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    Zombie (Lucid #92)

    by , 10-25-2012 at 11:18 PM (1348 Views)
    [I'm just gonna tell you about the lucid with the TOTM. The lucid before that consisted of le sexy time so. Yea.]

    I start to notice myself waking up for real. The dream starts to fade and I start hearing ambient noises from the outside world. With my eyes closed, I move my real arm a bit, for comfort, without thinking too much about it. I focus on the the dream and slipping back into it. The ambient noises start to fade and I am once again inside the dream scene fully lucid.

    I walk outside my house, thinking about my goals. I remember the TOTM. Immediately, I hear the sound of sirens from a distance. I look, and I see that people are running around in a craze. I notice that there are some people walking really slowly, dragging their feet. ZOMBIES! Their faces look disfigured, and utterly horrifying. Saliva is dripping from their mouths, and their skin has a certain pallor to it with small holes secreting pus.

    I have second thoughts about my plan. Even though I know it's a dream, I don't think I can do it. I realize I can't change the dream scene, so I run toward my house, hoping to teleport through a door. As I am running, somebody grabs me by my left arm and pulls me, making me fall to the ground. It's one of the zombies. I push him away, which is easy because he doesn't seem to have much strength. He grabs my right leg and bites me above my ankle. I could feel the squishiness as his teeth make contact with my skin. I cry out in pain it feels like he just tore off a chunk of my leg. I realize he actually did. There is a gaping hole, and to make things worse, the zombie spits into it! WTF. I kick him in the face, and run to the door, limping.

    I get inside and I totally forget about teleporting through the door, so I just end up in my living room instead. By the time I look back, the door is gone (along with the other doors) and there are no windows anywhere too. The floor turns into soil. The furniture is still there though. I look at my ankle, but the bite mark is gone. I walk to one corner, where there is a full-length mirror. I look at myself. My eyes are starting to look green, my eyelids feel so droopy, and my jaws feel slack. My skin is turning pale and rough, and it's very itchy too. It's that type of itch where even if you scratch it, it feels like it's never the right spot, and it never goes away. It isn't painful, but it feels uncomfortable.

    I head to the couch to sit down. I feel sleepy now. I tell myself I'm not gonna sleep because I need to stay lucid. Okay... Maybe I'll just lean back a bit to get comfortable...This cushion is so soft... Mmmmm...

    I wake up in my room. For real.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Badass dream, Paige! Congratulations on getting double-winged this month. Your dreaming has really been dialed in lately.

      Your zombies, BTW, were absolutely disgusting! Gahh, the thing spat into your gaping leg wound? That is nasty!
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    2. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Thanks Canis!

      And yep, he spat into my gaping wound EUGHHH!! I was horrified as hell! Lol
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