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    A Straight Full Turn

    by , 06-23-2012 at 09:19 AM (340 Views)
    In short this dream, I was in outer space alone and deaf. I was outside above my square spaceship climbing a rope straight up and up, until I went into a straight full circle because I found myself climbing up towards my spaceship.

    Long version
    I awoke to find myself in suspended animation climbing up a thick rope in the far deep space. I realized I was stricken with deafness. I shook my head fiercely and clapped my hands strongly trying to produce a sound, but no sound arose. I was stone-cold deaf. I felt my lungs blow up like balloons as I inhaled. I could taste the moisture in my mouth. I could feel my hot breath swirling around my helmet and my face. I kept climbing up the coil rope that went from my tiny, white, square spaceship into the stillness of eternal night. I saw no planets, suns, moons, or people--just myself, the rope, the spaceship and the blackness of space with little points of light millions of miles away. My little spaceship disappeared into the vacuum of space below as I climbed up further. There was no wind, movement, signal and no hope, just emptiness, The sullen silence smell like melting ice as it fades away kinda like a distant memory I can almost remember. I was the only thing alive in the universe. A terrible feeling of loneliness captured me like awakening from a coma to find myself paralyzed in my own grave. Suddenly, I saw something above me so I climbed faster. I realized somehow I went into a straight full circle. Above me now was my tiny, little, white, square spaceship. Then I awoke with a feeling of wonder and awe.

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