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    Fat Derpy Planes!

    by , 10-18-2014 at 11:54 AM (283 Views)
    1. [Non-Lucid]
    I am driving down these really narrow flat roads, there is a black fog so I can only see a few feet in front of me, I then see a fence to my left and realize its an airport but there is no runway...the fog subsides and I can see these 2 small derpy looking fat faced planes (I think to myself I hope I can get in and drive 1), so I walk over to 1 and to my surprise I can enter and drive 1 . I need to get myself to an area to take off so I drive forward and turn around (this plane is really sluggish to control), I notice a reasonably flat and long area so I drive up this ramp and into a building with a few people in there running away, there are big glass windows at the front so I floor it and go flying through the windows, I am about to take off and then I wake up due to getting extremely excited/aroused.

    2. [Non-Lucid]
    I found a cake shop filled with these amazing looking cakes and saw the 1 I wanted on the TV in the shop, so I asked do you have that cake in stock? he said no then rambled on about something.


    I was told I have cancer in my shoulder so I had to go to hospital to get tested.

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