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    Welcome to my dreams!


    by , 03-18-2014 at 10:30 AM (256 Views)
    1. [Non-Lucid] [Emotional]
    I'm out with my cousin Matt when he gets a phone call, it's for me so he hands it over, My Aunt is on the phone and she says "Your mother has had a heart attack", I didn't feel good and didn't respond except for making a sound, she then says something even worse "She passed away" and so at this point I'm crying uncontrollably.

    I'm now at school with my support worker in class trying to keep myself from getting upset, my support worker doesn't know and asks if I'm ok, I say I'm fine, not sure what happens next. I then appear to be moving into a big house on a hill.

    My Cousin Chris curls over in front of me.
    A dream about Minecraft. (I forgot the details)

    Possible dream signs:
    Matt, Mum, School, Support Worker, Minecraft

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