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    Oh balls.

    by , 08-08-2012 at 04:18 PM (491 Views)
    I get lucid spontaneously. I feel ecstatic because I am so sure it is a dream, and I somehow know that I haven't had a lucid in a while. It is nighttime, and I am outside my house, which is one of my dream signs. Perhaps that triggered my lucidity in some way? I am so caught up about gaining lucidity at last that I don't do any reality checks, and I forget to stabilize. Fortunately, the dream seems to be stable enough.

    I see my friend let's call her A standing in front of a floating fireball. She is trying to manipulate it. Oh cool, she's a firebender. She looks at me and asks if I know how to firebend, and I say, "Yes, but I am better at manipulating fire than creating it." (Which is true, I'm a crappy firebender.) I hold out my arms, look back at the fireball, and proceed to firebend it by making it move and swish around in the air with delicate hand and wrist movements. After, I return the fireball to A, and she accepts it and suspends it in front of her.

    I turn away so I could do some other things and not waste the lucidity. Suddenly, I see a little ball of electricity hovering a few inches above the ground in front of me. It was kind of sparking, and making some tiny crackling sounds. I try to manipulate it as well, but as soon as I point to it, it splits into two electricity balls each one being the same size as the original ball. I am confused. I point at one of them, and again it splits into two. I continue pointing at them until I have about 20+ sparking balls in front of me.

    I then decide to walk forward to get away again, but then the balls start electrocuting me as I come into contact with them. I run away in pain.

    I stop somewhere beside the street. I decide to try to change the dreamscape. I close my eyes while thinking about being in a hotel room. I specifically choose this because I think that it would be easier to create a small room, as opposed to an outside setting with so many details. Sure enough, when I reopen my eyes, I am in a green-themed hotel room with plush couches and velvet curtains. Suddenly, a man and a woman appear behind me. They look like hotel employees. The woman says, "Oh sorry we didn't know this room was taken. We were just gonna have a quickie."

    DAFUQ? O______O <<< yes that's exactly my reaction.

    Slightly horrified by what I just heard, I decide to get out of the room. I see my friend let's call her S standing outside the door. She has crutches and some leg braces on. I am shocked because S is a dancer in real life, and that would be horrible if it came true. She starts crying, so I hug her. We stay like that for a long time, until I eventually lose lucidity and start to wake up for real.
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      I like the manipulation of elements in this dream. I've created fire before, but it's been forever since I've tried to do anything like that.

      And lol at the quickie part. Subconscious trolling ftw!
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    2. Oceandrop's Avatar
      Damn balls! But wow @ that you could so easily create a new environment in that situation! Also I find it just fascinating how quickly the dream can react on what the lucid dreamer creates @ the new space you created and the two dream characters, actually looking like hotel employees, suddenly appearing and adapting to it, with saying that they didn't knew the room was occupied.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing paige! Awesome lucid :3
    3. izzyLD's Avatar
      hahahahaha!! oooh the shit DC's say XD
    4. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Aww thanks derp! And izzy, ikr!! DCs say the oddest things! x)
    5. Aeolar's Avatar
      Did you ever tell your dancer friend your dream?
    6. paigeyemps's Avatar
      I did, though I left out the lucid and dream controlling aspect. Lol she's skeptical about LDing x)