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    The Night of Awareness

    by , 10-03-2011 at 12:53 PM (856 Views)
    The Night of Awareness.
    I'm pretty proud! Last night I was very aware in my dreams, and some of them were very vivid. 1 time I was close to become lucid, 1 time I'm not sure about, and 1 time I became lucid! I'm going to tell you about them all 3!
    Thanks for reading!


    The Party:

    This is the first dream. I'm not sure if it was a non-lucid or a lucid, and I can only remember the end of the dream. I really have no idea, but I'm just going to mark it with blue anyway.

    I was talking with some people. It was in a big room, and there wasn't so much light. Somewhere I remember it as a party, but everything was just grey and black. They were drinking something, maybe a beer. I don't drink, and I walked away from them. I often talk to myself, and I said to myself: "The alarm is probably going to wake me up soon, if not it's weird" And then the alarm began to ring, and I woke up. Scary.

    Tennis Awareness:

    This is the dream, where I almost became lucid. If I haven't woke up, I'm pretty sure that I would had became lucid.

    I was standing in a room. Some DCs was playing tennis. The room was warm, and people were sweating. The floor was yellow, like the floor in the P.E room, and there was theese weird football things, and lines on the floor in different colours. One of the DCs, who I've never seen before, came over to me. She had her blonde hair in a horsetail, and was sweating. Suddently, the music turned off, and there wasn't one person who said anything, there was completely silence. She said to me: "Look at the colours. Look at the floor. Look at all the details. This could be a dream. Remember to do it." and then I woke up.

    The Sunny Tree:

    This is the lucid one. I was lucid in a very short moment, but when I get lucid more often, I have to train to be there for longer time.
    This was a kind of a nightmare, because I cried and wasn't so happy, and I think the dream is too personally. So I'm just going to post the end of the dream, the lucid-part. Okay..

    ...I walked out of the door, and out in the awesome weather. The sun shined on my skin, and I could feel the cold wind. I remembered Puffins SAT technique, and began to look around on the details. The tree was really green, and it was very beautiful. It almost danced in the wind. It was amazing. Suddently, it hitted me, that I didn't knew this place. And how did I get here?
    "This could be a dream!" I said to myself. I tried to remember how I get there, but I couldn't. Yes, it was a dream. I was just about to do a RC, just to confirm that it really was....when I woke up.

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    1. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Congratulations on the lucid (even though it ended so quickly)!
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    2. Pandabear's Avatar
      Thank youu!
    3. Choi's Avatar
      Excitement maybe ? :D Congratulations anyway =)
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