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    A Table Flips Me! (Lucid #86)

    by , 10-11-2012 at 09:14 AM (1387 Views)
    I am outside my house, and it is nighttime. I can't remember what I'm doing, but I notice that the houses have a weird yellowish glow to them. I think to myself, "Haha, it's like a dream! Wait..This is a dream!!" I get lucid, and try to think of my goals. I remember my goal to have a table flip me, since I had already flipped a table before.

    I summon a table. I look away and back, and it is there. It is a square wooden table, the kind you see at picnics with the long seat attached to it. I walk up and stand on it. I put my feet apart, in a fighting stance. Then I yell "DO IT!"

    Nothing happens. What a fail.

    I ease up on my stance and decide to get down and do something else. I take a step down on the attached seat, using it as a ladder. Just as I'm doing so, the whole table flips! FFUUUUUUUUUU!! And it flips really hard too. I get thrown across the ground, and land face first, and it hurts. A lot. Probably because I didn't have time to imagine it wouldn't.

    I stand up and brush myself off. The table has vanished. I walk to the nearest house and open the door, planning to use it as a portal to change dreamscapes. It doesn't work. I enter the house normally and see many DCs watching tv. I think about yelling out for my dream guide, so I ask "Is my dream guide here?" They all look at me, and one of them says, "Her name is Claire."

    I am puzzled. But that's Oreoboy's DG! They ask me if I wanna join them, as they seem to be watching Courage the Cowardly Dog on the tv. I think I start losing lucidity here. I say yes, though I'm not sure why. I proceed to sit on the floor where about 5 other people are squatting. I remember laughing at something on the show, before I totally lose lucidity and drift into some nonlucids before waking up.

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    1. AURON's Avatar
      In Soviet Lucids, table flips you!
    2. Batch's Avatar
      That table didn't seem to like you. I like the switch, though ... you flip the table, then the table flips you!

      I can't believe you let yourself lose lucidity by watching Courage, the Cowardly Dog, though! 8-D
    3. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Ahahaha! I couldn't resist my favorite childhood cartoon. :3
    4. Rudedudeowns's Avatar
      Yo sup, i like tables
    5. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Tables like you too.


      They really do.
    6. Batch's Avatar
      Ah yes ... da tables are da good stuff!
    7. quietness's Avatar
      LOL! Table Flip Level: Paigeyemps!