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    Welcome to my dreams!


    by , 10-20-2014 at 12:08 PM (271 Views)
    1. [Non-Lucid]
    I'm in a pretty large dormitory and there's this really pissed off guy that keeps walking down the corridor, seems hes aiming to fight the guy behind me.
    I run out to get help, I see two women on a bench with kids so I walk over and stumble a little, I ask for help, one of the woman followed me back to the dormitory.

    2. [Non-Lucid]
    I go look for some crisps, I found a shelf of small and big packets of crisps, I grab a big bag of Monster Munch and walk over to a table where my friends are, I open the bag and...the tutor shouts at me because class is almost over, he said I should have gotten a small packet and now they will go to waste, I'm extremely embarrassed at this point as I eat the crisps slowly and quietly as to not draw anymore attention.

    I find this small museum filled with nostalgic items, such as old gaming magazines and demo disks.
    I buy some lollipops of some sort.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment