lost lucidity. Then I had another FA where my mom woke me up. I got up and went to the bathroom. But then I realized my mom was out of town until tomorrow, so I noseplugged got lucid and ran outside. I created fireballs in my hands and threw them at some random DC's who ran away.

    Then I was woken up once more by my sister. I RCed, but this time it was reality already. Haha.

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    1. Wurlman's Avatar
      Nice job on kicking some false awakening ass
    2. izzyLD's Avatar
      hahaha i've totally been there, where the false awakening ALMOST gets ya and you have a revelation by yourself and then you just go nuts lol
      bloodbending gives me the shivers XD
    3. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Hahaha yea! Like "Ha! Can't fool me! Muhahaha" xD
      izzyLD likes this.
    4. Batch's Avatar
      I was about to ask what bloodbending was ... but that's what google is for! Have never seen anything of Avatar (actually confused it with Avatar for a while ... wonder why?), but I have to admit, it sounds interesting, and sometime I really ought to find a way to see some of it! Cool stuff!