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    TOTM: Pumpkinhead (Lucid #84)

    by , 10-06-2012 at 07:21 AM (907 Views)
    I am in my room with my sister. I'm not sure what we're talking about, but suddenly I notice a huge hole in the wall that leads to the street outside my house. My sister stands up, goes there, and jumps out into the street. I think this is strange and get lucid. I get up and go after my sister. I see her in the distance, with a neighbor grilling some barbeque. My sister looks at me and says, "This is so weird. Is this a dream?" I tell her yes. I told her that in this dream, we can control everything. I put my hand on the grill, and it feels warm, but doesn't hurt. I then proceed to remove the grill and grab the coals with my bare hands, all the while convincing myself it won't hurt. It doesn't. "See?", I tell my sister.

    I suddenly remember the task of the month, which is to replace my head with a pumpkin. I also remember trying it the previous night, and failing. I part ways with my sister, who seems to be delighted after finding out it's a dream. I walk along the street, imagining pumpkins popping up everywhere. They do. But most of them are already carved, so I grab one, close my eyes briefly, and imagine it turning into an uncarved pumpkin. Success! I grab a small cutter (which I conveniently find on the ground) and proceed to carve the pumpkin. I cut out big eyes, and an even bigger smile. Now comes the exciting part: removing my head. I had some ideas on how to do it, but never really tried yet.

    I reach around the back of my neck and grab a small, metallic protrusion. I pull it, dragging it across my neck until it circles and goes all the way around. I can hear the ZZZZZZZZZZP.

    Yep, I just unzipped my head.

    I close my eyes push my head off. It goes off easily. I feel around me and grab the pumpkin. I then put it on, push it down (I hear a squish), and I open my eyes. My vision is really....huge. Like everything is in panoramic view. My facial muscles feel strange too. I figure it must be because of the huge smile I carved. My face is stuck that way, and I can't even blink. I feel my head and it feels weird, because I have no hair. Lol. just a slight protrusion at the top of my head, which must be the pumpkin stem. I poke the eyeholes, and it feels legit, like I really poked my eyes. I put my hand in my huge mouth, and there's nothing inside. Feels weird too.

    I turn around, planning to walk and explore, but I see my head on the ground. It looks really strange. It has its eyes closed tightly, as if it is anticipating something. I kick it. And it rolls away.

    I start walking down the street, and eventually fly a few meters up until I lose lucidity and wake up.

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    1. Batch's Avatar
      I can't believe you kicked your own head away!

      Wonderful job, and congratulations! Very cool! If I ever have any luck with my first dream suggestion, I'll have to make my second one the task of the month!
    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      That zipper idea is outstanding. I love what people come up with on these. For me, it would have to be something slick like this. I'm 100% sure I'd wake up if I tried to imagine chainsawing my own head or whatever.

      The fish-eye vision was cool. I guess you weren't expecting that. It's neat to experience a way of viewing the world that just can't happen in real life. I wonder whether my brain can/would produce such a thing.
    3. KarmaSangye's Avatar
      In my opinion you have done the best TOTM yet, amazing detail, congrats bro!
    4. paigeyemps's Avatar

      and yea I wasn't expecting it at all, I thought my head would just be a pumpkin and that would be it. i didn't think i'd have the pumpkin feels too! Haha