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    Sleeping Owl City

    by , 10-07-2011 at 12:23 PM (1855 Views)
    Ohai! Last night I had a cool dream about the bands Lights and Owl City. I'm a huge Owl City fan, so I'll post some pictures in this entry. Hey, it's not every night you have a dream about him, right?


    Sleeping Owl City:

    Okay, long story short:
    I had a friend a while ago, actually it was my best friend. We lost the contact, and yes, I miss her a lot. We were both huge Owl City fans. Owl City was playing in Denmark a few days ago.
    Lights and Owl City are good friends, so, I guess that's why they're in the same dream. I just don't get why I was to Lights' concert, because I'm not a fan of her, but okay, it was also a dream.
    Owl City = Adam Young.

    My friend and I was going to a concert with a band called Lights. We had really great seats, and was almost so close at the scene as possible. We were standing in the right side, and beside us there was some stairs, but there wasn't anyone in the little "room", but we could see it clear. Lights came out with black clothes on, and the music started, and all the lights (haha, funny ) began to blink in different colours. I looked down in the room with the stairs, and saw Owl City (Adam Young). He was wearing his white shirt and black vest.

    He looked really tired, and we said "Hi Adam!" and he said "Hi!" and smiled. We looked up at the stage, and listened to Lights a few minuttes again. We loooked down at Adam again, and saw that he was sleeping. He lay on his rights side, and was sleeping. We walked down to him, and laughed.

    That's all I can remember.

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    1. Choi's Avatar
      I love Owl City =)
      Pandabear likes this.
    2. Pandabear's Avatar
      Really? Cool! I don't know many people who likes his amazing music. =)
    3. dreamst8's Avatar
      I love learning about music I've never heard of. Just a reminder how big and diverse this world is. In honor of you, Pandabear, I just looked at the video for Vanilla Twilight on Youtube. What a FEEL GOOD video! The song was pretty cool too. Could you imagine looking up at the sky and seeing that? Kinda reminds you of a dream, right?
      Pandabear likes this.
    4. Pandabear's Avatar
      Oh, cool! Yes, the video is pretty amazing. I love all his songs are dreamy, try out "Dreams don't turn to dust". I really think, his inspiration is dreams, because his text often is about dreams, sleep and stuff like that.

      Glad I showed you Owl City - he's pretty amazing.