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    Mr. Anubis

    by , 05-18-2012 at 12:00 PM (1264 Views)
    I am walking home. It is sunset.

    As I round the curb to my house, I see this Anubis creature standing outside the door, along with dozens of spear-holding men in tunics. Mr. Anubis is very tall, probably about 8 feet. He is also very macho, with glistening black skin and a canine head. He is in an Egyptian attire decked in gold blings.

    I stop walking. His ears snap up.
    He sees me, and growls.

    I have a moment of panic, but then I become lucid. The weird atmosphere is more noticeable. I do the noseplug and I can breathe. I then rub my hands, and the visuals become clearer (though still a bit hazy).

    Mr. Macho Anubis is still there, and he starts to growl. The men start to march towards me in cadence. I can hear and feel their heavy footsteps on the ground. I close my eyes and try my best to make them disappear. I imagine them poofing off into oblivion.

    It doesn't work. I open my eyes and they're still coming.
    They're only a few feet away from me now. I decide to bolt.

    I fly up and steer to the left, feeling relieved that I escaped.

    Then, I hear a familiar growl behind me. I look back and see Mr. Macho Anubis flying after me! Holy $#!* this dog-man flies?! I fly a bit faster, but my control is crappy, and my pursuer is catching up. It is then that I decide to fly straight down and phase through the ground so he will lose track of me.

    I see nothing but darkness as I am plummet through the earth. I have no idea where it is gonna lead me.

    I end up in the void.

    Then I lose lucidity.


    Shikaka! Ace Ventura! (Le click!)


    There are two parts to this dream, the second one I put in a different entry, since it has a somewhat different storyline. Also, to prevent this entry from being too long and dragging. :3

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    1. littlezoe's Avatar
      Lol, i imagined macho Anubis as he flies after you x_D That's funny
      Dreamprofesser likes this.
    2. paigeyemps's Avatar
      awwwyeaaa macho macho anubis. LMAO XD
      Dreamprofesser likes this.
    3. Komisoft's Avatar
      This was pretty awesome
      Dreamprofesser likes this.
    4. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Awesome dream Paige! Lol i did'nt know Mr. Anubis could fly!
    5. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Thanks Dreamprofesser! Neither did I, hahaha x)
    6. TwoCrystalCups's Avatar
      If i was there i would know what to do because i know that Anubis is capable of anything, he is a God. Fighting won't help and neither does running/flying away. It's all a mental test.
    7. paigeyemps's Avatar