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    ToTM: Let It Snow (pt. 2); Lucifer's Offer

    by , 12-09-2012 at 12:42 PM (978 Views)
    I become lucid. I am in a huge, old, wooden house. I can see the terrace a few meters away, and beyond that, I can see rows and rows of mountains half-covered with fog. I start walking towards the terrace, and suddenly a man in a black cloak appeared in front of me. He says something about making me lucid throughout the whole dream if I agree to give my soul to Lucifer. I think to myself, what the hell, it's a dream anyway. So I say yes. He vanishes in an instant.

    I go out and look at the mountains. They are quite magnificent. The dream is extremely vivid and I can even feel the cold brought about by the fog. I think about my goals and remember the basic ToTM which is to let it snow. I know I have already done this a few weeks ago, so I decide to change it up this time. I put my arms out in front of me, and start moving it as if I were erasing something on the blackboard. As I am doing this, I am actually erasing the fog from the dream scene. After all the fog disappears, I try to make it snow by willing it with my mind.

    At first, it doesn't work, so I decided to try something else. I shake both of my hands for a few seconds (like after you wash them and you shake the excess water off). Amazingly, it starts to snow! I imagine the snowflakes having different colors, just to make it interesting. Little by little, snow starts to fall in different colors blue, yellow, orange, green, etc. I realize that they kinda look like cupcake sprinkles falling from the sky, but they are cold as ice, and they lose their color the moment they come into contact with another object (like my hand or once they land on the terrace). I look out at the mountains and indeed, they are covered in a thin, white sheet of snow.

    I go back inside the house, and a DC greets me by asking how I just did the snow thing. I tell her it's magic, and she runs off yelling things like "I knew it! It exists!".

    I think about doing the aurora borealis task, but I realize that it is still snowing outside, and it might be hard to make a scene change. I decide to go through a door, and hopefully come out on the other side in a nighttime setting.

    I'm not quite sure what happens next. I remember going through the door and it being nighttime, but some DC starts asking me things about plastic bottles, and I guess I lose lucidity some time in between.
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