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    Walking on the water

    by , 10-09-2011 at 01:49 PM (888 Views)
    Okay, here's my second lucid dream. I think it's the most amazing lucid dream I've ever had, but you know, I'm also pretty new. Enjoy.
    By the way: It's 9/10-11. 9, 10, 11. That's funny!


    Walking on the water:

    Okay, this dream is really amazing. I controlled a lot of things, and I did one of my goals, which actually was the task of september. Okay..

    Me and my dad were walking with my dog. It was night, and dark. I looked up at the stars, they were very brights. We passed a lamppost, and my dad said "I'm going to hold a party right here!". I thoughts it was weird, because I couldn't see a house. I did the nose-pinch RC (again ) and became lucid. I remembered the other dream, and wouldn't use more time at flying. Not for tonight. I was pretty calm, and I told my dad it was a dream. He wouldn't believe me. I looked at a house. "Okay, I wanna try to walk on the water.. But where is water?" I asked myself. "Oh, I can create a beach!"! I looked at a house. "The next time I'm turning around, there is a beach!" I said, and turned around. Yes, there was a beach. But the sun wasn't shining in there, and there was a lot of wind. Now my dad believed me, and we walked over to the beach. When we all were over, I looked back, but the road was gone. The wind blowed in my hair, and it was a little bit cold. I walked down to the water.. The water almost danced, and the wind was really annoying. Suddently it stopped moving, but the wind wasn't gone. But the water was calm. "Okay" I tried to walk on the water. The water was a little bit cold. My food walked thought the water, and I tried again. And again. And again. I became frustrated. I couldn't fly, and now I can't walk on the water! Then, my dad said "Think about, that Jesus did it.". I thought about it, and tried one more time. Amazing! I walked on the water! it was like a wet stone or something. It didn't liked it, it wasn't comfortable, but it was really amazing. then I woke up. Happy.

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    1. Choi's Avatar
      Two lucids :o Nice :D
      Pandabear likes this.
    2. dreamst8's Avatar
      Hi Pandabear,

      Awesome retelling. I can see, hear, and feel your dream Congrats on your new ability!

      Pandabear likes this.
    3. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Awesome. I love walking on the water. It feels so weird, sometimes, like I can feel my foot dipping just below the water, but it doesn't sink too low. It's always kind of amazing.
      Pandabear likes this.